Tenpoint titan ss a light and fast option

You can rest assured that after creating crossbows for 15 years, TenPoint is a company that knows what it’s doing. Its best-selling option just got a new upgrade in the TenPoint Titan SS, and that shows every step of the way. The final goal is to establish a new foothold on the market, and by how satisfied buyers are in their reviews, it looks like the company hit the target. This model can reach incredible speeds; when using the recommended bolts, it can go as fast as 340 feet per second so that no whitetail is safe when you’re in the area, and you’re packing this kind of heat with you. For a customized length of pull, the manufacturer installed some unique features that we will focus on more a bit later. The included scope makes you precise, and overall, the value offered for the price is excellent.




If you go with TenPoint as your crossbow maker of choice, you can do no wrong. The long-standing reputation of this US-based company guarantees that you will be satisfied with your purchase. And it all starts with the quality of the materials used, as well as that of craftsmanship. The company offers a lifetime warranty on its products, and that says a lot about how much confidence the manufacturer employs on its crossbows. One thing that you will often find mentioned in buyers’ reviews is that the customer service at TenPoint is top notch, so even if you encounter problems with your crossbow, they will be swiftly dealt with.

The Titan SS is easy to assemble, but do bear in mind that you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions that are provided in a manual supplied with your purchase. Pre-sighted and ready to shoot once you finish the assembly that shouldn’t take you more than half an hour, this crossbow is built to last and represents an excellent investment.



Developing 104 ft-lbs of kinetic power, this model launches arrows at speeds of up to 340 feet per second, which, in a nutshell, tells you about how easy it will be to take down your prey. The draw weight is 175 pounds, and its overall weight is 6.7 pounds. The lightest in its series, it is not the lightest out there, but this aspect undoubtedly contributes to its superior performance and accuracy. Keep in mind that, should you decide to load it with accessories, its weight will go up a bit.

The narrow width, which is 18.5 inches when cocked, and 21.5 inches when uncocked, allows you to navigate thick woods and dense brush without a problem. The 35 inches in length also makes it a compact option that you should consider in case such aspects are vital for you. You will find it easy to cock from any position, be it that you are using a stand, a blind, or you want to shoot while sitting out in the field.


Tenpoint titan ss a light and fast optionFeatures

Several features make this particular crossbow a must-have for beginners, as they create the perfect conditions for manipulating the weapon with ease. The 3.5-pound PowerTouch trigger works smoothly, and you will discover that even when using it with gloves, it still delivers the same excellent performance. Another feature that has everyone talking about is the Fusion S stock. Along with the adjustable comb height, and the two-position butt plate, it guarantees that you will be able to customize the pull length, for the most comfortable shooting experience.

The foregrip comes with ergonomically placed cutouts that guarantee that you’ll be able to stick your fingers in such a way that the crossbow remains well balanced while shooting. One of the most exciting features of this model is the illuminated scope, but we’ll talk about it at large right below.


Scope Optics and Advantages

As promised, we dedicate a part of this review to the pre-installed scope that comes with this crossbow. Usually, scopes that come with crossbows in the same package are not the best, and, many times, hunters prefer to replace them. That is not the case with the ProView 3X scope present on this specific model. Available on the TenPoint crossbows for years now, this scope offers some excellent advantages. For starters, it is illuminated, which makes it easier for you to hunt in poor light conditions. The pre-sighting feature helps with increasing your accuracy, and working on the elevation will bring you right where you need to be to land perfect shots.

Shooting at 20, 30, or 40 yards is assisted by the pre-installed scope, and that will give you a much-needed boost of confidence. The stand-alone dot reticle is handy, too, and you can increase the shooting distance. However, for maximum precision, you should consider other factors, such as what type of bolts you are going to use.




The Titan SS is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a crossbow that is compact, lightweight, and easy to cock, no matter your shooting position. It comes with a pre-installed scope that increases accuracy and offers some options to consider when you’re out in the woods. Due to the outstanding quality of this crossbow, its durability recommends it, while the excellent customer service offered by the manufacturer can assist you with any problems you might have.

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