If you’re looking for a versatile crossbow that even a ten-year-old can manipulate, you’re looking at the right model. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, it is lightweight and offers a list of specs that will convince you from the get-go. Capable of shooting arrows at the outstanding speed of 400 fps, it is a fast crossbow, even if not the fastest you can find.

That is possible due to its superior kinetic energy of 142 FP KE that makes it so easy to use. You won’t have an issue cocking and uncocking it, due to the built-in Versa-Draw cocking mechanism. Its narrow profile, at only 5.75 inches when fully cocked, and 10.5 inches when uncocked, allows you to take it through cramped places without a problem.

Novices and seasoned hunters alike will find it an excellent option. Although there are faster models on the market, its specs are superior, and its accessories come in handy.




Package Includes:

Optics: Illuminated 1.5-5x32mm scope

Quiver: 3-arrow quiver

Cocking device: Versa-Draw cocking mechanism

Arrows: 6-pack 400-grain match grade .003 Arrows

Other: Accessories bracket



Speed (Up To) 400 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 142 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 33”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 10.5”/5.75”
Power Stroke 11”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.5 lbs
Draw Weight 220 lbs


Key Features

  •         Its Helicoil technology ensures that the crossbow delivers superior power while keeping a low profile and compact size.
  •         It launches arrows at speeds of up to 400 fps.
  •         You will receive the crossbow fully-assembled.
  •         Its Versa-Draw Cocking Mechanism comes in handy.
  •         Slim at 5.75 inches in width (cocked) and measuring 33 inches in length, it is a highly maneuverable model.
  •         It comes with a 1.5-5x32mm illuminated scope.
  •         Arrows and field points are included.



  •         It is ideal for people who have never used a crossbow.
  •         It has a low profile, and it is lightweight.
  •         Its speed of 400 fps is ideal for taking down game of almost all sizes.
  •         Due to its cocking mechanism, it’s easy to maneuver.


  •         It is an expensive option.
  •         While there are sling mounts present, no sling is provided with your purchase.



Build Quality – Durability


One look at this crossbow will convince you that it’s a modern model that will satisfy the requirements of even the most pretentious shooter. Due to its carbon fiber construction, it manages to keep its weight at a minimum, and, at 6.5 pounds, it can be considered lightweight and easy to maneuver.

At the same time, the materials used for making it are renowned for their durability, so you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment.



If there is something that many people like about this model is its rifle-like design. That makes it extremely easy to carry around, and navigating through the bushes while stalking your prey is not an issue. You can buy this crossbow in black or predatory camouflage.

Also, the accessories included look cool, with the illuminated scope going on top of the crossbow. The Versa draw mechanism, as well as the dry fire safety switch, and the short guide, make it look pretty badass.


Speed and Performance

Crossbows need to be fast to ensure accuracy, and that’s a fact any hunter knows. With velocity that can reach 400 fps with 404-grain arrows, it is undoubtedly a fast model, and you will find it easy to take down most prey when you hit the field with it by your side. To that, the 142 pounds of kinetic energy developed surely help.

Such great power means that you will enjoy this crossbow tremendously. Equipped to make a clean kill every time, this crossbow is an excellent option for most hunters.




The accuracy of a crossbow depends on several factors, and most of them have been mentioned already. Since it’s a fast crossbow that can develop tremendous kinetic energy, it manages to hit the target at 40 to 70 yards with no difficulty.

Your skill as a hunter will come into play, as the distance increases, but since you get a 100-yard illuminated scope, you definitely receive the right type of help.



This model comes equipped with a dry-fire safety switch so that you don’t have to worry that you might shoot an arrow by accident. At a closer look, you will notice that the safety wings are conveniently placed by the foregrip. That means that you can let your fingers rest by the foregrip without any fear that you might activate the trigger mechanism by accident.


Noise and Vibration

No noise dampeners are included with this model, so you might not experience the most silent operation when using this crossbow. However, since it is designed to work smoothly, the noise made by the arrow on the rail when you cock and then release it is not that noticeable.


Ease of Use and Assembly

If there is one thing that the R10 is famous for, that should be its incredible ease of use. A modern crossbow to the core, it comes equipped with all the features that make it safe and ideal for novices, as well as hunters with plenty of experience under the belt.

It should be mentioned that this model comes fully assembled and pre-tuned, which means that you don’t have to fiddle with it to make sure that you will be able to land your shots. That’s another aspect that points out the attention to detail and the desire to cater to the needs of novice shooters.



Ravin R10 Review Summary


The Ravin R10 is an incredible crossbow. It is amazingly accurate at distances as far as 100 yards, and it is fast at 400 fps. You will be able to hunt all sorts of game with it, and it is slim and lightweight. There are very few downsides, such as the lack of a sling in the otherwise generous package offered by the manufacturer, but, otherwise, it is a fantastic crossbow that will prove itself on the field again and again.

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