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10 Tips on How to Find Lost Arrows

Arrows are easy to lose, especially for beginners, and since archery requires a lot of practice, you’ll probably end up losing your fair share of arrows when shooting dozens of them in a day. In the guide below, we have gathered some tips that can aid you in finding lost arrows together with some preventative […]

5 Must Have Bow Accessories For a Beginner


The bow has evolved from being a weapon for hunting to being a primary implement for the sport of archery. With its evolution has come a variety of bow accessories, each with its own functionality and advanced technology as well. From among the many on sale, we find the following to be must haves for […]

7 Health Benefits of Using a bow and arrow


  According to some records, the first bow and arrow were used in 50,000 B.C, which makes archery one of the oldest sports in the world. Unlike others where everything comes naturally, the archer’s performance is in direct relation to his or her levels of endurance, strength, and coordination. It’s no wonder that archery has […]

How to Turn your Backyard Into an Archery Range


  Whether you’re a target shooter, competitive archer, or hunter, you’ve probably given some thought to setting up your own backyard archery range by now. Some prefer an indoor range because it is convenient and the designated place can consist of their basement or garage; others want to do the same in the great outdoors. […]

Learn about the various types of bows


Bows have existed for thousands of years and are still widely used today, but some changes have been made to improve accuracy, speed and performance. Advanced firing mechanisms and stronger materials used in construction are some of the recent improvements, along with the overall design. Now there are bows that are designed for a specific […]

How to sight-in your bow


Once you have selected the right sight for your bow and adjusted it for accuracy there is only one more factor that you need to consider. It is just as important to sight your bow, and this is very similar to the steps you followed to line up the sight. Sighting your bow will require […]

The different forms of archery competition


International competitions in archery are regulated under the rules of the International Archery Federation (FITA). Here are the disciplines listed by FITA: Outdoor Archery The 1440 round: 36 arrows at each distance of 90, 70, 50, 30 meters for men and 70, 60, 50, 30 meters for women. This makes a maximum score of 1440 […]