Different deer attractants tested

Different deer attractants testedHunters utilize deer attractants to lure their prey out into the open. There are several different attractants available, and even some of them can be homemade. It provides each hunter with an edge, and can potentially reduce the amount of time it takes to tag a buck or foe. However, if you don’t use the right one, it could be a long day out in the field. Below you can check some of the best rated deer attractants on the market.

1. Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover – The best clover food plot seed

This is an image of a food plot attractant for deers: the Whitetail Institute Imperial CloverIf the way you want to bait deer is by giving them food, perhaps this alternative by Whitetail Institute would make a reasonable option for you. It’s effective, it’s packed with protein, and the best thing of all is that it regenerates up to five years from a single planting. On top of everything, it is specifically designed for deer – not other ruminant species.

The clover varieties in this product have been extensively tested and are a direct result of exhaustive scientific research. Since this food has a remarkably high protein content, it is great for bone and muscle growth, but also for antler growth. What that means for you is that the deer you will take down will be healthy and well-fed.



Another reason to consider this alternative is that it thrives in almost any kind of weather. It appears that the product can put up with the abuse of the elements, whether they consist of dry and warm weather or extreme cold.

One note that we must make in relation to this type of clover is that it needs to be planted in the spring or in the fall. The best soil type for it is the heavy one, which holds plenty of moisture.

2. Whitetail Institute Imperial Winter-Greens – Bucks love it

An image of yet another Whitetail institute food plot product: the Imperial Winter GreensBased on the claims of the manufacturing brand and on the reviews garnered by this product over time, it seems that the deers love the brassica in this winter-green complex. It is a great source of nutrition during the winter, and it is more than capable of remaining tall even under snow. When all the other food plots are buried and dead, the brassica in this one will remain green, thereby attracting the deer to your property even when the weather is chilly.

This alternative consists of an annual blend of brassicas specially designed for the cool season. You can plant them at the end of the summer or the beginning of autumn and you can rest assured that your deer will have plenty to eat when the cold season starts to make its presence known.



The product is available in two alternatives – a three-pound bag designed for half an acre and a twelve-pound bag that should provide you with the planting essentials for as many as two acres.

Some of the feedback that several hunters were kind enough to provide revolves around the fact that the brassica in this complex is fast-growing and will start doing so within just 6 days from being planted.

3. Whitetail Institute Imperial Tall Tine Tubers – Just plant it and let it grow

Food plot product image: Whitetail Institute Imperial Tall Tine TubersSomething that makes this option stand out from the crowd is that it is uniquely cold and drought resistant, which means that it can withstand the test of time even if the weather is particularly unfriendly to its development. The product consists of a turnip variety specially designed by the manufacturer to withstand the abuse of various environments.

The turnip provides the deer with tubers underground packed in excellent nutrients while the foliage above the ground is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Probably the best thing about this choice is that it grows rather quickly, so you won’t have to wait for a long time to reap the benefits of this food plot seed.



As is the case with other products made by the same Whitetail Institute brand, this one comes in two sizes and for two types of coverage. The three pound bag is capable of providing you with enough food plot seed for half an acre while the twelve pound option will be enough for a 2-acre surface.

Some hunters say that it works best for the months of October, November, and December while others have complained that they’ve received packages where the seed was very dry.

4. Buck Stop Natural Skunk Deer Scent – Best deer scent

Buck Stop Natural Skunk Deer Scent - A deer scent product imageIn case you didn’t know, skunk scent can be a particularly capable deer attractant, and that’s mostly due to its properties of concealing the natural scent of humans. You don’t need to use huge quantities of this product when you’re out in your hunting environment. Just one drop or two will suffice and it will offer you great results.

The scent comes packaged in a one-ounce amber glass bottle which is said to last you for as much as a whole season of predator and deer hunting. It’s also rather affordable, too, which is why you might want to give it a try since it doesn’t call for a big investment unlike other deer baiting solutions we have come across.



