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Ravin R9 Crossbow Package Review

Ravin R9


Our Rating



  • Its narrow width, of just 6 inches cocked, makes it the most compact crossbow available.
  • It is hard-hitting, at 135 ft lbs of kinetic energy.
  • Its maximum speed, of 380 feet per second, is not easy to compete with.


  • The expensive price tag is out of many shooters’ budgets.
  • Hand-cranking the crossbow makes it noisy.

When people are thinking of crossbows, there is a particular image they picture in their heads, as, more or less, all the weapons in this category currently available share the same design. All that mental image, however, will have to suffer necessary modifications, once the shooter looking for a new option is faced with the Ravin R9. The revolutionary design of this crossbow has already created a lot of buzz at prestigious industry events, and you will not want to look the other way, once you see the way this crossbow shoots. Due to the unique HeliCoil technology used by this newcomer to the market, this crossbow is the narrowest version of this type of weapon you have ever seen.




Although at 6.9 pounds without accessories, this crossbow is not the lightest available, it must be said that the manufacturer did everything possible to keep this model easy to handle. The carbon-fiber construction ensures that the crossbow remains as lightweight as possible, while the durability of the model increases. The overmold inlays present on the grip and the foregrip ensure that you will not experience any discomfort while you’re handling the crossbow.

The compact size of the crossbow makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to minimize the footprint of the weapon they’re using. Also, the crossbow is a perfect fit, and the ribbed strut stretching from the top to the bottom of the stock is used as the carry handle for easy transportation.



No matter your hunting style, you will discover that the R9 is fitted for a wide range of situations. Should you decide to use a blind, a stand, or shoot from the field, you will discover that nothing will stand in your way. Nothing will deter your movements, and the overall handling of this weapon will allow you to use it in perfect comfort, regardless of your shooting preferences. At 390 feet per second, nothing beats this model regarding speed. The crossbow is 34.5 inches long, but it’s its narrow width that makes it stand out.

The 6-inch cocked width makes it the narrowest crossbow available, so getting through cramped places will be a comfortable fit for the shooter. At 6.9 pounds, the model may sound like a decent choice but bear in mind that loading it with all the accessories you might decide to use, can take its weight to a whopping 8.9 pounds. Nonetheless, you must bear in mind that this is a model that works with a cocking crank, and, in this category, the lightest options have typically weights of around 10 pounds. Expect this crossbow to be a hard-hitting monster, as it develops 135 ft lbs of kinetic energy. Offering good balance and excellent maneuverability, the crossbow is challenging to equal by the competition.

The Ravin R9 is a great crossbow


Various features must be mentioned for a crossbow with such a revolutionary design. The defining characteristic, which is the HeliCoil technology, will be explained a bit later, so now we can focus on the other extraordinary traits of this specific model. The Trac-Trigger Firing System, or TTFS for short, is a trigger unit that keeps inside the anti-dry fire mechanism, the trigger safety, and some of the trigger mechanism. What must be noted about this system is that it is entirely mobile, and can be detached from the dock so that it slides over the rail down to the string.

When reaching this destination, the unit connects to the center of the string. That is the moment when the safety mechanisms become engaged. A small sound will let you know when that happens, eliminating all the guessing work from this operation. At the same time, you will achieve a balanced shooting position that will help with landing accurate shots.

The Versa-Draw system will let you cock and un-cock the crossbow through the spool thumb. To do that, you will need to rotate the crank eleven times. The good thing is that you can’t overdraw the string, which minimizes the damage that might occur over time. A scope is included as well, and its overall quality is on par with the rest of the features.



A Revolutionary Twist

Seeing that this crossbow comes equipped with unique technology, we decided to offer it a bit of space so that we can explain it adequately. The HeliCoil technology built-in involves the use of a non-traditional rail that works with dual cam cables, which eliminate the need to take the wires through the rail slot, such as is the case for traditional rail models. As there is no pressure applied on the cams and the limbs, a narrow design is thus obtained. At the same time, wear and tear on the cables is significantly reduced. Its name comes from the way a helical groove is used to coil the cables.



An excellent crossbow that comes from the use of a unique technology called HeliCoil, the R9 is bound to make a first great impression. Its revolutionary design eliminates cable wear, and it also makes this model the narrowest available in its category. Perfect balance and accuracy make it a desirable weapon for many shooters out there. Given the price, however, it is not a good fit for beginners.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm