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Best Hunting Boots 2020 – Keep Warm In Cold Weather

In order to perform at your best in the field, you need the best hunting boots you can get to provide both physical comfort and peace of mind.  Whether you’re trekking through thick brush, mountainous terrain, marshland, swamp water, or snake territory, a hunting boot that can effectively get you to where you need to be is a must. You should not be held back from hunting at your dream ground because you cannot find the right type and style of boot.

We’ve comprehensively reviewed some of the best boots on the market to figure out which of them offer the best quality for any type of environment you intend to hunt. We’ve compiled all that information into our hunting boot buying guide.

Best Warmest Hunting Boots with reviews

In this section you can read reviews on some of the best hunting boots currently available.

1. Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch


The VaprTrek Boots from Irish Setter can power up your hunting game thanks to their superb hunting footwear features. Boasting patented RPM technology, these boots employ a state-of-the-art composite sole material engineered to minimize weight from them so they are 40 percent lighter compared to standard big game footwear. The ankle-high hunting boots feature the ScentBan scent control capability to make stealth hunting successful. The UltraDry waterproofing system employed in the boots protects the feet no matter what the moisture condition will be, so users can wade through swamps, shallow bodies of water, creeks and marshes while ensuring dry feet at all times.

Incorporating the flexibility of an athletic shoe and the performance of hiking boots, this hunting footwear offers outstanding athletic maneuverability while never compromising on traction and balance, for confidence on the trail. The lace-up style provides a customized fit along with the logo-stamped tongue and waterproof upper. The shaft measures around 7 inches from the arch for exceptional support and protection around the feet on scrub-intensive treks.



2. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″



The LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ hunting boots are made of leather for exceptional durability. The shaft measures approximately 16 inches from the arch so your lower legs are protected during the hunt. Offering comfort and a personalized fit, these boots are made with a natural rubber compound that makes them flexible and quite easy to put on and take off. The boot opening facilitates easy wearing thanks to the generous 16-inch boot opening. The knee-high waterproof hunting boots are outfitted with adjustable gussets to deliver a personalized fit.

The embossed neoprene liner that replaces the fleece lining ensures excellent ventilation so the legs and feet are kept cool and comfortable. For increased stability and a personalized fit no matter what the calf size of the wearer may be, the hunting boots are outfitted with an adjustable neoprene gusset. Featuring the brand’s innovative Alpha Technology, these hunting boots combine scentless premium quality rubber and naturally insulating neoprene material for durable yet lightweight footwear with thick cushioning EVA midsole for superior shock absorption.



3. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic Waterproof Thinsulate 2400 Gram



Available in smart Mossy Oak finish, the Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic hunting boots boast thick 2,400-gram Thinsulate ultra insulation to keep your feet more than adequately protected from the extreme cold. Your feet won’t end up feeling like a ton of bricks from the cold so you can move with utmost mobility and comfort every time. This means you can take your post in your tree stand even when the weather is exceptionally cold thanks to the excellent heat barrier that the boots provide. Your feet are kept feeling warm and toasty so you can simply focus on your prey. The affordable price makes these hunting boots the best purchase you can make for the money.

Made of durable and waterproof suede leather, these boots boast 900-denier nylon uppers that ensure a nicely snug fit. The breathable membrane ensures that your feet remain dry during the trek. The oil-resistant rubber lug outsole delivers excellent traction for you to maintain balance and grip on the terrain.



4. Bogs Men’s Classic High New Break Up



Waterproof and warm, the Bogs Men’s Classic High New Break Up hunting boots are made of tough rubber that is naturally scent-free so you can stay on the trail without giving away your presence to your prey. The rubber sole provides exceptional traction and balance so you can tackle the terrain with confidence and ease. Made to remain warm to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the boots feature a neoprene upper plus a detachable sock liner with moisture wicking properties so your feet stay dry and cool at all times while remaining free of odor. The 16-inch boot opening enables problem-free on and off so you can jump into the action fast and easy.

The boots are made to breathe so your feet stay comfortable and sweat-free. The rugged construction is engineered for suitability for the footwear`s application. Backed by the manufacturer`s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, the boots are perfect for trekking through extremely bad weather so you can go anywhere the hunting takes you.



5. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Waterproof Thinsulate 400 gram



Available in black, brown and hardwoods grey versions, the Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Waterproof hunting boots provide the best midseason footwear for the avid hunting enthusiast. These boots are waterproof sports boots that can handle the demands of the hunting trail. The boots boast three distinct levels of extreme cold protection thanks to their Thinsulate ultra insulation system, which also enables consumers to select the option that best suits their specific application. Made of waterproof full-grain leather, the boots provide reliable durability and lasting use for many hunting seasons to come. The nylon uppers provide excellent waterproof performance while providing a tight fit.

