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Best Archery Target For The Money – 2021 Reviews

How about some straight talk about how to choose the best archery target in 2021? We get an awful lot  of questions from folks saying “hey I got a Barnett Crossbow, what kind of target should I use? What’s the best?”. So we’re gonna look at some various types and kind of see what’s best for you. We are trying to take into consideration all the variables that make a good target. For starters, it should last a long time. You want it to be resistant to arrows going into the target, even if you shoot multiple times into the same hole. Additionally, you want it to be friendly, in a sense that if you go to pull the arrow out, it doesn’t take a major effort and ideally you could do with a two-finger pull. Easy to pull your arrows out is a very desirable feature, plus, we don’t want the target to damage your arrows. We also want it to be suitable for the type of bow and arrows we’re shooting.

Top Archery Targets for 2021 Comparison Table

Choosing the right type of target for your bow

Choosing the right target for your type of bow and arrows can be confusing, especially if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. There are several types of targets available, and each is designed to be used with a particular bow setup. In this buying guide you will find all of the information you need to confidentially choose the best archery target for your bow and arrows.

Bag Targets


A bag target on the fieldSome of the most common and basics archery targets are filled bags. Almost everyone that owns a compound bow has practiced at least once with a bag target, and the large surface area makes it an excellent choice for beginning archers. Bag targets are designed to withstand repeated use, and will hold together through hundreds of hits. Normally filled with a synthetic material, archers love how effectively they stop the bolt and how easy it is to remove the arrows when they hit the target. Unlike hay bales, bag targets also won’t ruin the fletching on an arrow which can save you money on replacement costs.

While bag targets are great for repetitive practice shots, you only want to use field points with them. Broadhead tips often become stuck, and can rip the outer material ruining the target. The porous material is also not designed for extended use outdoors, and its heavy weight makes it awkward to carry which is why most experts recommend using bag targets indoors. You do have the advantage of being able to use almost any type of bow setup, as long as the bolts have field points.

Foam Block Targets

block-targetsBlock targets are durable, easily portable, and are great for use with light bows. The layered foam uses friction to stop the arrow, which helps to prevent the tips from breaking, though it should be noted broadheads can become stuck and rip the target. Bows with a heavier draw weight might also be too powerful to use with these relatively lightweight targets, since the arrows can become buried in the foam. Your shooting angle should also be taken into consideration, and can significantly increase the life of a block target.

Most experts recommend placing the block so the foam layers are lying vertically which will help guide your arrow between, instead of across the layers. Foam target blocks are also ideal for use outdoors due to its lightweight and portable design. You can set up foam block targets in seconds outdoors or inside, though it is important to always consider draw weight and any potential issues that might cause difficulties when you are trying to remove the arrows.

3D Practice Targets


3D_archery-targetIf you are getting ready to start hunting with your compound bow, one of the best ways to practice is with a 3D target. The foam targets are available in almost any animal species imaginable, including some that are extinct. 3D practice targets are a fun and effective way for beginners and even experienced hunters to get ready for the season.

3D foam practice targets often have the vital organs clearly marked on the outside, which makes it easier for you to know where to aim when you are out in the field. This also gives you a clearer idea of where you arrow will hit with a particular stance, along with helping you understand the point system used in competitive shooting.

The main disadvantage associated with 3D targets is the foam can wear out over time, especially in the center, but most can be easily replaced when necessary. These targets are also recommended for use with filed tips, since broadheads can easily become stuck in the foam center. Create a lifelike hunting scenario with 3D targets to improve you skill and accuracy. The realistic design is also ideal for working on silhouette shots, and the lightweight constructions lets you easily move the targets around the practice field.

Whether you are practicing for a tournament or simply want to improve your level of accuracy for the next hunting season there is a target designed specifically for your type of shooting. While best used with field tips, a foam or synthetic filled target can help you become a better archer regardless of your skill level.

Best Archery Target Reviews for 2021



1. The Bone Collector 400 F.P.S. (Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Target)

bonecollectorWhether you are simply honing your skills or learning how to accurately aim and shoot with your bow, this foam block target might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a durable construction that is resistant to almost all types of weather making it ideal for target practice outside. The bright yellow cover and clearly marked targets are also easy to see, and can be used to improve your accuracy at a distance.

The durable foam will effectively stop field points, and it is designed specifically for easy arrow removal. The bolts will easily slide out of the target without ripping or tearing the foam. The durable internal structure prevents the cube from collapsing due to repeated hits, and provides the strength it needs to effectively stop shots up to 400 feet per second.

You will appreciate the different target options that will help you work on improving your aim and accuracy. The dart board and pool ball style targets can be used to create fun accuracy games with fellow archers that will improve your skills for the upcoming hunting season or next competition. The Bone Collector is one of the best archery targets for use with field tips.




