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Trophy Ridge Pursuit Site Vertical Pin Sight Review

Trophy Ridge Pursuit


Our Rating



  • This sight from Trophy Ridge comes with a durable and lightweight construction that can be easily mounted on almost any compound bow.
  • You will appreciate how easy the fiber optic pin is to adjust, and this bow sight also comes with 3rd axis adjustability.
  • Designed to provide you with a smooth and quiet operation, this bow sight is ideal for use in a variety of situations.


  • Some consumers have mentioned that this bow sight can be difficult to adjust, but this is generally due to inexperience and not an issue with its design or construction.



Some Things You Should Consider

  • With a housing that measures 1.75 inches and two long screws included, this bow sight can be evenly mounted on almost any compound bow quickly and easily. The Pursuit from Trophy Ridge also comes with a lightweight and durable construction that won’t affect the balance of you bow. This ensures that you don’t have to compensate for additional weight, which can throw off the accuracy of your shots. It is constructed from sturdy aluminum which is resistant to rust and corrosion so you can take this sight with you regardless of the weather.
  • Even though this bow sight only comes with one pin, it is still able to provide you with accurate and precise shots. There is an indicator that helps you adjust the pin for wind and elevation, which allows you to accurately hit your target in a variety of situations. If you frequently find that you need to make accurate shots uphill or down onto your target, the 3rd axis adjustability will ensure that all of your vertical shots land in the center of the target. This makes this sight perfect for use in blinds and even in tree stands.Trophy-Ridge-Pusuit-Site-Vertical-Pin
  • The last thing you want to worry about is noise or vibrations when you are hunting with a bow, and that is not an issue with this sight from Trophy Ridge. Known for its high quality products, the manufacturers have designed this sight with Delrin bushings which prevent any metal from rubbing so you can sight, adjust and fire arrows silently. It also comes with fiber optics so you can easily see your targets in low light, and there is even a rheostat light included so you are never firing arrows blindly.



Trophy Ridge Pursuit Site Vertical Pin Sight Review Summary

This bow sight is designed to be used by avid hunters, though it can also help you improve your accuracy on the target range. It comes with a lightweight and durable aluminum construction, and the pin is easy to adjust for accurate shots at a distance. You also have the advantage of being able to adjust the 3rd axis so even your vertical shots always land in the center of the target. Ideal for hunting in a variety of conditions, this bow sight might be the only one you need.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm