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Best Hunting Jackets For 2018

A hunting jacket is an important part of your gear. It provides protection from animals, insects and the weather, and it can also help you stay safe on your trip. These jackets can be constructed from a variety of materials, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. This not only makes it easy for you to find one that fits your personal style, but the type of animal and where you are hunting. Below you can find some info on what to look when choosing the best hunting jacket for your needs.

Best Hunting Jacket

  1. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Jacket

  2. Carhartt’s WorkCamo AP
  3. Magcomsen SoftShell Hunting Jacket
  4. Scentlok Full Season Taktix Hunting Jacket
  5. Camo Coll Soft Shell hunting Jacket

Types of hunting Jackets

If you are hunting in colder temperatures you want to choose a hunting jacket that is insulated. This ensures that body warmth stays in, while preventing cold air from getting inside. Some insulated jackets can be thick and bulky, which might not work well in a cramped hunting blind.

Some winter hunting involves snow or water, and there are also insulated jackets that are designed to keep you dry. Waterproof jackets are best suited for hunting waterfowl, and you can even find some that are lightweight and designed for use in warmer weather.

Lightweight hunting jackets are ideal for early morning treks and will keep you dry when you are trudging through wet dew and fog. The light material is generally breathable, and is also capable of protecting your arms from insect bites and scratches. Regardless of the type of hunting jacket it should fit comfortably, and give you plenty of room for layers without restricting your movements.


You can find dark colored hunting jackets, but most are orange or camouflage. Camouflage hunting jackets can come in a variety of patterns, and each is designed for a specific type of environment. There are also bright orange or “Blaze” jackets which will ensure that another hunter never mistakes you for a large game animal. Some states require hunters to wear the bright color somewhere on their bodies when they are out in the field, and it is best to check with local regulations before choosing a hunting jacket. If you do decide on a camouflage jacket when and where you are hunting should be carefully considered.


Choosing a camouflage hunting jacket

There are several manufacturers of camouflage hunting jackets and while the names of the patterns vary the colors remain the same. This makes it easier for hunters to find the camouflage they need at a price they can afford.

Camouflage with contrasting light and dark greens and browns are often used in lightly wooded areas. If you are hunting elk at higher elevations this might be a good pattern to go with. Varying shades of brown with a little green is often best suited for hunting in the western United States. The brown camouflage makes it easier to blend in with the dried sage, tall grasses and sand that are common in the area.

If you are hunting in the winter you will probably want a jacket with a white camouflage pattern. Often marked with splashes of grey, this pattern allows you to blend into the snowy background so you don’t startle deer, rabbits and other cold weather prey. You can also find hunting jackets with a white and black design that makes it easier to blend into open snow covered areas.

Camouflage with more shades of brown are great for hunting around marshes and wetlands, while varying patterns of leaves are versatile and will help you blend in almost anywhere during the fall season. Hunters in tree stands might want to consider camouflage with olive and darker greens, and some versatile jackets come with neutral colors.

You can also find digitalized camouflage patterns which make it almost impossible to spot you in the field. While these hunting jackets are priced higher, it can help make your trip a success. The only concern is that digitalized camouflage patterns do make you extremely difficult for other hunters to see which could be a serious safety risk. Before choosing a camouflage hunting jacket it is also important to check the laws regarding gear in the state.

Jacket Design

The overall design of the hunting jacket will often depend on your personal preferences, along with when you are going. Long sleeve jackets with plenty of insulation will keep you warm on cold weather hunting trips, and some are even waterproof. Taller collars will prevent heat from escaping, and can also protect your neck from insect bites. Cuffs that can be snapped shut will also help you stay warm and dry. When the weather warms up the cuffs can be opened to allow cooling air to flow through.

Some hunting jackets come with removeable sleeves so you can also wear it as a vest. This is always convenient for frequent temperature changes that can occur during the spring and fall seasons. Zippers with tabs are easier to pull with gloves on, and you also want the hunting jacket to have plenty of pockets for holding spare ammo and other small items.

Now you can use that info to choose the best hunting jacket for you.

Updated: August 29, 2018 — 5:19 pm
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