2. Rinehart RhinoBlock

Rinehart-RhinoBlockThis foam block target will help you improve your skill as an archer, and it comes with a durable construction that can withstand repeated practice sessions. The durable foam is capable of easily stopping field points, and it is strong enough to also be used with expandable points and broadheads. The sturdy foam is designed to be “self healing” which prevents rips and tears from stuck arrows, and to help cut down on replacement costs.

You will appreciate its lightweight 22 pound construction that makes it easy to carry to and from the practice field. The foam can withstand outdoor conditions and it is also designed to keep its strength and shape so you can work on making accurate shots. The top located rope makes it easy to hang the target from a tree limb and there are also strategically placed holes for convenient mounting at different heights.

The 6 sided foam block can be used to improve your skill in three ways. There are two 3D sides which clearly shown the internal organs on a deer, so you can work on improving your killing shot for next season. The larger markings on the block will help you improve your aim, and there are also small targets that are ideal for working on arrow placement. With a total of 40 targets clearly marked, this foam block will help you improve your skills with a compound bow.




3. Field Logic Block Black B 20

Block Archery Block BlackMeasuring 20 x 20 x 16 inches, this foam block target is perfect for beginners and experienced archers who just want to practice and improve their aim. The block presents four sides with clearly marked targets that will help you improve aim and accuracy, and the white on black design ensures that it can be clearly seen from a distance.

This block features four sides with plenty of targets, and its vivid pattern makes this a great choice for close range and distance shooting. The sturdy target features a “polyfusion” design that extends its life by making the arrows easier to remove. Since the arrows simply slid out of the target, there is less risk of the foam ripping or tearing. It should be noted that this foam block target works best with field tips, which also helps to prolong its life.

Since the field tips easily slide out of the target there is less of a chance for you to develop arm fatigue, which often results in longer practice sessions. Its large size makes it a perfect target for backyard shooting with friends and family, and its lightweight construction makes this block target extremely easy and convenient to transport to and from the practice field.




4. Field Logic Glendal Pre Rut Buck 3D

Field-Logic-Glendel-Pre-Rut-Buck-3DHunters are always looking for ways to improve their skills with their bow setups before the next season, and this 3D target will help archers hone their aim and accuracy. It features a durable construction and realistic design that can be easily used by beginners as well as experienced archers.

The sturdy construction can withstand repeated hits with field tips, and it is also designed to withstand most weather conditions. The lifelike buck measures 36 inches at the shoulders so you can also use this 3D target to practice the accuracy of your stance and aim. Styled after a 250 pound buck, you can easily get a sense of where you should be aiming your shoots.

This target has a shooting surface that is seven times larger than similar models, making it ideal for first time and younger archers. The four sided core target can stop bolts up to 390 feet per second, for an even more realistic experience that with other 3D targets. The sturdy metal pipe securely holds the target in the ground, and you will love how easy it is to remove field tips from the center. Constructed and designed to take a beating during practice, this 3D buck target will get you ready for this year’s hunting season.




5. Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25

Hurricane-bag-targetHunters and competitive shooters will appreciate this bag target, which comes with everything they need to improve the accuracy of their aim. This bag target also features a durable construction, and comes at a surprisingly affordable price considering its versatile design. Recommended for use with field tips, this target can easily help you become a better archer.

The bright cover makes it easy to see where to aim to hit the black dots during target practice, along with the clearly marked vital organs on the reverse side. The durable construction ensures that this bag target can withstand hundreds of repeated hits, while also being able to effectively stop field tips from light and heavy compound bows.

One of the main advantages associated with this bag target is how easy it is to remove the bolts from the center. Field tips smoothly slide out without ripping or tearing, though it should be mentioned that is model is not recommended for use with broadtips or expandables. The lightweight 5 pound construction also makes it easy to hang or mount the bag, and you will appreciate the attached handle for convenient carrying. While this bag target is designed for use indoors, it will help you improve your aim and skill level.




6. Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Target

Morrell-Yellow-Jacket-CrossbowWhile this bag target is designed to only be used with field tips, it does come with a durable construction and functional design. It is designed to be able to spot bolts at up to 350 feet per second, which lets you practice with a variety of light and heavy compound bows. The bright black and yellow cover is easy to see at a distance, and the red dots provide you with a clear place to aim.

This two sided target will help beginners and experienced archers improve their aim and the accuracy of their shots. The durable construction allows the target to easily withstand repeated hits, and you will appreciate how smoothly field tips slide out without ripping the cover. The layered center of the target will effectively stop fast bolts from heavy bows, and it is still soft enough to prevent tips from breaking.