Most hunters who have given this product a shot say that upon opening it, the smell is particularly strong. After you have broken the wax seal, the scent becomes less powerful, but if you place it in a can and close it up well, you can make it last for several months. We would advise storing your hunting gear in your garage if you’ve used this attractant because the scent is extremely potent.

Some of those that have reviewed this option say that the scent is so strong that no matter the power or direction of the wind, you will remain impossible to detect.

5. HME Scent Web – Most effective deer attractant

A deer scent product image: HME Scent WebThis environmentally friendly spray string is scented with attractants and lure that can be as much as three hundred percent more powerful compared to similar products, especially liquid varieties. It is designed to be used over an existing scrape.

The best thing about it is that you can shoot it from a distance of up to fifteen feet, which means that it won’t come in contact with your own scent. There won’t be any contamination going on, so the deer will come and investigate without knowing that it is being watched by a hunter.



Another advantage of picking this alternative is that you don’t have to fiddle with any parts to apply it to the surface you want to use it on. You don’t have to utilize any cotton balls or liquids. This is an aerosol, after all.

As for the reviews of those that have given it a try, they seem to have mixed opinions on the performance of this option. For some, it has attracted bucks right from the first use and for others, it has done the same for boars. However, various other hunters report that while it does have a strong scent, it didn’t do a lot in the way of attracting deer for them.

6. Evolved Habitat Buck Jam Ripe Apple  – Best liquid deer attractant

Liquid mineral attractant image by Evolved HabitatThis gel-like mineral liquid will definitely prove to be useful if you want to attract deer to a specific site time and again. It is jam-packed with minerals, and the best thing about it is that it smells like fruit. In case you didn’t know, all ruminants love to eat fruit and generally love sweet tastes. Naturally, this aspect will make this product a winner and will allow you to target deer even if you are a complete rookie.

The product comes shipped in 1-gallon bottles, so you’ll have plenty of liquid to spread on the leafage, on the ground, and even at the bottom of some trees. The deer jam can also be utilized over corn and real apples, if you’d like to use such bait.



One thing that we would like to note in relation to this alternative is that it is illegal in some states, so do make sure to check your local legislation before placing your order. Otherwise, you might end up with a product for which you have no use.

Many hunters recommend pouring this over fruit or corn, but you can also get the most of it by utilizing it as a cover scent. Its smell is so strong that you won’t be able to be detected by any deer.

7. Antler King Honey Hole Mix – Best rated food plot mix

Image of one of the best food plots: Antler King Honey Hole MixUnlike some of the other types of food attractants that we have covered here, this one consists of a mix of plants. To be precise, if you plant this mix, you’ll provide the deer with Rapeseed and Turnips. The bag that this product is sold in should allow you to plant about half an acre. It is recommended that you tend to this activity either in early fall or late summer as this practice ensures excellent growth.

In order to provide the plants with an increased forage yield as well as higher germination rates, this mix has been treated with the brand’s Ultra Coat Orange. The plant varieties in this product really don’t take a lot of time to grow, allowing you to reap the benefits in a timely manner.



Probably the best thing about this alternative is that it is compatible with pretty much all types of soil. Compared to other kinds of food plot mixes, this one is considerably more tolerant to soil acidity.

Another peculiarity about this product that you won’t find in others is that, as the weather turns colder, the plants become sweeter, therefore appealing to the deer even more. This fast-growing option has garnered the appreciation of many hunters.

8. Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage – Best Whitetail deer attractant

Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage imageIf you would like to have the chance to bring home deer that’s rich in nutrients and that can provide you with plenty of food for the whole family, perhaps you should consider this particular choice. The Acorn Rage was specifically designed to help deer get the nutrition they need to benefit from great health. This mix also promotes antler growth, so it’s a good option for those of you who perform trophy hunting.

