Trophy Ridge 5-Pin Bow Sight Review



  • You will appreciate the durable construction that can withstand the rigors of being out in the field
  • This bow sight from Trophy Ridge comes with a versatile design that makes it ideal for use in a variety of situations.
  • Trophy Ridge has designed this sight to be incredibly easy to mount and adjust for accuracy.


  • Some consumers have mentioned that this bow sight from Trophy Ridge is slightly heavier than other models, which can throw off the balance of the bow.

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Some Things You Should Consider

  • When you are out in the field you need a sight that is reliable and durable, which is why Trophy Ridge constructed this one from a strong copolymer material. It has all of the strength and durability associated with aluminum, and it is also resistant to rust and corrosion. You also have the added advantage of the synthetic material lightweight design, which helps to prevent the sight from affecting the balance of the bow. While this sight is still slightly heavier than some similar models, it does have the advantage of being 25 percent lighter than those constructed from aluminum.
  • You will appreciate the versatility of this bow sight, especially if you find yourself shooting from different positions. The sight features several holes for mounting so you can choose its exact position based on your personal preferences. The mounting bracket is reversible so it can be place higher or lower down on the bow, and it is also designed to be comfortable for right and left hand shooters to use. Capable of accurately firing arrows vertically and horizontally, you can easily make accurate shots in a blind or positioned up in a tree stand.
  • Not only is this bow sight designed to be easy to evenly mount, it also comes with Trophy Ridge’s innovative “smart pin” technology. While there are 5 pins for you to sight off of, you only need to adjust the ones for 20 and 30 yards. Once you have adjusted the first two pins for elevation and wind, the others will automatically fall into place. This saves you time and frustration, and lets you get outside and start hunting. You also have the advantage of the fiber optics which allows you to hunt when prey is most active.

Trophy Ridge 5-Pin Bow Sight Review Summary

If you are looking for a bow sight that is easy to adjust and accurate, this might be the perfect one for you. While it comes with 5 pins, only two need to be adjusted to ensure that each one is set for accuracy. You will also appreciate how easy the pins are to adjust, especially when you are out in the field.

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The included fiber optics allow you to make accurate shots, even in low light conditions and it also comes with a rheostat light. The sight is coated to minimize vibrations, which is always an advantage and this also helps to ensure every shot is accurate. Perfect for all types of bow hunters, it is easy to see why this sight is a popular choice with consumers.

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Updated: January 18, 2019 — 2:12 pm