Recommended for target practice indoors, you can easily hang it at varying heights. The bag only weighs 30 pounds for easy lifting, and you will appreciate the attached carrying handle. Designed to prevent arrow tips from breaking while still be incredibly effective at stopping fast moving bolts, you will be ready for competition shooting after practicing with this crossbow target.




7. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

This archery target is one of the most rugged and durable models currently available as it is developed to be able to take thousands of shots from a compound bow. The construction of the product makes it possible for the users to be able to remove the arrows with ease. You’ll only need to use two fingers to get them out of the target.

In case you need to use your archery target elsewhere other than your basement or backyard, you don’t need to worry about anything with this model as it is equipped with a handle and grommets. As such, you will be able to take it with you everywhere you go and even hang it on a tree if that’s what you feel like doing.

It’s also worth noting that the target cover can be replaced, so if you notice that it gets damaged over time, all you need to do is get another one. Finally, the graphics of this option make it easy to target even when the light conditions aren’t exactly excellent. One thing we’d like to point out about this is that it doesn’t withstand the abuse of bears and wildlife, so avoid leaving it on the woods floor. Take it with you indoors.




8. Morrell Yellow Jacket Stinger Field

Morrell Yellow Jacket Stinger FieldDesigned for both traditional and compound bows, this Morrell alternative should be another that you ought to keep in mind. It is made from the most durable materials in this line of products, and its patented bright yellow exterior along with the red aiming point will allow you to practice your archery skills both from close by and from afar.

What really makes the Morrell Yellow Jacket Stinger stand out from the crowd is its build as it comes with as many as 38 layers, so it’s very dense and will stop your arrows no matter how fast they travel. As with other products manufactured by the same brand, this one makes it easy for you to remove your arrows.

The exterior of the target is waterproof, and that’s another thing to consider since this item is capable of withstanding the abuse of the elements when you’re practicing outdoors. By the way, this product is portable as it is fitted with a tote carrying handle that enables you to take it everywhere and set it up in a timely fashion.

A word of advice would be for you to use this target only with field tips so as to extend its durability.




Best Crossbow Target for 2021:

Practice is a vital part of every serious crossbow shooter’s daily routine. How many of you haven’t you at least once destroyed your fence, your walls etc. while testing the power of your new crossbow? I know I have- more than once. That’s why a good target that can stop your bolts is a necessary addition to your arsenal. With varying sizes, prices and uses, finding one to fit your needs can be time-consuming. As we can sense that you would rather spend your time shooting targets and not researching about them, we decided to do it for you and just show you the results of that research.

Best Crossbow Target

Field Logic Block Black B 20: The Best Broadhead Target

Block Archery Block BlackThe Block Black B 20 is in my opinion the best crossbow target on the market. For Starters, it’s the right size. I wouldn’t recommend a smaller target as you could possibly lose or destroy some bolts when you make some 40-50 yard shots. Moreover, I really liked the fact that you can shoot all 4 sides of it. Whether you shoot field points or broadheads, arrow removal is pretty easy and the target self-heals pretty quickly. The Block Black B20 is durable and if you only shoot field points on it should last you plenty of time. What’s great though is that it is equally suitable for broadhaeads too.

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The Budget Choice

The Bone Collector 400 F.P.S.

The Bone Collector 400This is one of the top field point targets available on the market and on the right price too. You can shoot all 4 sides of it and it can stop arrows thrown by every kind of bow. Pulling arrows out of the Bone collector can most of the times be done by using 2 fingers. You can even vary your practice shooting  by choosing from 6 bullseyes, a dart board, a full-colored deer and a 9-ball game. To test it, we decided to shoot the Barnett Ghost 410 on it. The Bone collector stopped the arrows at 10″-12″ and we could pull them out single-handed. The only drawback of this target is that it is not especially made for stopping broadheads.

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Choosing The Best 3D Target For Archery Practice

An archery target has different functions. Its primary function is to help the archer mark the point where he is supposed to hit. Secondarily, it provides a safe place for your arrow to land so it does not get damaged after hitting another object. You should intend to buy the highest quality 3D target you can afford; a target that is durable, and thus, does not get damaged easily, so you can  use it over and over again for a long period of time.

Making your own: Is it the right choice?

There are a number of people who like to know how to make their own targets. Please note that when it comes to archery it is essential to make sure your equipment is absolutely safe. Therefore, before you even begin to think about making your own targets, you have  to understand how they are made up and what qualities they should carry. You have to be sure that your targets are sturdy and thick enough to be able to stop the arrow.

Apart from strong, the targets must also be capable of holding a number of arrows once they are hit. Before designing one, you have to be sure that you have selected the right material for your target board. There are a number of targets for archery that are made up of foam material as this is pretty strong and durable.



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