The product consists of real acorns that have been crushed and blended with roasted soybean meal. That makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for deer to say no to this type of food. For the best results, it is recommended that you place it in free-choice gravity feeders or trough feeders.



Since you don’t have to plant anything and as such, wait for the plants to grow, you can use this particular option year-round. This nutritional supplement offers excellent results in attracting and managing the health of whitetail deer.

Since this type of deer attractant is, in fact, bait, it might be illegal in some states, so do your homework before deciding to order it. It’s legal in New Jersey, for example. As for downsides, some hunters note that they would have liked it if the product came in resealable bags.

9. Antler King Apple Burst  – Best mineral attractant for deer

Antler King Apple Burst deer attractant imageMany ruminants, from cows to sheep and deer, are attracted by mineral blocks because they have no way of supplying their bodies with such nutrients from the plants they eat on a regular basis. This particular one comes in the form of a 20-pound block. It’s loaded with minerals for antler growth and body building, and it will ensure that the deer on your property are kept in good health.

Since mineral blocks have to attract deer somehow, this one has been flavored and scented to do just that. It is effective, convenient, as well as easy to use, and best of all, it even contains vitamins D and A.



Hunters are advised to place this product nearby deer trails or by feeding stations so as to attract the deer as best as possible. Another location that might prove to have great results is in front of game cameras – in this way, you’ll see whether it has any effect or not.

The effect of this product seems to be different depending on where you decide to place it. The hunters that have gotten the best results are those that have positioned the mineral block among brassica plots or nearby plants that deer actually prefer. Other hunters note that this option also attracts squirrels, which might be both a benefit and a con.

10. Texas Raised deer Lure – Best deer bait

Texas Raised deer Lure imageLiquid alternatives work best when they contain pheromones. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed by what this product might be able to offer you since it contains doe urine. However, we would like to note that the Texas Raised Hunting Product alternative works best when used while the deer are in their rut phase. Otherwise, they might not manifest any particular interest in the scent.

To render this product as effective as possible, the manufacturing brand has used a mix of urine of doe that were in Estrus and oils from scent-gland pheromones in the anal, tarsal, and vaginal body areas. It’s pretty easy to see that this could be a winning combination when used when the time for mating comes.



Another note that must be made in relation to this choice is that it was developed using a technology that enables it to last for as long as possible. What that means for you is that you don’t need to get several bottles. The scent is just as strong after you’ve opened the bottle and used it several times, which means that you will be able to utilize it throughout the hunting season.

Thanks to the unique blend in this product, it is both freeze and weather-proof. Take it with you and spread it in the area where you want the buck to come searching for females.

What to look for when choosing the right deer attractant

Putting mineral attractant into a spot

We have put together a comprehensive guide on the types that are available for sale these days, what essential factors you have to bear in mind when you are in the market for the best deer attractan, and even what brands you should take into account.

Type of buck attractant

Not all deer attractants are made the same. They come in different sizes, shapes, and forms, and therefore, they have to be used differently. In this section, we’ll look at all of those that we have come across. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

  • Deer scent attractants

Scents are sprays that either imitate or actually come with pheromones from real deer. There are two ways you can use this particular form. One of them would be to spray it right in the air and leave the breeze to disperse it a little farther. The next alternative would be for you to apply it on the food source of the foliage that surrounds it.

  • Liquid attractans

Liquids are similar to the sprays we’ve mentioned earlier, but applying this type of form is done with the help of a wick. The end of the wick is attached to the source, which is carried by the hunter, so you, and the other end is dragged along the ground as you are doing you’re walking through the environment. This false scent lures the buck toward the hunter. In a nutshell, your target will come to you — you won’t be the one who will need to track it everywhere.

  • Food Plot Attractants

Food is another option you have available nowadays. You can either get food that’s ready to eat or you can actually plant some seeds so that you can reap the benefits of that crop time and again. Needless to say, you have to use this food at the hunting site.

