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Best Survival Bow for 2018 – The Ultimate Survival Weapon

Spectre Compact Survival Bow
Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
Cobra System K-8025 Self Cocking Pistol

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One doesn’t have to be a professional archer and neither do they have to be pretty interested in developing primitive survival skills just to be able to genuinely enjoy shooting with the best survival bow on the market. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the most of your modern urban survival skills by using a bow and arrow.

A survival bow: What is it?

The survival bow typically has a takedown or folding design, with a riser and bow limbs engineered to survive the end of days, to defend the user when a powerful and silent self-defense weapon is called for, or to put food on the table. It is essential for the prepper or individual who wants to prepare for any eventuality while maximizing space. It doesn’t have anything flimsy or cheap about it, with the limbs designed to collapse into the riser and be locked into place easily via twist knobs or similar mechanisms. The string can be seated with minimal effort.

Lightweight and utilitarian, it is a functional weapon that helps keep the user alive in an urban setting or in the bush while being compact and durable.

Material of the best Survival Bow

The survival bow can be constructed from nearly any hardwood material. Most survival bows are made from yew, maple, some pines, ash, Osage orange, Birch and aspen, with cheaper ones commonly made of brittle oak. Exotic wood can make up some models as well.


Daryl with his survival crossbow

Why Survival Bows are better than pistols or guns

Unlike a gun, a survival bow doesn’t require registration so you can just buy one and walk out without getting grilled or having to fill out anything. Laws and legal limitations are quite limited for this kind of weapon compared to purchasing guns and bullets. No red tape, permits or paperwork to worry about for hassle-free use.

Consumers can even order online and have the product sent straight to their doorstep. Almost as lethal as any gun, a survival bow will be the ultimate weapon for the person with the right shooting skills for it. The best survival bows are very powerful.

Benefits of Survival Bows

  • The survival bow and arrow have a simple design that makes them portable and light while being easy to fix in case of damage.
  • The bow-and-arrow configuration provides you with an extremely quiet weapon while promising the same level of deadliness as any gun-and-bullet combination.
  • The components of a collapsible bow kit can serve multiple purposes as well. The bow string itself can be used in making snares and traps, as cordage for shelter building, when doing bow drills for making fires, and for use in trotline fishing. This is thanks to the varying lengths the bow string comes in, ranging between 4 and 6 feet and boasting exceptional strength. The arrows can be utilized as gigs and spears for catching fish and small game. They can also be employed for lashing onto a longer shaft to be used as a long spear for hunting big game and for self-defense.
  • Silent and deadly, a survival bow is less likely to be stolen compared to a gun because not all people know what it is or they may not have any idea at all how to use it. The survival bow does not easily give away what it’s worth, either.
  • Once one develops the skills for the use of the survival bow, those skills get ingrained for life, much like riding a bicycle.
  • Despite the simple design and use of a survival bow, children will not easily be able to unfold the weapon, notch an arrow, pull the string back and release the arrow. This is unlike a loaded gun in which the trigger lock is absent, which curious kids could effortlessly pull the trigger on and cause injury to themselves and others.
  • The absence of any complicated mechanical parts means the survival bow will do its job during those critical times when a weapon is needed. No parts can have jams or fail to work.
  • Collateral damage will be kept to a minimum, also. Shotguns create a large hole in their path and the areas surrounding it. The intended target will be shot but there is no surrounding area to worry about.
  • For instinctive shooting, the user can be in any position. The bow may be held level with the ground when lying on one’s back, so you won’t have to get to a vertical position to shoot. When shooting while ducking under a branch, the user can lean forward to shoot with the bow without the need to get into a fully vertical position either. In fact, no matter what the situation may be, whether you are barely hanging by the skin of your teeth or hair, you can shoot with a survival bow without getting into a vertical position.

The survival bow provides the ultimate modern survival weapon for the truly progressive individual. It always pays to know how to wield one. Get yourself the best survival bow and be prepared!

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