Ravin R29x Crossbow Review

Ravin R29x Crossbow Review

Cutting edge technologies are the foundation of the Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow. Its top velocity is 450 fps, something that you don’t easily find in the plethora of crossbows on the market, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The HeliCoil technology and the quiet cocking system make it stand head and shoulders above the competition. To make sure that you always hit the target, the model comes with a tactical scope and an adjustable elevation mount.

The attention to detail is outstanding in this compact crossbow. Measuring only 29 inches in length, and a staggering 6-inch width when fully cocked, it is an excellent option for hunters who want a lightweight weapon that doesn’t sacrifice one thing regarding performance. At only 6.75 pounds in weight, it is a crossbow that most hunters will be able to manipulate with ease. The kinetic energy of 180 foot-pounds ensures that your bolts will hit the target with tremendous accuracy and deep penetrating power.

Part of a complete ready to shoot package, it comes with 6 .001 arrows, a quiver, an integrated cocking mechanism and a draw handle that can be removed. You will hardly find a model to compete with this one.



Package Includes:

Optics: 100-yard illuminated scope

Cocking device: Built-in cocking mechanism

Quiver: Quiver/mounting bracket

Arrows: 6 Ravin .001 Premium arrows with field tips

Noise dampening: Silent cocking system

Other: Jack plate adjustable elevation mount



Speed (Up To) 450 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 180 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 29”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 10.5”/6”
Power Stroke 12.5”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.75 lbs
Draw Weight 12 lbs


Key Features

  •         The HeliCoil technology ensures that you will get top accuracy and performance.
  •         The silent cocking system is a dependable benefit.
  •         There is an anti dry-fire mechanism in place.
  •         With a perceived draw weight of only 12 pounds, it is easy to handle.
  •         The crossbow is delivered pre-tuned for maximum results.
  •         A unique camouflage pattern, Predator Dusk, conceals the crossbow.



  •         Incredible speeds of up to 450 fps ensure that you will always hit your target.
  •         Innovative technologies make it stand out from the crowd and offer exceptional performance.
  •         It comes with mounts for attaching a sling if that’s something you want.
  •         Because it comes fully assembled, there is no guessing work involved in putting it together.
  •         Hunters of all sizes and levels of expertise can use it due to its forgiving draw weight.


  •         Quality comes at a price, and if there’s one downside to this crossbow, that must be its expensive price tag.



Build Quality – Durability


One look at the Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow will convince you that this model is a force to be reckoned with. Prey of all sizes won’t stand a chance when you walk into the field with this trustworthy companion by your side. This model’s expensive cost is justified by the exceptional attention to detail invested in the build quality.

Everything, down to the sling mounts, is made with durability in mind, and you will know you made a sound investment the moment you shoot your first bolt.



Nothing was left to chance in this model’s creation, and it is evident that the manufacturer wants customers to know that they get a unique item and not just any crossbow. The Predator Dusk camo pattern is exclusive and can’t be found on other models. Also, the camouflage finish ensures that you will remain concealed from view.

Elements of design, such as the Versa-Draw cocking system, contribute to this model’s outstanding capabilities. Made to provide whisper-quiet operation, it makes the crossbow easy to cock, demanding only 12 pounds of draw weight.


Speed and Performance

You will feel hard-pressed to find a crossbow as fast as the Ravin R29X, as 450 fps is not the kind of velocity that any model can reach. The fully integrated cocking system changes the game completely, allowing hunters that are not particularly tall and strong to use this crossbow and benefit from its excellent advantages.

Engineered to deliver perfect balance, and depending on the Frictionless Flight system, it provides the user with zero rail friction for launching each bolt at incredible speeds.




You already know how fast the Ravin R29X is, but how about accuracy? First of all, it is called a sniper crossbow for solid reasons. The HeliCoil system used makes it as accurate as a rifle, while keeping everything in a compact frame. The limbs and cams always remain in perfect balance so that you can draw and shoot without losing control.

Add to that the Trac-Trigger firing system that further increases the excellent accuracy of this model. The consistent line of light created plays a significant role in how your bolts will always reach the target you choose.



You can depend on the Ravin R29X to be safe to use, as it comes with standard features that cater to this particular aspect. The model comes complete with an anti dry-fire system that makes sure that you won’t have to deal with bolts released by accident. Also, it is equipped with auto safety features that protect the user at all times.


Noise and Vibration

Seeing how effective this crossbow is, you will be happy to learn that the manufacturer also thought of making it extra silent. First of all, the cocking system is fully integrated and quiet, and that means that no prey will hear your crossbow when you’re cocking it.

The cams remained balanced, and the zero rail friction ensured by the HeliCoil technology is another factor that contributes to the whisper-quiet operation of this crossbow.


Ease of Use and Assembly

Ease of use is one of the major selling points of this model. Because it requires only 12 pounds of draw weight, anyone can handle it, no matter how small his or her body frame is. Also, the model is delivered to your door fully assembled, so you won’t have to raise a finger. Because it is pre-tuned, as well, it is an outstanding alternative now available.



Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow Review Summary


There is nothing this crossbow cannot do. If it’s speed you want, you got it. If you’re looking for a crossbow with downrange accuracy, the Ravin R29X is the right choice for you. Add to these advantages the ease of use, the compact design, and the superior and innovative technologies used, and you have an absolute winner.

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