  • Mineral attractants

Solids are another form you can bear in mind. In case you didn’t know, ruminants (including cows, goats, and sheep) love to lick mineral salt. You can purchase blocks of these and use them conveniently. They are very easy to deploy. You just take them with you on the trail and place them in a strategic position.

  • Powder attractants

Powders are typically mixed with some feed corn or other types of food that deer enjoy munching on. They also contain a good helping of mineral salts. You can either place the powder on the ground or you can dig a 2ft hole and mix the soil with the powder. Apparently, the deer are attracted by the smells and since the food stuffs are in the ground, they’ll try to take it out by pawing at it. There’s a myth going around that they’ll even come again to try and see whether there’s food in that area again, so maybe you could consider using the same hole if you haven’t gotten a clear view of your target for some reason.


Hunting season we are in

Bucks eating from a food plot

Adult white-tailed deer breed in the fall, and this time span is called ‘the rut’. This period can be broken down into three phases – the pre-rut, the peak of the rut, and the post-rut. The pre-rut phase will traditionally occur in late summer while the breeding phase is going to happen in the autumn. The post-rut happens as winter approaches. Each of these phases is characterized by different deer behaviors. Let’s look at what makes them unique.

In the pre-rut phase, bucks spend their time congregating in the meadows or fields. They feed together and try to store as much energy as possible. This time would be a great period for you to use the powder form or the food type of attractant.

In the breeding phase, bucks track groups of does in a relenting manner, especially during the day. Therefore, in this period, you can use scents, be they in liquid or spray form, with exceptional results.

In the post-rut phase, due to decreased whitetail activity, the animals will lessen their movement so as to conserve their energy. You have to go closer to them and try to attract them with food again. You can also use powders and solids during this time span. Whatever your choice of deer attractant, it is important for you to pick the one that best suits the season you are doing your hunting in. Otherwise, you will be disappointed in your performance mostly because of the deer’s behavior.


What about the region? Does it matter?

The shortest answer to this question is that yes, it does matter, and quite a good deal. If you don’t plan on hunting nearby the area you live, you ought to do a bit of research beforehand to find out whether there’s food aplenty over there or you can use food to attract deer. If there’s more than enough food, there’s little to no point in you using this type of form.

You might have to resort to scents or mineral blocks in this case. Powders can sometimes be good for the purpose, as well, especially if the amount of food is so and so. The point here is that you have to supply the deer with something they don’t usually get in their natural environment.


You should be aware of possible legal aspects

Whatever you do, you probably don’t want to get in trouble with the law, right? Whether you hunt for fun or to feed your family, it is a good idea to make sure that you are not breaking any laws at any time. Well, if you didn’t know, deer baiting is allowed in some states in the US but it is prohibited in others.

There are also regions where you are allowed to feed deer but you can’t use that to your hunting advantage. Believe it or not, there are states where baiting deer is only allowed on private property or where you can’t use sweet potatoes for the purpose (in case you didn’t know, that is illegal in Louisiana). Do your homework before deciding to use a deer attractant without checking the local legislation.


Deer Species

Bucks lured into the trap

We can’t refer to ‘deer’ as being all the same, which means that they have different behaviors, different sizes, they live in different regions of North America, and they might even have different tastes in terms of food. You have to take into account most of these factors when picking out a deer attractant. Some products will be advertised as a good fit for many deer species, while others have to be used to hunt particular ones. Needless to say, you can’t expect the same results from all types of products in this line.


Brand of the attractant

While the name of the manufacturer per se doesn’t really matter, you ought to go through some deer attractant reviews to find out whether the hunters that have tried them out in the past don’t consider them ineffective. There are also forums you could check out and ask for the advice of other hunters just like you – you wouldn’t believe the precious insight you can get straight from the horse’s mouth.


Best deer Attractants Guide Summary

If you want to reach your limit for the year, figure out what the best deer attractants are for your area and type of deer. Soon you might be eating a venison steak with a little dried deer jerky on the side.


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