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The TenPoint Stealth NXT was intended, from the get-go, as a substantial improvement over all the other models the company had to offer up to the moment of the launch, so prepare to be impressed. A mix of sleek design, incredible speed, and maximum accuracy, it is the kind of crossbow many hunters want to have in their collection, or even as their primary weapon of choice. There are many good points to talk about, but we will also focus on the not so great aspects, to give you a clear image of this particular crossbow.




The quality of craftsmanship is high in this model, and that should come as no surprise since the company making it is famous for producing high-quality hunting equipment. The CNC machined cams, as well as the riser and the limb pockets are designed in such a manner that the crossbow we review here is portable and easy to shoot.

By taking a look at the build, you will notice that the manufacturer uses a new and quite exciting setup, as the cable system comes with four cables, instead of two, as well as a turnbuckle design that ends on the riser, to provide the entire construction with excellent balance and performance. All these details contribute to the superior speed and kinetic force this model is capable of.



This crossbow is praised by critics and hunters alike for its extremely narrow design. And when we say ‘narrow’, we mean it. This model measures just 6 inches from one axle to another, when cocked, which means that you will be able to squeeze through the most cramped places while stalking your prey. The good news is that you won’t remain stuck in your tree stand or blind and wait for prey to come to you when you have such a reliable field companion by your side.

As expected for its sleek design, this crossbow is quite lightweight at 7.3 pounds. Of course, some people will argue, saying that for a compact bow, the TenPoint Stealth NXT should weigh a little less, but seeing how many technologies and high-quality materials are employed on this design, that’s not exactly an issue.

We are talking here about a model that can send arrows flying at 410 fps and develop a kinetic force of 144 ft-lbs, which means that you can expect high performance all around. Seeing how easy it is to manipulate and carry, you will surely consider it at least among the top crossbows you will want to shoot. The draw weight, however, at 220 pounds, may be viewed as a bit of a bummer, but, seeing that it comes with the exceptional AcuDraw technology, that drawback is well compensated, as we will explain below.


Image of TenPoint Stealth NXTFeatures

The first thing we want to talk about when the TenPoint Stealth NXT is the topic is the AcuDraw technology, which consists of a sophisticated rope cocking mechanism that practically slashes the draw weight in half. While all cocking devices have the role of reducing some of the draw weight, this one does an outstanding job, and that is why we put it on the top of our list.

The great pocket-limb adjustment available with this model makes it a great way to secure the riser for extra stability. The Tri-Lock pockets play a significant role in stabilizing the crossbow for increased performance and should be mentioned among the most essential features. The stock comprised of three pieces is another element that will surely be to your liking. Since it comes with an adjustable butt plate, as well as a cheek piece, you will be able to customize it as you see fit.

Equipped with the Rangemaster PRO scope, and with excellent arrow-drop compensation, the TenPoint Stealth NXT is a must have for most hunters. While sleek and narrow, it is a beast on the field, and it is considered a heavy-duty option by most hunters. Three EVO-X arrows and a quiver complete the picture of a good quality crossbow that will serve you for years to come.


Noise and vibrations

It is essential that you never let your location known to wild animals when you shoot arrows from a crossbow. The excellent speed offered by this particular model comes with a punch, but due to the way the cable system is constructed, you will not get the same unpleasant consequences as you might expect. The energy release will, therefore, not be accompanied by a lot of noise and vibration.

According to experts, this model from TenPoint is three times quieter than other crossbows in the same category, so you will not have to worry about such issues when you are out in the woods, hunting.




The bottom line is that the TenPoint Stealth NXT comes with a lot of up points that compensate well for any drawback it might have. However, you must be aware of the fact that such technologies and sophisticated design come with a hefty price tag, and that might not be easy to overcome. By all means, if you can afford it, this narrow and powerful crossbow will increase your results, and help you hone your skills as a hunter.

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