For dependable impact absorption from the inconsistencies on the terrain, the hunting boots feature dual-density rubber-lug outsoles that also ensure outstanding grip. The waterproof membrane construction provides absolute waterproof protection. The removable EVA insole is mesh lined for excellent ventilation. The rear pull-on tab facilitates effortless putting on and taking off. The padded collar works nicely with the gusseted tongue to ensure that debris and water are kept out all the time.



6. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer



Belonging to an impressive footwear line that has grown phenomenally through the years, The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer hunting boots offer impressive waterproof comfort for hunters who value their time in the wild. Engineered for extreme wetlands conditions, these hunting boots feature a breathable lining that integrates a unique flex-foam layer so the feet stay warm and dry even in the most temperamental weather conditions. Made to keep your feet warm in icy temperatures, the boots are designed for use even in negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Track with confidence through slush, mud, swamps and snow while your feet stay dry and protected.

The durable vulcanized rubber shell ensures many seasons of use while remaining consistently resistant to abrasion. The rugged outsole is made with aggressive self-cleaning capability so the boots do not get weighed down with the muck collected on the hunting trail. The CR flex-foam features 4-way stretch nylon for absolute waterproof ability, flexibility and buoyancy while maintaining the lightweight construction.



7. LaCrosse Men’s 16″ Premium Knee



The LaCrosse Men’s 16″ Premium Knee boots are made of tough rubber, which not only has a scent-free quality for effortless stealth hunting but also a rubber sole for enhanced traction and balance as you navigate the trail. Confidently walk through the toughest terrain and various irregularities on it without losing your grip underneath. The sockliner is made of wool to ensure that your feet are kept toasty and warm in the boots. The rubber toe cap and steel toe provide uncompromised worksite protection so your feet won’t get injured no matter what the terrain conditions are. The knee-high style delivers protection to the shins and back of the leg for all-around shielding from any work-related elements.
These boots let you tackle any challenge thanks to their overall versatility, so you can use them for heavy hauling work, digging, general gardening as well as chainsaw and tree cutting tasks. The fantastic tread and exceptional insole along with the impressively cushioned inner sole combine to form a revolutionary pair of work boots.



8. Rocky Men’s Prolight Mossy Oak Breakup



Also available in a variety of impressively stylish finishes, the Rocky Men’s Prolight Mossy Oak Breakup boots are made for hunting in snake country so you won’t have to test your hidden ability to run when you encounter the slippery and treacherous reptile species such as the copperhead, coral snake and rattlesnake. These hunting boots let you tread fearlessly through swamps, desert and timber-filled terrain where snakes are likely prevalent. Durable, rugged and waterproof, these snake boots extend all the way up to the knees for adequate protection from rocks, brush and other features of the rough terrain. Making your wildlife experience less worrisome and more memorable, the boots feature a snake-proof fabric.

While in these boots, your feet and legs are shielded against the majority of poisonous snakes in North America. The rocky waterproof construction ensures sufficient protection from moisture so your feet stay dry and warm. Step into these comfortable boots equipped with a ProLight BioMech outsole for reliable traction on the irregularities on the trail.



Different types of hunting boots

Your hunting success is indirectly influenced by how far your feet can take you when going after your prey. Being stuck with a lousy pair of hunting boots while on the field can give you sore feet and even make you feel cold from the feet up if you have to be in the stand for a number of hours. On the other hand, boots that are not cool enough can leave your feet all sweaty and overheated and can result in total discomfort.

Knowing what type of boots are available on the market simplifies making a purchase for this kind of gear. There are a number of things to consider here, and it would be sensible for any hunter, seasoned or beginner, to know how best to apply them in order to buy the best hunting boots.

1. Based on Season

When in the market for the best hunting boots  for late summer and early fall, you will want to consider walking comfort and relief from heat as primary elements. Choose boots made lightweight and breathable (200 grams insulation) while not compromising on wet weather performance. You can skip waterproof membranes altogether if you plan to hunt in regions where moisture is not a huge issue during late summer and early fall. Instead, focus on boots that have the style for hiking while offering good ventilation.

For fall hunting, you want a pair that offers a wide-ranging suitability for all weather conditions. Midseason boots (400- to 800-gram insulation) are perfect here, which can be useful as well for early season hunts at high altitude, in northern regions or active hunts in cold conditions. Waterproof membranes offer good performance in any type of moisture condition.

Late season hunting boots (1.000-gram insulation and higher) provide extra protection in winter weather and sedentary hunting activities. The heavy insulation provides adequate protection against the cold air, complemented by liners that trap residual heat.

