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Morrell Double Duty (Bone Collector) 400 FPS Review

+ Main advantages

With the ability to stop arrows flying up to 400 feet per second and 4 sides of colorful targets, you and your friends can have hours of fun with the Bone Collector. It comes with a durable construction that is designed to last, even if it is left out in rainy weather. Designed to be fun to use, while helping you improve your aim, this target from Morrell might be exactly what you are looking for.

Main disadvantage

This top rated archery target is capable of stopping bolts at high rates of speed, but it might actually be too hard for some beginners to use. Younger archers often do not have the strength needed to stick the arrow firmly in the target, and the foam might also be too hard for practice tips to penetrate.


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Morell Double DutyMain features explained



This block target from Morrell is designed to last for years. It comes with a sturdy internal frame that will ensure the target holds its shape regardless of how many times it is hit. The hard foam allows arrows to penetrate the target, while also making it easy to remove the bolts without causing damage. You will also appreciate being able to leave the target outside. It is designed to be weather proof so you can leave the target out when it is not being used.

Multiple targets

With four sides of colorful targets you and your friends can easily spend a fun afternoon trying to see who is the best archer. The bright yellow cube ensures that you can see it from a distance and the printed targets are designed to stand out so you can work on improving aim and accuracy. You and your friends can aim for the bulls eye on the printed dartboard or one of the colorful pool balls. There are also targets designed to help hunters improve the accuracy of their shots. Designed to be fun and functional, this block target might be just what you need to hone your skills with your bow.


Everything about the Bone Collector is designed for durability and convenience. The sturdy inner core prevents the target from losing its shape, while also ensuring that you can easily remove your arrows even at 400 feet per second. This will help prevent muscle fatigue that can make it difficult to hold the bow steady and make accurate shots. You will appreciate the two handles that make it easy to carry the target to the practice field, and it can be easily set up almost anywhere. The flat bottom allows you to set the target on an even surface, and the two handles make it easy to hang it from a pole or branch.
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If you love practicing your skills with fellow archers this square target from Morrell might be perfect for you. The 4 sided target gives you plenty of places to aim at, and you can even use it to create fun games that will help improve your skill. The weatherproof construction allows you to leave it outside, and this target is strong enough to stop arrows reaching speeds of 400 feet per second. Designed to be fun, practical and durable, it’s easy to see why The Bone Collector is a top selling product.



Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm