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Best Hunting Backpack Reviews of 2018 – Carry Everything

Choosing a backpack for hunting can be overwhelming. These convenient items can be found in various sizes and designs, and at a range of prices. While a backpack isn’t necessary to go hunting, it can make the trip easier. When all of your gear is stored in one convenient place, it can also result in a successful hunting trip. To help you narrow down your choices and pick the best hunting backpack, we have included some informative tips below the reviews.

1. Buck Commander Black Gorge Review


Our Rating: 7.5

This durable backpack from Buck Commander is designed to survive almost any hunting trip. It’s sturdy construction is resistant to wear and tear and the internal frame provides plenty of stability, even when the pack is full. You also have 3,515 cubic inches of storage space, so you can easily carry enough gear for an overnight hunting trip.

What really makes this hunting backpack stand out is its versatility. There are several support and compression straps that are designed to hold heavier gear securely in place, including prize antlers or game that was dressed in the field. It also comes with a belt that is designed to hold the pack securely in place, and it can be easily removed and used by itself. The internal compartment is divided so you can keep gear separate, and it can also be expanded to hold larger items.

You will also appreciate all of the internal and external pockets, along with the bungee style retention strap that is designed to hold extra clothes in place. This backpack is designed to help you stay organized in the field so you can concentrate on tracking your prey, and comes with all of the storage space you need for an extended hunting trip.

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2. Timber Hawk Killshot Review


Our Rating: 9.5

The Killshot by Timber Hawk is designed with the avid hunter in mind. It comes in a camouflage pattern that makes it easy to blend into the brush, and it is designed to be quiet so you don’t have to worry about startling nearby prey. Small enough to carry on narrow trails, but still capable of carrying your essential gear this backpack might be just what you need on your next hunting trip.

There are plenty of pockets inside and out for storing frequently used items, and the large internal compartment is perfect for holding changes of clothing. The Killshot comes with sturdy compression straps that provide plenty of stability when you are carrying heavier loads, and the quick release clips let you instantly drop the backpack when you need to run or climb in a hurry. It also comes with a convenient orange rain fly that not only announces your presence to other hunters it also keeps your gear dry.

If you frequently find yourself stuck in a treestand you will appreciate the included hydration bladder. Capable of holding up to 2 liters of water, it will keep you hydrated when you are waiting for your prey. Designed to impress serious hunters, there is very little not to like about this backpack from Timber Hawk.


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3. Slumberjack Bounty 4500 Review


Our Rating: 8.5

You need a large and durable backpack if you are hunting elk and other big game, which is why many avid outdoorsmen rely on the Bounty 4500. It is designed specifically for large game and hunting at high elevations so you know that it is sturdy and dependable. The durable construction ensures that the backpack won’t easily rip or tear, and you will also appreciate the sturdy frame that provides plenty of balance and support when you are carrying heavy gear.

The backpack can be removed so you can use the frame to carry large game, and there is even a small field pack that is perfect for shorter trips. The small pack also comes with several pockets so you can easily carry extra ammo and rations. You will appreciate the small built in platform that provides a stable rest for your rifle, and the backpack is also designed to carry rifles and bows.

With the innovative camouflage pattern that allows you to blend in and it’s quiet design, this backpack can help make any hunting trip a success.


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4. Badlands Superday Review


Our Rating: 9.7

!!Our Pick!!

With 1,950 cubic inches of storage space this backpack from Badlands is perfect for short hunting trips. It has plenty of room to hold extra changes of clothing, along with your essential gear. The Superday is designed to be quiet, and this includes the material used in construction and the “noiseless” zippers so you don’t have to worry about startling any nearby prey. You will also appreciate how comfortable this backpack is to carry, even when you are climbing over rough terrain.

The molded foam helps to prevent muscle aches and pain, and also provides additional support and stability. The rifle boot can be easily adjusted, and this backpack also comes with webbing on the belt so you can keep a pistol close at hand. There are 7 pockets that can hold everything from keys and cameras to cell phones and extra ammo, and you also have 3 compartments inside so you can easily stay organized.

You will also appreciate the durable construction, along with the green and brown camouflage pattern that makes it easy for you to blend into the woods or thick brush.


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5. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Review


Our Rating: 9.1

This backpack was designed with big game hunters in mind. It has all of the storage space you need for extended hunting trips, along with a versatile and functional design. With the Alps OutdoorZ Commander you get a frame for carrying larger kills, along with a sturdy backpack that is large enough to hold all of your gear.

The backpack loads from the top, but comes with a lower opening for convenience. The internal compartment can be easily divided in two, and there are plenty of storage pockets on the outside. The durable zippers are also designed to last, and are incredibly quiet when pulled. You also have the advantage of the rifle holder so you can keep your hands free when you are on the trail.

At the campsite you can easily detach the backpack from the frame, and when you need to transport fresh meat it can be conveniently strapped to the frame. With 5,250 cubic inches of storage space in the backpack and the sturdy 7.5 lb frame, this backpack might be just what you need on your next hunting trip.


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6. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Review


Our Rating: 9.2

!!Best Value!!

There is very little not to like about this hunting backpack, including its design. The Pursuit is capable of holding almost any bow, and it is also compatible with several gun models. Alps Outdoorz designed this backpack to hold plenty of gear, and with 2,700 cubic inches of space you can carry everything you need for a day or overnight camping trip.

There are also plenty of pockets for smaller items, including two conveniently placed on the supportive belt. You will appreciate the stability you get from the internal aluminum frame, especially when you are covering uneven ground. This backpack is even designed with your safety in mind, and it comes with a Blaze orange rain fly. This will keep your gear dry, while also meeting any local safety requirements.

