Nitro XRT Crossbow Review

Nitro XRT Crossbow Review

Introduced in 2019, the TenPoint Nitro XRT redefines the market with the speed, balance, and maneuverability it offers. Its package includes everything, from a powerful cocking device to an impressive scope, the case you would need for it, and some arrows, of course.



Package Includes:

In this package, you get the TenPoint Nitro XRT crossbow, the ACUdraw PRO cocking device, the EVO-X Marksman Scope, a STAG Hard Case, 6-Pack EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows, the safety T5 Trigger, and the Elite Package.



Speed (Up To) 470 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 191 fp ke
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 29.5 in
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 12 in/6.5 in
Power Stroke 17 in
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.4 lbs
Draw Weight 225 lbs


Key Features


Alongside the powerful and compact Nitro XRT crossbow, in the package, you also get the ACUdraw Pro cocking device which should make your life easier when it comes to drawing the arrows. Furthermore, with the help of the 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver and the ambidextrous mechanism, you will have an easier time using the device, no matter if you are left or right-handed.

Noise and vibrations are limited with the aid of the integrated String Stop System, increasing precision, while the 6 Evo-X CenterPunch carbon arrows that come in the package will serve you well. Last but not least, with the EVO-X-Marksman Scope mounted on it, this crossbow is a beast when it comes to hunting at long ranges.



  • It’s one of the few models that come with a string stop dampening system that allows for more precise and less noisy shots at distant ranges.
  • It uses the ACUdraw cocking mechanism which helps with effortlessly drawing it in a quick fashion.
  • This is one of the fastest modern crossbows, being 3 times quieter than other models and offering improved balance.
  • It’s capable of delivering smooth shots with little vibration and that helps with stability and accuracy.
  • Providing a speed of up to 470 fps and kinetic energy of 191 fp ke, it’s a really powerful beast.


  • Weighing 7.4 pounds, it’s a bit heavy, and people that don’t have the experience of handling crossbows that are so big will have a problem with it.



Build Quality – Durability


The construction of this model is sturdy and sleek at the same time. It is a model that employs RX7 cams, and a Vector Quad 4 cable system. Thanks to these features, the crossbow has more power and impressive accuracy. Also, the trajectory is 25% flatter, and this allows for better accuracy and will let you keep the aim steady for more time.

The reverse draw design coupled with the center-mounted riser offer improved balance. All of this results in a 470 fps speed of the arrow and a 225 lbs draw weight. With the help of the T5 trigger, you have a smoother pull. The design is a light, compact, and powerful one.



You will be pleased with the durability and precision of this model, and the reliability it offers. The design is one that catches the eye, with a sleek look and a killer appearance once you put your eyes on it. It measures 29.5 inches in length, and 12 inches when uncocked. With 6.5 inches while cocked, this is one of the most compact designs out there.

The same design allows it to have better balance and prevents it from having a nose-heavy feel, like most traditional crossbows.


Speed and Performance

Being relatively easy to draw (for a professional at least), this crossbow offers precision and force. It is capable of shooting bolts at a speed of 470 fps, generation 190 ft-lbs of kinetic energy in the process.

If you are using the Evo-X arrows, you have to know that they weigh about 445 grams and can reach speeds of 440 fps. Shooting the alternative, the TenPoint Pro-Lite arrows will result in a more precise shot. With teh Evo-X arrows and a 225 lbs weight, the crossbow is capable of bringing down big game, while shooting at long ranges with speed and precision.




Thanks to the EVO-X Marksman Scope scope you get better shots. It comes with high-quality etched reticles and lenses that zoom 14x while being multi-coated. Using quick-detach scope rings, the scope is easy to attach and detach, and it also comes with a bubble level to make setting it up easier.

Using the 6-Pack EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows you will be able to get the best accuracy. Furthermore, with the help of the Quad 4 cable system, you will generate impressive power and will hit the target more precisely.



One of the biggest improvements made to this device consists of the T5 trigger – it helps in bringing a smoother trigger process and offers a clean and crisp break right after the shot. With the help of the ambidextrous feature, both left-handed and right-handed shooters will be able to use it the same.

It increases comfort while pulling the trigger and it also comes with the auto-engaging safety mechanism and the dry fire inhibitor, which make this crossbow a safer one to operate.


Noise and Vibration

To limit the vibrations that appear while taking the shot, the crossbow comes with a dampening string stop system. This helps with reducing the noise, especially when shooting powerful bolts at long ranges.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

The product comes with an assembly manual that has pictures and is easy to follow. The manual teaches you how to put everything together out of the box, although the crossbow comes with some pre-assembled parts. Following the steps, you will be able to put together the quiver, the cheek and butt plate, and to adjust everything well.



Tenpoint Nitro XRT Crossbow Review Summary


As you can see, this is a professional-grade product that comes packed with features. It gives you everything you would ever need for a precise hunt, from the tight compact frame to enough force to deliver serious damage over large distances.

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