TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow Review

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow Review

The Vapor RS370 is one of the fastest crossbows that you can find on the market. It is powered by a reverse-draw design that makes use of the full 17” of power stroke, and it can reach speeds of up to 470 feet per second.

It comes equipped with the new and revolutionary ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system that delivers silent cocking and safe de-cocking. You can forget about having to hold buttons, use straps, or ever losing control of the bow while de-coking. This makes the crossbow very easy to use even by newbies.

It measures an ultra-narrow 6.5 inches wide, and it features an industry’s leading 3.5-pound 2-stage S1 trigger that offers a crisp and consistent break for same hole downrange accuracy.



Package Includes:

  • Optics: EVO-X Marksman Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount
  • Bubble Level
  • Cocking Device: ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System
  • Quiver: 6-Arrow Tech Quiver
  • Arrows: Six Lighted Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • Arrows: Six Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • Broadheads: 3 EVO-X CenterPunch Broadheads
  • Noise Dampening: Integrated String Stop System
  • Hard Case: TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case
  • Sling: TenPoint Neoprene Sling





Speed (Up To) 470 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 191 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 31”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 12” / 6.25”
Power Stroke 17”
Weight (w/out accessories) 8 lbs.
Draw Weight 225 lbs.


Key Features

  • It features a reverse draw design.
  • The 3.5lb S1 Trigger delivers excellent performance.
  • The Micro Trac Barrel reduces string-to-rail contact by up to 50%.
  • It comes with ultra-smooth silent cocking and controlled de-cocking process.
  • The ACUslide trigger increases downrange accuracy by up to 48%.
  • New and improved Tex-X stock design cuts down overall weight and size.
  • It features Reverse draw technology.



  • It is very fast and accurate.
  • Anyone can use it since it is easy to set up and cock.
  • It boasts a compact and narrow design.
  •  It is easy to crank the handle, only 5-pounds of force needed.



  • At 8 pounds, this crossbow is a bit heavy.



Build Quality – Durability


This option is made using only the highest-quality materials available, and while this may make it a bit heavier compared to some of its competitors, it does help it deliver unparalleled durability. Even so, compared to some of its competitors, this new model from TenPoint still manages to be almost one pound lighter.

Furthermore, this model is weighted with the crank on since the new design has it built-in now. Despite the slightly heavier construction, the bow is still comfortable to carry, and we don’t expect the weight to be an issue for most hunters. The string life is also one of the longest in the industry at over 1,300 shots.



One unique aspect of the design of this model is the construction of the bow, which features a reverse-draw configuration that points the limbs away from the shooter. This is a departure from the traditional bow design, and the placement increases the amount of flex in the bow limbs.

The stock also has a completely overhauled design that cuts down on overall weight and size without sacrificing the rigidity or comfort of the crossbow. Moreover, the Vapor RS470 is also available in two different styles, namely Veil Alpiner and Graphite Camo patterns.


Speed and Performance

You won’t have to worry about speed and performance with this model since this is among the highest-performing crossbows that you can find on the market. As the name implies, it is rated to shoot arrows at speeds of up to 470 fps.

With the supplied arrows, the RS470 can shoot at 440 fps, which is more than enough to score you a kill even when hunting a very large game. This level of performance means that the TenPoint crossbow can handle most hunting applications.




This model comes with a couple of features that are designed to ensure consistent accuracy. For starters, the Vector Quad cables remove cam lean by anchoring one of the cables to the top of each cam and another to the bottom. This manages to equalize the stress that’s exerted during each shot cycle.

Furthermore, the CNC-machined aluminum riser and the TRI-LOCK limb pockets keep the interface between the riser and split limbs stable and secure for improved shot consistency.



The ACUslide cocking and de-cocking mechanism makes the RS470 deliver great results in the area of safety. You can forget about having to hold buttons, use straps, or ever losing control of the bow while you’re de-cocking.

You simply need to backwind the handle, and you can stop at any point without having to fear of injuring yourself, damaging the bow, or losing control of it.


Noise and Vibration

Seeing as this bow is extremely fast, you would expect it to be quite loud, yet that’s not the case since the integrated string stop does a very good job of canceling both noise and vibration after release.

The low noise and almost nonexistent vibration are a testament to the superior build quality and engineering, as well as the effectiveness of the noise dampening system.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

The crossbow is very comfortable to use and hold, and the reverse-draw bow configuration doesn’t only help deliver a longer power stroke, but it also aids in distributing the weight near the center of the crossbow. This allows the product to achieve enhanced balance.

The assembly process is also relatively straightforward since the owner’s manual has a list of detailed instructions, and the product comes with all the assembly hardware included in the package.



TenPoint Vapor RS470 Review Summary


If you’re looking for premium performance, quality, speed, accuracy, and comfort, the TenPoint Vapor RS470 delivers all of that and more in a full package. It is compact, and it has great balance, a high-quality trigger, and a superior crank system that allows the user to cock and de-cock the crossbow safely.

It is certainly not a crossbow that everyone can afford, but when it comes to sheer performance and features, there are very few other models that can come anywhere close to what the Vapor RS470 has to offer.

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