The brushed “raintree” camouflage design makes it easy for you to blend into the environment, and this backpack also comes with a pocket and opening for a hydration bladder.


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What to look for in our hunting backpack reviews

Hunting Backpack Types

Even though backpacks can be divided into several categories, there are only two you need to concentrate on when you are looking for something to carry your hunting gear. Single day packs are smaller in design, and easier to carry. Most come with 3,000 cubic inches of interior space so you can store enough gear for one day. This typically includes a change of clothing, along with extra ammo, scopes, trail cameras and small hunting tools.

If you are going to be gone overnight or longer you will probably want a larger backpack. Multi-day packs typically have 4,500 cu. in. of storage space, though some can measure up to 7,000 cu. In. These larger packs can be awkward and heavy to carry, so it is also important to consider the distance and terrain before choosing a hunting backpack.

There are also backpacks designed for hunting whitetail deer and you want them to be large enough to carry enough gear for one day, while still being light enough to easily carry up to a tree stand. These hunting backpacks also come with a convenient strap so you can hang it from a nearby branch. This keeps the pack close by and off the wet ground.


The size of the hunting backpack doesn’t just refer to the amount of gear it can carry, but also how well it fits your body type. It is important to make sure that the pack is comfortable to carry, especially if you are going to cover a lot of ground when you are on the hunt. If the backpack doesn’t fit your frame properly it can cause painful backaches that might send you home before any prey is sighted. The backpack should fit the length of your torso to ensure maximum comfort, even on longer hikes.


Trying to decide on the design of a hunting backpack can be overwhelming, especially when you consider all of the available options. One of the first factors to consider is whether you want an external or internal frame, and each has its own advantages.

If you plan on carrying the meat in the backpack, you will probably want the added support you get from an external frame. Not only can the frame support heavier weights, it also allows cool air to flow between your back and the pack so you can stay comfortable on hot days. External frames can be a little unstable since it is held away from your back, and the larger size might not be ideal in all situations.

Internal frames might not be designed to haul heavier loads, but it does have the advantage of comfort and a smaller size. Since the frame is designed to form to your body you can enjoy greater stability, and it also can help prevent muscle fatigue. If you aren’t planning on carrying a lot of meat or gear, a hunting backpack with an internal frame is probably a good choice for you.

When you are looking at the overall design of the hunting backpack you also want to make sure that there are plenty of pockets for storing and keeping gear organized. Dividers inside make it easy to keep your clothes separate from other items, including any meat you are carrying home. Most hunting backpacks also come with convenient pockets on the outside so you can keep extra ammo, keys, or even a small digital camera conveniently close by. Straps are another consideration, and most are padded to ensure your comfort. Additional straps can also be used to keep gear firmly in place, which can also help with you keep your balance since the load isn’t shifting every time you move.

Some multi-day backpacks also come with a convenient safety belt for additional comfort and stability. Some hunting backpacks are designed to match various camouflage prints so everything will blend seamlessly into your surroundings. You can also find hunting backpacks in a variety of colors, including Blaze orange. In some states it is required by law that all hunters wear the bright orange, and some choose to obey these safety regulations by carrying a Blaze colored hunting backpack.

Features the best hunting backpack should have

Hunting backpacks can come with a variety of features, and the right one for you will depend on what you need to carry. External pockets are ideal for storage, and dividers can keep your spare clothes separate from the rest of your gear. Backpacks constructed from materials that don’t rustle or crinkle loudly are ideal for hunting small and large game, especially those that are easily startled. You also want to choose a backpack that comes with a “silent” zipper so you can quickly open and close it as needed without making excessive noise.

You might also want to consider a hunting backpack that can carry your firearm or bow. This can make it easier for you to safely cover uneven terrain, and also help protect your expensive weapon. Some models come with straps that make it easy to attach the bow or rifle to the back of the pack, while others come equipped with a padded case. The size of the weapon, type of terrain and distance that you need to cover will all help you decide what type of carrying features you need with the backpack.

Some other features to consider on a hunting backpack include water bladders and rainflys. Even though most backpacks designed for hunting are constructed from water resistant materials, it never hurts to have the added protection of a rainfly. You will appreciate the benefits of a rain fly when your gear is still dry even when it is pouring down rain outside. A water bladder does cost a little extra but it is always appreciated when you are stuck for long periods of time in a blind or tree stand. The water bladder makes it easy for you to stay hydrated without making any extra noise.


Hunting backpacks can be used to carry necessary gear so you can keep your hands free on the trail. Not only does this make it easier and safer for you to walk, you can instantly take aim if your prey is spotted on the trail. A hunting backpack can be used to store a change of clothing, and can also hold extra layers. Snacks and trail rations can also be easily carried in a backpack, which is always an advantage when you are planning on an extended hunting trip.

Your backpack can also carry your tools so you can dress your kill in the field, and provide a convenient storage place for the meat you are taking home. A hunting backpack can also help you keep track of your keys and cell phone, which is always convenient when you are ready to head back home.

Whether you choose a small backpack for a day trip or a larger one to carry extra gear, taking a moment to consider the length of the trip and what you actually need can make it easier to choose the right one for you. To help you narrow down your choices we have included the following brief reviews so you can make a smart purchasing decision and pick the right backpack for your next hunting trip.


Even if you are only going hunting for the day, you still need the right backpack. It can help you carry and keep your gear organized, and some are even designed to hold your bow or firearm. Available in different sizes and styles and designed for almost any type of hunter, a backpack can help make any trip a success.


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