2. Based on Hunting Style

If you plan to do plenty of walking, consider active hunting footwear that has premium features including specially made footbeds and Vibram® soles. This kind of hunting boots offer good traction in the soles along with enhanced support.

Cordura nylon provides resistance against abrasion for scrub-trekking hunts. When hunting in rugged terrain, you will want custom-fit rugged boots.

Over boots are pretty useful for sedentary hunting, offering exceptional protection in severely cold conditions.

Hiking boots are designed to be light for excellent mobility when hunting early season elk.

For sheep, mule, deer and elk hunts, you want high-altitude hunting boots that can handle tough, steep and ascending terrain.

Snake boots provide fang-protective armor and an extended collar that should prove to be useful when hunting in snake country.

3. Based on Material

Field boots are equipped with a variety of features in the upper section of the footwear to provide durability and breathability, with typical materials including nylon and mesh and full-grain leather.

Scent-free rubber boots are inherently waterproof but do tend to get overheated on your feet, which may be a drawback when hunting in the warmer regions. However, they are perfect when you have to wade through shallow rivers, creeks, marshes and swamps, as in duck hunting. The material used is vulcanized rubber.


Affordable Hunting Boots

A solid pair of hunting boots can make the whole difference between a comfortable hunt and a miserable experience in the field. You should strongly consider the terrain and weather of your hunt when choosing a boot; price should also be a priority.  Hunting is an expensive sport and you need to get the best bang for your buck (pun intended) when choosing boots.  There are cheap hunting boots on the market today and the following are recommended for both quality and affordability.

1. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

2. TideWe Hunting Boot for Men

3. LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boot

4. Northside Men’s Renegade 400

5. LaCrosse Men’s Grange 18”

Since we can’t say that these are the best hunting boots you can buy, not all boots listed above will meet the particular needs of your hunt.  They are perfect for the economical hunter who wants a boot that will perform effectively and that will last a long time.  As you shop for a hunting boot be cognizant of the distinct conditions you intend to encounter and ensure that you buy one that can meet your own needs.


Best Snakeproof hunting boots

There are many companies that make snake proof hunting boots, but here are the best options to consider if you’re in need of a quality boot.


1. Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot-M


2. LaCrosse Men’s Venom 18″ Realtree Apg


3. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot


4. Muck Boot Pursuit Men’s Rubber Snake Boot


When it comes to buying the best hunting boots there are many different options to choose from. Depending on what area of the country you live in, it might even be a good idea to consider snake boots as a viable option. Not only do many of the big names in hunting boots produce snake proof boots, but this extra protection against a venomous snake bite can save you a lot of pain and agony down the line. If you hunt in an area known for having a large population of rattlesnakes, copperheads, or water moccasins then you should seriously consider spending a few extra bucks to get the type of footwear designed to protect you from these reptiles.

The good news for hunters worried about sacrificing quality just to get snake boots is that they can lay those worries to rest. The many different varieties of snake boots cover everything from camouflage for blending in to the important factors, like being completely waterproof or having special insulation to keep the feet warm. Many of the best known companies for producing regular hunting boots are also the same ones who produce snake proof boots, such as Chippewa, Rocky, and LaCrosse. This means the same high quality level can be expected from both types of boots.

The key is to match up the ideal boots with your specific hunting area. Having boots that are waterproof is critical for hunting in swampy areas or marshlands. On the other hand, if you have normal woods and forests without the particularly wet or swampy areas then going with a normal camouflage pair might save you money and prove fully functional at the same time.

Just like with regular hunting boots, there is no one size fits all solution to what the best brand or type is. These boots come in all sizes and some people really like additional padding in the boots while others don’t. Sizes are made for ladies, men, and young adults and one pair of snake boots can appear completely different than another. Because of this, finding the best pair of boots is going to depend a lot based on what you’re specifically you’re looking for in a normal hunting boot. Apply these standards to finding the best snake boots and you are more likely to end up with a pair of very high quality hunting boots which will serve you well and also offer additional protection from venomous snake bites.

Most professional and expert hunters agree that a good snake proof hunting boot is essential when considering hunting in areas known to harbor venomous snakes. Most venomous snakes tend to strike at the lower calf when a hunter gets within their strike radius. A quality snake proof boot can afford reliable defense against attack and add piece of mind without you having to keep your ears and eyes to the ground. When shopping snake boots for hunting purposes there are a few things that you should consider.

