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Nikon 16002 PROSTAFF 7S Binoculars Review



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Some Things You Should Consider Before Buying These Binoculars

  • The Nikon 16002 model is available in several magnification powers and objective lens diameters, so you should pick the one that best suits your hunting pursuits. We would recommend the 8x magnification power for a hunter whose hands can be a little shaky at times, especially when the cold starts seeping into your bones in inclement weather. The 30mm objective lens diameter is a good choice for those who plan on doing their hunting strictly during the day, when the sun is shining in the sky, and as such, the amount of light is more than sufficient. For those looking for a bit of extra brightness to their images, the 42mm alternative is a far better choice.
  • Another reason to check out this product lays in the fact that it comes with a waterproof and a fog-proof design, which means that it can do its job even when the weather is anything but friendly. On the one hand, you’ll be able to benefit from superior durability thanks to the waterproofness, and on the other, since it’s nitrogen purged, this pair of binoculars will show you what you need to see even when the temperature of the hunting environment changes quickly.

Nikon 16002 PROSTAFF 7S


  • If you want excellent clarity and color, the Nikon 16002 could be a good option in this respect since the model is equipped with fully multi-coated optical components. What’s so special about these? Compared to coated and multi-coated lenses, the fully multi-coated ones are capable of transmitting light in a superior fashion, and as such, the images you are going to look at are going to be crisp, clear, and bright. In other words, you will undoubtedly be able to make a clean kill since you will visualize your target clearly. Both glare and reflection are minimized thanks to this feature, and the phase correction coated roof prisms keep it in for correct color phases.
  • Ease of use shouldn’t be a concern when you are trying to focus on your hunting pursuits, and that’s why these binoculars have been outfitted with an ergonomic body design. You can comfortably hold them for several hours on end without feeling any strain at all. On top of everything, the product comes with turn and slide rubber eyecups for a swift and easy adjustment of the eye relief. This feature comes in handy for people who wear eye glasses, but it’s also something to write home about even if you aren’t an eyeglass wearer. After all, a customized fit is always best when it comes to optical instruments.
  • The Nikon 16002 PROSTAFF 7S 8×42 weighs in at just 1.25 lbs compared to the 16003 from the same series, for example, which weighs in at 1.42 lbs. It has the same standard size as many of its competitors, so you’ll be able to hold it conveniently and effectively. The rubber armored body can both make the binoculars withstand the abuse of falls and drops, but it is also a benefit for the user as he or she will be able to hold the unit properly. The fact that it is lightweight is an advantage in itself as it won’t hang heavy when worn around the hunter’s neck, for example, neither will it be difficult to carry.
  • Although it isn’t particularly related to this pair of binoculars per se, you get the no-fault repair replacement policy ensured by Nikon, so any product that is delivered damaged or nonfunctional can be replaced or repaired at no charge. Nikon’s lifetime limited warranty is another benefit you will get to enjoy.


  • The fully multi-coated optical components that this product is equipped with ensure excellent light transmission.
  • With its waterproof and fog-proof design, you can safely and comfortably use this pair of binoculars in virtually any type of weather without worrying about their inner parts getting damaged.
  • The rubber armor means that the unit is easy to hold and rugged, therefore capable of standing the test of time.
  • The 8x magnification power is a benefit for hunters whose hands might be just a little shaky.


  • The lens covers that are delivered along with the binoculars aren’t high-quality.
  • The cost might be an inconvenience.



Nikon 16002 PROSTAFF 7S Binoculars Review Summary

Advertised as all-terrain binoculars, the 16002 binos from Nikon definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to performance. Their optical components are excellent and the fact that they are fully multi-coated is a benefit in itself as the images you’ll look at are going to be bright and clear.

Thanks to the rubber armored body boasted by this product, you will find it comfortable to hold in your hands even in inclement weather. In case the binos are handled roughly or dropped, you don’t have to worry about anything as the same rubber armor will protect it. Thanks to the waterproof and fog-proof design, these binos are made for any application from fishing and boating to hunting. More hunting binocular reviews

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm