To start it off, the Fang HD model is a solid product that performs very well, and it is priced reasonably so that even amateur hunters can get a high-quality hunting bow without breaking the bank. For the price, you get a crossbow as well as all the extra items and accessories you’ll need to strike the killing blow on the prey.

While you can certainly use this model on the shooting range, it is made for hunting. Compared to other models available from PSE, this one is more compact, which makes it ideal for maneuvering it in tight places, such as the woods or hunting blinds.

Despite its small size, this option delivers the speed, power, and accuracy that are needed for hunting big game animals. It also comes with an impressive set of extra features that will certainly please even more seasoned hunters.



Package Includes:

  • Optics: HDV 425 1.5-5×32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope
  • Cocking Device: Cocking winch device
  • Quiver: 5-bolt quiver
  • Arrows: Three 22” carbon bolts with bullet points
  • Rail Lube
  • Trigger grip: Soft coat trigger grip
  • Noise Dampening: Green Limb Dampeners
  • Foot stirrup



Speed (Up To) 405 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 134 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 35.5”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 18” uncocked
Power Stroke 14.5”
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.3 lbs.
Draw Weight 205 lbs.




Key Features


  • The smooth trigger comes with anti-dry fire protection.
  • The limb dampeners and string silencer will knock down noise and vibration.
  •  It uses reverse cam technology to increase power and speed.
  • The adjustable stock delivers a custom fit for all types of hunters.
  • The illuminated reticle scope makes it easier to aim each shot.
  •  It delivers an impressive speed of up to 405 feet per second.





  • The ergonomic design and the adjustable buttstock provide unbeatable accuracy.
  •  It is short and compact, which makes it easier to maneuver it in tight places.
  • The camo covering is stylish and will help the bow blend in with the environment.
  • The included scope allows you to see the target even in low light conditions.





  •   It doesn’t deliver as much kinetic energy as other models in this price range.




Build Quality – Durability


The materials that this model is made of go a long way in making sure that it is more than capable of serving you for a long time. The fiberglass and aluminum construction is lightweight yet durable, and it has a high tolerance so that it can be used in a wide variety of environments and weather conditions.

Overall, the build quality of this option is excellent, and the only area in which the manufacturer seems to have compromised is the quality of the included accessories. Not all of them are durable, but this shouldn’t be an issue since these can always be upgraded or replaced.



The design of this model makes it suitable for men, women, and even younger shooters since it measures 35.5” in length. It also has a camouflage paint pattern that makes the unit ideal for hunting stealthily in the forest or from ground blinds.

Since it has a narrow design, it is very easy to maneuver the unit around in tight areas so that you can use it to hunt game that is usually hard to track. We would have liked to see it available in different camo patterns, but that’s just a nitpick.


Speed and Performance


The PSE Fang HD can shoot arrows at a speed of up to 405 feet per second, and it can produce up to 134 foot-pounds of kinetic energy right off the rail. These numbers are quite impressive for a crossbow in this price range and of its size.

The performance that this unit offers, even when you take into account decreased velocities, still creates plenty of force to take down larger games, such as elks, without problem even at long range.




Judging by the speed and performance of this model, you can enjoy excellent reliability and accuracy for shots taken within a 60-yard range. Depending on the target and the skill level of the shooter, you may achieve bulls-eyes even at longer ranges.

PSE ARCHERY prides with the accuracy that its products deliver, and this model is certainly no exception since this feature is one of its main advantages. The included scope will help you see better in low light conditions, and the illuminated reticle will make it easier to shoot your bolts accurately.



The Fang HD comes equipped with an anti-dry-fire protection system that will engage automatically every time you cock the crossbow. This way, you won’t risk accidentally firing the bow when it is not cocked fully.

You can easily decock the bow without firing an arrow, and this is a feature that is useful for both pros and beginners since it adds an extra layer of safety. You can rest assured knowing that the unit is equipped with all the features needed to prevent unwanted accidents on the field.


Noise and Vibration

As is the case with most PSE crossbows, this one too includes two Green Limb Dampeners that do a very good job of keeping noise and vibration down. What’s more, the foot stirrup is covered in a layer of rubber to reduce vibrations even more.

These accessories make the unit silent enough for most purposes, but if you need more serious dampeners, you can always upgrade.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

It comes with an adjustable buttstock that is easy to play with for individual shooting customization. The power and speed of this model combine excellently with its slim profile to make it easier even for younger or smaller hunters to shoot and aim accurately.

The assembly process is exactly what you’d expect, and seasoned hunters should have no problem with it. For beginners, the instructions may prove a bit of a challenge, not difficult per se, but time-consuming.



PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Review Summary


The Fang HD has a simple yet effective design that’s made for hunting. The speed, power, and performance it offers are more than enough to get the job done. It is an appealing choice for first-time buyers since it is affordable, but it doesn’t lack essential features.

The slim profile makes it ideal for maneuvering in tight places, and the 405 feet per second and 134 foot-pounds of kinetic energy will help you take down any form of large game.

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