Rubber vs. Lace-Up

Rubber versions are good for traipsing through swamps and marshland, while the lace up snake boots work well for hunting through thick brush. Boots meant for watery areas, such as swamps, should not be worn to transverse through brush, just as lace-up boots should not be worn in areas of marshland. If the boots are not worn in their proper environments, they will not provide adequate protection against venomous snake bites.

Protection vs. Speed

Taking into consideration that most snake bites occur on the lower third of the leg, these boots are designed to ride high on the calf. Therefore, if agility and athletic movement are a priority and you are not intending to hunt in areas known for venomous snake bites, these boots may not be necessary. That being said, many snake boots on the market today (such as those listed below) provide both advanced protection and enable athletic movement.

The Risk Factor

There are over 8,000 venomous snake bites per year in the United States alone. Further, there are over 23 sub-species of rattlesnakes. A good pair of snake boots can prevent a deadly bite, even if you are in range to get treated with anti-venom, these boots will save you a lot of pain and medical expense.

Spending some money for the best snakeproof boots you can afford is a wise choice. While the boots listed above are generally more expensive than a normal pair of hunting boots, the extra dollars will be going towards providing extra security in the field to ensure a relaxing hunt.

Best Hunting Boots For Women

Some feel that women hunters should be limited to feminine camo patterns and light boots for tracking smaller game. This belief appears quite comical in the day of the avid woman hunter. It’s clear that women now demand the same respect in finding boots that fit their hunting needs. The market has responded with a wide variety of hunting boots specifically designed to tackle any type of condition a female hunter seeks to encounter. Some of the highest quality options are listed below—no prissy colors here, just durable, quality hunting boots.

1. LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot


2. TideWe Hunting Boot for Women


3. Muck Boot Arctic Hunter Extreme Conditions Rubber Women’s Hunting Boot


4. XPETI Women’s Thermador Mid High-Top Waterproof


5. The Original MuckBoots Scrub Boot


Some Tips For Buying Hunting Boots Online

Wearing the best hunting boots make all the difference in whether you have a good day hunting or a bad day of hunting. Below are some excellent tips to make sure you buy the right boots at the right price.

The following tip about buying hunting boots online is huge, it will save you a bunch of money and heart ache. Buy boots from an online retailer that offers free shipping to you and return shipping that is free too. As heavy as boots are they can cost quite a bit of money to ship. And you definitely do not want to get stuck with the bill should your boots not fit.

Also find out if they charge a restocking fee. Again this can add significantly to your cost to a new pair of boots. Restocking fees could be as little as 5% to as much as 20%. Do your research and do not get stuck with this fee.

Secondly, if you are planning on purchasing your new hunting boots through an online retailer that you have never heard of we suggest your do a little research first.

Choosing The Right Mens Hunting Boots

The types and sizes of boots are staggering. Insulated boots, water proof boots, ankle boots, calf boots and full calf boots are just some of the decisions you will need to make.

In all reality you may need several different pairs of hunting boots to match the type of hunting you are doing as well as the time of the year.

Personally I have two pairs of hunting boots. I have a light weight non-insulated pair of boots that I use in summer and early fall. And a heavy duty pair that I use in late fall and winter. Both pairs however are water proof as I live in the northwest.

But overall the most important feature is that they keep you comfortable and safe.

Measuring Your Foot For The Boots

Your probably already know the size of boot you need. But if it has been a while since you bought a pair of shoes or boots we would highly recommend that you measure your feet as they are always growing.

You can measure your foot at home and use the conversion charts to determine the size you will need. Follow these simple steps and you will be done in just a few minutes.

1.Tape a piece of paper to the hard floor.

2. Draw a straight line down the middle.
3. Place your foot on the line having line run straight from the big toe to the heel.
4. Mark the tip of the big toe and the heel and you now know how long your foot is.

All boot retailers should have a conversion chart you can use to determine the boot size you will need. Always make sure to measure both feet as one is typically longer than the other.

Your Hunting Boots Have Arrived

The first thing you need to do when your boots arrive is to try them on. Do not wait until hunting season starts only to find out they don’t fit. Put on the socks that you would normally wear when hunting.

Your boots should be comfortable from the start. It is rare these days that your boots will need to be “broken in”. There are a few exceptions to this but like I just said it is pretty rare.

What you are looking for as far as the fit is the heel, toe, and tightness. The heel should be snug. There should be no pinching or slippage. There should be around a half inch of space in the toe area. The boots should be snug but not so tight that there is any uncomfortableness or restriction of blood flow.

You need to wear your hunting boots around your home for a while. A few hours should do it. This is will give you a really good idea on how they fit and how comfortable they are. If you wear them outside you may void your ability to send them back should you need to do so.

Good luck in your quest for the best  hunting boots and I hope you bag a trophy this season.

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