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Hunting and Getting Lost


How many of us have gotten lost when we’re out hunting? I have a few times and it was not something that I want to repeat. This was before even the word GPS was invented. This was back when cell phones were like big brown bricks and had a huge antenna attached to it. So […]

The different forms of archery competition

archery competition

International competitions in archery are regulated under the rules of the International Archery Federation (FITA). Here are the disciplines listed by FITA: Outdoor Archery The 1440 round: 36 arrows at each distance of 90, 70, 50, 30 meters for men and 70, 60, 50, 30 meters for women. This makes a maximum score of 1440 […]

You have to learn when to draw your bow


I remember the first really big buck I ever saw. I was still hunting through an old apple orchard that had become overgrown. It was covered with deer trails and I used to sneak through it using the well worn trails to cover the sound of my footsteps. As I neared the end of the […]

My first experience with buck fever


You’re not sick – in fact you’ never felt better.  Twenty feet up in your tree stand, last week of October and the whitetail rut is starting to kick into high gear.  The crunch of leaves gave him away before I ever saw him.  A quick grunt and the crunching comes toward the stand.  I […]

The importance of scent control when bowhunting


YOU STINK I had been hunting for the better part of 8 years when I met a friend of a friend who was a hardcore bowhunter with several successful seasons under his belt.  He was turning the corner in becoming a trophy hunter while I had yet to meet success.  He took me under his […]

Camo clothing basics for bowhunting beginners


The selection of camo hunting clothes on the market today is amazing. Materials used in their design can keep you warm in sub zero temperatures, keep you dry in a downpour, keep you from perspiring, eliminate odors, keep your movements quiet, provide concealment even in open country and much more.  I’ll focus on a few main […]

Protecting your bow with a case is really important


Protecting your investment in archery equipment is critical.  A bow case provides substantial protection for your bow, even while in storage.  A good bow case really shows its value when you have to travel with your archery equipment.  I have used two different cases – one a low end model and the other a high end […]

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