Tenpoint Invader x4 Crossbow Review

Tenpoint Invader x4 Crossbow Review

If you are a hunter who is looking to acquire an affordable crossbow which is also reliable and comes with a high level of accuracy and speed, then you should definitely give the Wicked Ridge Invader X4 a try. It is compact, very fast and it is also lightweight, allowing you to take your hunting performance to another level.



Package Includes:

  1. 3x Multi-Line Scope
  2. ACUdraw mechanism
  3. Three XX75 Magnum aluminum arrows 
  4. TenPoint 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver 



Speed (Up To) 360 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 112 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 35.6”/ N/A
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 19” /15”
Power Stroke 13.5”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.3 lbs
Draw Weight 165 lbs


Key Features

  • Extremely efficient trigger guards that provide outstanding safety levels.
  • A high-quality scope which ensures accuracy and very precise shots.
  • Narrow design that enhances ease of use which is increased also by the outstanding weight of the product which is very low.
  • Great camouflage levels due to the color of the crossbow which allows you to not be spotted by your targets.
  • High shooting speed which will increase the chances of not missing your target.



  • Compared to its competitors, it is really lightweight as you will have to hold only 6.3 pounds while shooting which will release the engagement of your shoulder when it comes to holding an extra load.
  • It is also narrow enough to increase its maneuverability. By measuring 15” from one axel to the other, it gives you the opportunity to shoot from narrow spaces.
  • The noise is reduced due to the ACUdraw mechanism which also increases the speed of the arrows.
  • It comes with outstanding accuracy that will prevent you from missing your targets.



  • The weight center of the crossbow is not close to the body, but more on your forearm, making it a little bit harder for you to hold a good aiming position for a longer period of time.



Build Quality – Durability


Made in the USA, this crossbow comes with a sturdy core and high-quality materials that will prevent deterioration for a long period of time. These crossbows are among the ones that have outstanding quality and durability and are some of the most sought-after on the market exactly for this reason.

This model comes with a warranty of 5 years from the time that you have purchased the product, but you have to be very careful to follow all the instructions in the user’s manual because, if not, you will not be able to benefit from it.



The Wicked Ridge Invader X4 has a conventional draw which comes with a lot of benefits. The power stroke is shorter than it would be if the crossbow had a reverse-draw design which makes it easier to draw while using it and this is why most hunters prefer it.

The fact that the Wicked Ridge Invader X4 has this design is great in terms of drawing, but the weight will put a lot of pressure on your forearm, making it harder to hold the crossbow in the same position for a longer period of time. However, the Invader X4 weighs only 6.5 lbs which, combined with the design, makes it very easy to use.


Speed and Performance

Even though this crossbow is relatively compact and lightweight and has a reduced draw weight, do not be fooled into thinking that it comes with lower performance. It has the capacity of achieving a maximum speed of 360 fps which is pretty amazing considering its size.

The crossbow is very accurate, and the high speed will contribute to an outstanding fire rate , which makes the Wicked Ridge Invader X4 superior to its competitors, especially considering that the price is much lower in comparison.




The scope that this crossbow comes with will allow you to make quick adjustments even though it is preset. You can adjust the eye relief which might otherwise be a little bit short for some people.

Due to the ACUdraw mechanism, you will be able to easily and accurately cock the device which will allow you to make really precise shots. This mechanism reduces the draw weight to 5-pounds, which means that you will need to apply less effort and you will be able to pay more attention to your target and aim the bow accurately.



When we talk about safety, we talk about the ability of the crossbow to hold its fire when you do not intend to shoot. This is a very important feature that most hunters are looking for because you can easily get hurt or hurt other people if safety is compromised.

The Wicked Ridge Invader X4 has a design that is wider on the edges and has two so-called ‘safety wings’ that will prevent shooting unless it is intentional. Also, the trigger is fully enclosed, which adds points in terms of safety levels.


Noise and Vibration

Due to the ACUdraw mechanism, the noise that this crossbow makes is reduced. However, this mechanism is not as silent as the ACUdraw PRO which is completely silent. If you want to reduce the noise even more, you can add the Wicked Ridge String Dampening System which will help you improve noise reduction.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

This crossbow is very easy to use compared to its competitors especially because it is very light and narrow enough to allow you to use it even in the tightest places. It will not add a lot of load to your shoulders while you are using it and it reduces the strength you have to apply to draw the arrows.

Also, it comes with an assembly manual that will indicate with very detailed instructions everything you need to do in order to put it together, a process that will not take very large amounts of time.



Wicked Ridge Invader X4 Review Summary

The Wicked Ridge Invader X4 is a great choice if you are looking for a crossbow that is easy to maneuver and comes at an affordable price.

You will be very happy when you will see how much all the features that we have talked about, like the ACUdraw mechanism, the ease of use, and the high accuracy will help make your hunting experience more successful and comfortable

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