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PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow Review (400 fps)

PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow Review

The PSE Thrive 400 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a crossbow that can deliver blistering speeds at a reasonable price. As its name indicates, its top velocity is 400 fps, and you can count on the reverse cam technology used to guarantee such speeds. Capable of developing 142 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, it can take down any game.

Various features like the Soft Touch grip make it particularly comfortable. The draw weight of 175 pounds is comfortable, and, at 6.7 pounds in weight and 32 inches in length, it is compact enough to be used by most hunters. When uncocked, it measured 18.25 inches, so it may not be the slimmest option you can get.

Still, seeing how you get a complete package, with string stoppers, 22 arrows, an illuminated scope, and a quiver, among many other extras, you can rest assured that this model is an excellent deal for the price.



Package Includes:

Optics: 4×32 illuminated MR scope

Cocking device: Cocking rope

Quiver: 5-bolt quiver

Arrows: 22 Carbon Thunder bolts with 100-grain bullet points

Arrows: One 22-inch discharge bolt

Noise dampening: Pre-installed string stops

Other: Rail lube

Other: Limb bands

Other: Rubber coated foot stirrup

Other: Soft Touch grip and cheek rest



Speed (Up To) 400 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 142 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 32”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 18.25”
Power Stroke 17”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.7 lbs
Draw Weight 175 lbs




Key Features

  •         It comes with reverse cam technology for speed performance.
  •         There are string stops pre-installed for noise dampening.
  •         It has a CNC precision-machined barrel for increased overall performance.
  •         The illuminated reticle scope is helpful in the dark.
  •         The anti-dry fire suppressor enhances safety.
  •         The folding foot stirrup extends the power stroke.
  •         Its Soft Touch grip makes it extra comfortable.



  •         You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get blistering speeds.
  •         You will be able to shoot any legal game in North America.
  •         The Soft Touch feature and the cheek rest increase its comfort.
  •         You can count on stealth shooting due to the noise dampening features.


  •         The cocking rope provided is on the short side and makes a bit of noise.
  •         The stirrup is handy but needs retightening once in a while.



Build Quality – Durability


PSE is a company known for the reliable products it makes, so you can expect this inexpensive crossbow to be reasonably durable. You can surely appreciate how lightweight it is, and that makes it a fine choice for hunters who don’t want to haul around an impossible to use model. When you go on long hunting trips, it is particularly useful. Along with the accessories provided, you will find it quite a handy choice.



As far as crossbows go, this model is a decent looking model. It comes in a camouflage pattern named Kryptek Highlander, which helps you blend with your surroundings so that the prey cannot stop you when facing the front of the bow. Some may argue that the camo pattern chosen is not the best looking one, but it gets the job done, which is to keep you concealed from animals with keen eyesight.


Speed and Performance



As its name indicates, this crossbow is capable of shooting bolts at speeds of up to 400 fps, which is fast for a model of its size. Seeing how it is also lightweight, you will surely be happy to find it that it’s so efficient at shooting bolts at a fast velocity.

If there is one thing that will surprise you when you compare this model to others is the reliable performance it delivers in the field.




At 40 yards, this model offers excellent accuracy, and that can be extended with the help of the illuminated scope. You will quickly find that the scope can illuminate the reticle in either red or green, depending on what you prefer. Since it has 5 brightness settings, you will find it useful in various environments and lighting conditions.

The CNC machined barrel is an extra feature that makes this model as accurate as it can be. Don’t forget that accuracy can be influenced by many factors, such as whether you are shooting from a tree stand or ground level.



No crossbow manufacturer worth its salt would ever launch a model on the market without safety features. In this case, the company went for the tried and tested anti-dry fire technology that helps you avoid shooting a bolt by accident. The same feature allows you to uncock the crossbow easily.


Noise and Vibration

One thing, in particular, makes this model stand out from the crowd, and that is the presence of pre-installed string stops. Their role is to reduce vibration, and consequently, the noise created by the strings when you release an arrow. Not only the camo pattern will help you remain hidden; the noise dampening features will guarantee that you will never give away your position.


Ease of Use and Assembly


Because of its low weight and compact size, the PSE Thrive 400 is easy to use by any hunter, regardless of his or her height and physical strength. The comfortable frame makes it an excellent choice for shooting from tree stands and blinds.

As you can easily see from the specs, this model is on the shorter side, and that means that carrying it around is a breeze. Seeing how its performance is above average, it is a great pick for anyone. Also, it doesn’t create any troubles when you must assemble it.



PSE Thrive 400 Review Summary


In a nutshell, the PSE Thrive 400 is an excellent starting crossbow for someone who has never used one, but also the right alternative for hunters who want a compact model to use from a tree stand. Its overall performance is more than satisfactory for the price, and the many accessories provided make it extra comfortable and easy to use. You will get everything you need to go hunting or start practicing in your backyard.

Updated: June 15, 2020 — 2:25 pm