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Morrell Yellow Jacket Review

+ Main advantage

This heavy target from Morrell is capable of stopping field points up to 350 feet per second, and designed to help you improve aim and accuracy. It is intended for use with crossbows, and comes with plenty of targets for you to practice with. The durable construction is designed to withstand repeated hits without losing its shape, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to remove the arrows without damaging the target or the tips.

Main disadvantage

This durable target will easily stop most field points fired from a crossbow, but it is not designed to be used with broadheads. While this does not affect the target’s ability to help you work on your aim, it will determine the type of arrows you can practice with.


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Morell yellow jacket crossbow target

Main features explained


Multiple targets

Whether you are practicing for a competition or just starting out with a crossbow, the Yellow Jacket from Morrell can help you send your arrows exactly where you want. The black and bright yellow design ensures that you can easily see it from a distance, and it also comes with targets on the two sides. The front and back of the target each boast 5 red circles that are easy to spot and focus on so you can work on aim and arrow placement.

Durable construction

When you are trying to improve your skill with a crossbow the last thing you want to worry about is your target falling apart, and this is never a problem with the Yellow Jacket. The strong outer covering is water resistant, and it effectively protects the hard core from weather related damage. The firm core is capable of stopping arrow speeds up to 350 feet per second, and it is also layered for added strength and durability. The layered center also makes it easier for you to remove field points without ripping the target or damaging arrow tips.

Convenient to use

Weighing 30 pounds the Yellow Jacket is capable of withstanding repeated arrow hits without losing any of its integrity, and the convenient handle makes it easy to carry to and from the practice field so you can take it with you almost anywhere. There are two metal ringed holes so you can hang the target from a branch or rod, and it also allows you to choose the perfect elevation. The square target measures 20 inches tall and across so you have plenty of surface area to aim at, which is always an advantage when you are just starting out. The larger target can also help you improve accuracy when you are trying out a new crossbow.


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First time crossbow users and experience archers can both benefit from the Yellow Jacket target. It comes with a sturdy construction that can withstand repeated hits from field points at speeds up to 350 fps, and the layered core makes it easy to remove the bolts without any damage. This also helps to prevent arm fatigue so you can hold the bow steady and concentrate on your aim. Whether you are practicing for the next tournament or simply want to learn how to hit the target, the Yellow Jacket from Morrell can help you become a better archer.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm