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Guide Gear 18’ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand Review

Guide Gear 18" Jumbo


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The Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand by Guide Gear is a durable and convenient alternative for the solo hunter. It boasts a rugged construction that enables it to withstand the test of time and it is sizeable enough for it to be comfortable even if you sit in it for as many as several hours at a time. The platform that it has been equipped with is also something to write home about since its size will allow you to stretch your feet. Since it is one of the most critically acclaimed options in its class, we’ll detail some of its features below so that you can make up your mind about whether you should give it a try or not.




If you’re wondering whether you will be forced to replace your tree stand even before the hunting season ends, then you needn’t worry about that with this product since it is made from sturdy material. Its steel construction makes it the perfect choice for a hunter who wants to know that he or she will be able to use this tree stand for as many as several years and even more. Based on the reviews we’ve come across, it seems that all of the parts of this product are welded effectively, so you needn’t worry about the unit getting a bit unstable and jeopardizing your safety.



Whenever you get a brand new tree stand, you have to do your research with regard to whether the model can keep you secure or not. Fortunately, this one comes with all of the accessories and gear that’s necessary to ensure your safety. The product includes a full-body safety harness, and needless to say, this extra is quite effective when it comes to keeping you strapped onto the tree stand. It also comes with two stabilizer straps, one ratchet strap, as well as a support bar that can be adjusted as per your specific requirements.


Guide Gear 18’ Jumbo LadderComfort

It goes without saying that using such a beneficial vantage point will give you an advantage over your potential targets, but the truth is that sitting on a tree for a long time can be more or less uncomfortable. Fortunately, this particular model can help you out in this respect since it is equipped with a platform that measures 24 by 25 inches, so you can conveniently utilize it to stretch your feet out.

The seat boasts a flip-up design and measures 13.25 by 26.25 by 19 inches, so you can make your shots both when you are sitting and when you are standing. On top of everything, the Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand by Guide Gear comes fitted with padded armrests, which can both provide you with the comfort you need and they can also assist you in steadying your shot.



There’s not a lot to take into account when analyzing the design of this product. It resembles many other tree stands with regard to its structure. While it does come with a camo design, the choice of colors might make it suitable only for a limited number of hunting environments. Even so, the unit does include a flip-up shooting rail that can give you the stability you might require from time to time. There’s also a flip-up foot rest that you can use when you start to get the feeling you’ve been keeping your feet in the same position for too long.



The model measures eighteen inches on the whole and the ladder width is 15 inches while the rungs are 16 inches apart. It’s also worth noting that this tree stand weighs in at 68.5 pounds, so you will have to make a bit of effort to get it up where you want it to be. The weight capacity is the standard one for a product in this line since it can hold up to 300 pounds. We do have to note that you should consider both your weight and that of your hunting equipment so as to prevent exceeding this weight capacity. The last thing you might want to do would be to make the tree stand unstable just because you want to use several weapons, for example.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm