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Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS Crossbow Review

Scorpyd Aculeus (460 fps)


Our Rating



  • The AcuDraw cocking mechanism reduces draw weight
  • The Kempf TEC SEER-LOC adjustable trigger provides extra stability
  • It is extremely fast, at 460 fps
  • The package contains a wide range of extras and accessories


  • Due to its pricing, it is unaffordable for most hunters

The first thing you might find mentioned about the Aculeus is that it is representative for the reserve draw setup. But, of course, knowing that would be only scratching the surface since this particular bad boy comes with much more interesting and exciting features. One of them is that it can reach speeds of up to 460 fps, which makes it one of the fastest, if not the quickest crossbow on the face of the planet. All kinds of improvements compensate for any drawback such incredible speeds might make room for, and, all in all, the Scorpyd Aculeus is a technological wonder that comes, unfortunately, at a pretty hefty price.




The result of years of development, this model from Scorpyd has, as you may well expect, a sturdy build. It is true that you pay a pretty dollar for it, but it will be worth every one of it, because of how it is constructed and what performance it can deliver when out in the field. The 6061-T6 riser is just one great example of the high-quality materials invested by this manufacturer into what must be its flagship product. The barrel is made from the same material, and it must be said that the entire construction is anodized.

Furthermore, the fasteners are made of titanium, one of the most durable materials that can be used for such weapons. That, of course, along with the other aspects mentioned earlier, maintain the weight of this crossbow as low as possible.



With a draw weight of 180 lbs, this crossbow delivers amazing speeds that can reach 460 fps. The total body weight is 7.5 pounds, so it may not be the lightest you can find, but it is not heavy, either. It can be your ideal companion when you are sitting in a tree stand, waiting for prey to walk within shooting range. That said, we must mention again that this is a reverse draw model, which means that the crossbow is well balanced, thus making the total weight feel less than it is.

One thing we should mention, however, is that the Aculeus is not, by far, a narrow and compact crossbow. When cocked, it measures more than 12 inches axle to axle, so you cannot expect to take it through the most cramped places. Nonetheless, you will be surprised with its maneuverability, and the fact that it is well balanced will mostly compensate for such shortcomings. The stock is also available in 1911 style grips, should you be interested in such aspects.


This is an image of a really powerful crossbow - Scorpyd AculeusFeatures

As expected from a model that comes with such a costly price tag attached, some pretty neat features were employed to make it worth the expense. The Kempf TEC SEER-LOC is an adjustable trigger that sat on the engineers’ table at Scorpyd for five full years before seeing the light of the day. The trigger makes the Aculeus what it is, meaning that it is a factor in achieving those amazing speeds we mentioned. Users even say that when shooting this crossbow, you will get the same feel as when you are shooting a rifle, which is a way of describing how useful this feature is.

Besides speed, the 2.5-pound pull trigger also contributes to steady your shots. That adds to the extreme overall precision of this particular model. You will also get the AcuDraw cocking mechanism on this crossbow, which means that the draw weight will feel like only half of it, thus increasing the usability and maneuverability of this particular model.

Equipped with an illuminated XB1 SR scope, it is the surest way for you to land your shots on the target. Along with the crossbow, you will also receive 12 arrows, Grim Reaper broadheads, a butt pad, a sling, and a fuse quiver. You will get a lube kit, as well, so that you can maintain the string in good working order.


Noise and vibrations

It is vital that your movement remains undetected when you are hunting, so some system for preventing noise and vibrations should be in place. In this case, the string stops that come with the package you’ll get when ordering the Scorpyd Aculeus will take care of this aspect. These accessories will stop the natural vibration that will occur when you shoot an arrow from a crossbow. Like anything else about this crossbow, the string stops are of superior quality, and you will not have to worry about giving away your position while hunting.




When it comes to speed, you cannot get any faster than the Scorpyd Aculeus. At 460 fps top speeds, this crossbow is, most probably, the fastest you can find, and that’s just part of what makes it such a great model. It comes along with extra benefits offered by the unique technologies employed by the manufacturer, such as the AcuDraw cocking device, and the  Kempf TEC SEER-LOC adjustable trigger.

You will get a plethora of accessories, like a scope, a quiver, arrows to shoot, and many others. The overall construction and craftsmanship wows, but, at the same time, it is an expensive model that not a lot of hunters can afford.

Updated: January 20, 2019 — 7:09 pm