The Ravin R9 is a great crossbow

The Ravin R9 is a great crossbow

If your passion is bowhunting, then the name Ravin Crossbows definitely rings a bell. This is one of the leading names in the crossbow industry. Ravin Crossbows offers a wide range of crossbows and one remarkable feature that defines them is their HeliCoil technology. If you’re interested in getting a new crossbow, or you are generally curious to see what new gear is available on the market, here is an overview of what the Ravin Crossbows can offer you.


Ravin Crossbows is one of the most reputable brands in its niche. Its notoriety is the result of a balanced mix of passion and innovation. This company that has its headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin was founded by a group of passionate and experienced hunters.

The company was born out of the sheer desire to bring quality and improvement in the crossbow industry. To fulfill this goal, the team knew they had to partner with some of the best specialists that could turn their ideas into reality. This is what prompted them to bring on board some of the best product designers specializing in hunting gear.

Ever since the company was created, it has been pursuing one purpose only – creating the best crossbows in the world. After the implementation of the HeliCoil industry, many would say that it has managed to meet this goal.

However, the work doesn’t stop here as the company is looking forward to providing new and improved crossbows to worldwide hunters in the years to come.

Here are the best Ravin Crossbows for 2022


Ravin Crossbows Technologies

The most notable innovation that sets these crossbows apart and turns them into a market leader is their HeliCoil technology. If you haven’t heard about it yet, don’t worry, most hunters are not familiar with this concept until they come across a Ravin Crossbow.

To better understand how this technology works, the manufacturer provides a comparison and states that a good rifle is able to punch holes in a 3-inch bullseye from a distance of 100 yards and it can do this repeatedly. The same efficiency and precision are what the Ravin Crossbows aim for with its HeliCoil technology.

This technology provides unmatched accuracy that allows you to aim and shoot with ease while drastically reducing the likelihood of missing the target. According to the manufacturer and most experts’ reviews, this technology is a great step forward in the evolution of the traditional bow. In short, these crossbows offer the efficiency of bullets, which saves you a lot of time and also means less agony for the prey that can be killed in an instant.

Moreover, these crossbows also bring novelty through their Frictionless Flight System that ensures zero rail friction. Why is this important? Because rail friction is one of the reasons why traditional crossbows are less accurate when you shoot. Moreover, this also accounts for less speed.

With Ravin’s frictionless flight system, the arrow can follow its trajectory with precision, and it is able to move at a dazzling speed of up to 450 feet per second.

The Ravin Crossbows are easy to handle, they were built according to the ‘out of the box’ concept, which means you don’t have to waste any precious time in figuring out complicated assembly or usage instructions. You just take them and use them.

Another aspect that constantly distinguishes this brand is its emphasis on practicability. To make its bows easy to use and carry, the company always strives to make them as compact as possible. To get a clear idea of what you can get from these devices, consider that they measure only 6 inches from axle to axle when they are fully drawn.

According to the manufacturer, with its crossbows, hunters should be able to achieve 3-inch groups, repeatedly, from a distance that is comparable to that of a football field.


Popular Ravin Products

There are numerous efficient crossbows you can get from Ravin and a quick google search will provide you all the details you need to know about each one of its models. Some of the most acclaimed products that you might want to take into account are the new R29X, that weighs only 6.75 pounds, has an ergonomic grip and reaches a speed of 450 FPS, the R26 crossbow that weighs as little as 6.5 pounds and measures only 5.75 inches when fully drawn, which makes it one of the most compact crossbows currently available, or the R20 that has a 12.5-inch power stroke and can shoot up to a speed of over 430 FPS.


Why Buy Ravin Crossbows

Ravin crossbows are highly praised for their innovative design and improved functionality. These products were created with the highest attention to detail and concern for safety. The main feature the manufacturer focuses on is accuracy. Ravin crossbows are not only meant to capture your interest due to their novelty, their main purpose is to actually make your hunting experience easier.

To meet this goal, the company has implemented the HeliCoil technology and provides its products with different features that can ease the hunter’s experience. There is a huge difference in terms of design, accuracy, and ease of use between these crossbows and the typical crossbow design you might have used so far.

Although these hunting devices bring great improvement in terms of technology, you shouldn’t fret over their price or your ability to handle them. There are different Ravin crossbows models for any exigencies or pocket depth.

Also, since they are meant to make your job easier and help you catch the prey faster, you will be able to learn how to work with these tools in a few easy steps. All the crossbows come with a comprehensive set of instructions that should be easy to follow regardless of your experience.

Durability is another common feature that brings together this manufacturer’s products and you don’t have to take our word for granted. You can simply go online and check what most users have to say about these fine crossbows to convince yourself that getting one is a good long-term investment.

Moreover, the manufacturer takes customer satisfaction quite seriously. To this point, different policies protect you in the unlikely case you are not pleased with your crossbow and you want to replace it or to get reimbursed.

Last but not the least, these crossbows are designed in order to offer users the protection they need while enjoying their outdoor hobby. Hunting can be dangerous and many accidents are caused by faulty hunting gear or products that don’t offer sufficient instructions to guarantee the users’ safety.

This is not the case with Ravin Crossbows. If you decide to try its technologies, you’ll see that all the steps you need to take to assemble, use, and store the product are clearly explained. Moreover, these crossbows are carefully tested before they are released on the market as it has always been a top priority for Ravin to make sure that its customers are perfectly safe while using its hunting gear.


Getting a Ravin crossbow is the next step if you plan on taking your passion for hunting to the next level. These sturdy and reliable crossbows are able to meet the needs of any hunter, delivering precision, speed, and an ergonomic design that makes the whole hunting experience easier.

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