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PSE Razorback Review

Pse Razorback


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Forget about recurve crossbows that boast all sorts of advanced features that only make them out of this world. Chances are, they are out of this world. Instead, check out the PSE Razorback Recurve bow, which boasts nothing less than homegrown quality to help children and the youth discover the joys of hunting and archery. This model comes with an awesome set of features while delivering reliable shooting performance for the beginner archer.



Complete Recurve Bow Package

The PSE Razorback offers genuine value for money. Recommended among the best PSE bows on the market, it ships with a riser that has predrilled accessory holes. The package also comes with bolts for easy attachment of the bow limbs. The assembly and user’s manual ensure that the bow can be easily put together and set up for out-of-the-box functionality. No guesswork, less mistakes, helping you get on with the hobby in no time. The bow comes with a stabilizer that serves not only as the noise and vibration dampening component but also helps keep the weapon stable and steady during shooting. Thus, it can reduce hand shock as well with the release of the arrow.


The bow has limbs that can be easily screwed on and then unscrewed without the need for an Allen wrench. This tool-less assembly and disassembly make the weapon an ideal one to start with when you’re just exploring the benefits of hunting and archery. A truly affordable model, the unit even ships with the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty card to ensure you of dependable use and service for years to come. It is also your guarantee of top quality and premium craftsmanship.


Shooting Performance

This model may not be exactly designed for hunting, but it offers a decent draw weight that should help the novice shooter become comfortable and sharply trained to handle a more powerful bow. This recurve bow makes an affordable starter bow for children as well as youth archers and adult women of average build. Engineered to be durable considering the cost, this recurve bow offers a brace height of 7 inches, which is considered the optimal level by most shooters because the perfect distance delivers the best blend of forgiveness and performance. This optimal brace height is perfect for those with mediocre skills or are just learning to shoot since it can ensure better accuracy in most shooting situations. This recurve bow is a well-tuned weapon that can satisfy the classic bowhunting urge.


blankDecent Specifications

This recurve bow from PSE is designed with the beginner in mind. It has a draw weight between 25 to 35 pounds so even if it can’t take down even small game too easily, it can still offer decent shooting capabilities, which proves to be useful for target practice. The takedown design makes this bow the perfect choice for remote area hunts or fly-in adventures. The 28-pound draw weight makes the weapon perfect for women with small frames as well as youth archers. This bow is designed for right-handed users and is recommended for those who are up to 5 feet 7 inches tall.



You won’t believe what the manufacturer has done to come out with this elegant and beautiful recurve bow. The bow has a Berger button hole that can accommodate the cushion plunger, so you can move the component in and out and ensure that your arrow is properly seated on the arrow rest and lines up perfectly with the bowstring and really pointing straight. The cushion plunger also serves as a secondary shock absorber, which reduces the natural tendency of your arrow to wobble during release. Though not an absolute necessity for successful shooting, the cushion plunger, when properly tuned, can increase your shooting accuracy.

The recurve bow has a riser made of Burma White Wood, Walnut Wood and Beech Wood, which ensures you of lasting use because of the durability and innate toughness of the materials. The bow limbs are made of maple wood and fiberglass. Made by a company that has been able to build a solid reputation from the ground up, this recurve bow should serve you for many years while ensuring consistent shooting performance for the novice or youth shooter.



Lightweight and durable, the PSE razorback may not be designed for hardcore hunting but it is sure to be an effective learning implement for youth and adult females who are just discovering the delights of archery without making a huge investment on equipment. Made for target practice, this recurve bow should last for years with normal use. It offers a great way to become better at target shooting.

Updated: January 20, 2019 — 7:15 pm