PSE Archery Coalition Crossbow Review

PSE Archery Coalition Crossbow Review

The Coalition is a very powerful crossbow that can shoot bolts at speeds of up to 380 feet per second, and it can deliver 127 FP of kinetic energy. This means that you can use it for hunting most game types, and it also lends itself very well for target shooting.

It is up to you to decide how to use the performance that this unit offers. The thing that will probably catch your eye first about this model is the affordable price point. The Coalition is part of PSE Archery’s lineup of entry-level crossbows, and its lightweight and adaptable stock make it a choice that can be enjoyed by both amateur and seasoned hunters.

What’s more, you can start using the product right away in a wide variety of environments since the package comes complete with all the accessories and essential items you’ll need when hunting or target shooting.



Package Includes:

  • Optics: 4×32 multi-reticle scope
  • Cocking Device: Cocking rope
  • Quiver: 4-bolt quiver
  • Foot stirrup
  • String stops
  • Arrows: Three 20” carbon bolts with field points
  • Trigger grip: Soft coat trigger grip
  • Noise Dampening: Green Limb Dampeners
  • Rail Lube



Speed (Up To) 380 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 127 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 35”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 24”/14”
Power Stroke 14.5”
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.5 lbs.
Draw Weight 185 lbs.




Key Features

  •  It comes with an illuminated reticle scope for increased performance and versatility.
  • The smoother system delivers a high let-off at 70%.
  • The auto-dry fire system and auto-safety trigger provide the ultimate safety.
  • The trigger pull is smooth and crisp.
  •  It has an adjustable stock with a pass-through foregrip.
  • The split limb design and cam offer high performance and versatility.
  • The stock is light and adjustable.




  •  It manages to pack a lot of performance into a budget-friendly package.


  • The build quality and durability are excellent.
  • It is perfect for both hunting and target shooting.
  • The complete package delivers all the accessories one needs.



  • Even with the cocking rope, it still takes a lot of strength to draw the string back.




Build Quality – Durability


Since this model is made of a combination of aluminum and fiberglass, its built quality is excellent. The crossbow is lightweight enough to be maneuvered comfortably even by smaller users, yet it is reasonably durable so that it can handle heavy use in some of the most intense hunting environments.

The bowstring is also very sturdy, and if you keep it properly waxed, it should deliver excellent results for a long time. The package also includes a stick of rail lube that will ensure maximum velocity and accuracy. The rail lube will also prevent the string from wearing out.



This nifty model boasts a camouflage design that should help you stay unnoticed by the game while hunting. The specific pattern of the camo paint makes this model ideal for people who prefer to hunt from ground blinds. Apart from the practical purpose, the camouflage also makes the unit look sleek and classy.

With a length of 35”, the Coalition is a compact model that weighs 7.5 pounds. It is not the lightest crossbow you’ll find on the market, but it is compact enough to make it convenient for beginners to use it.


Speed and Performance


The speed that this unit offers is quite impressive, especially for a crossbow in this price range. It shoots arrows at 380 feet per second, and it delivers up to 127 FP KE, which means that it is effective at taking down both small and bigger prey.

While it is not as powerful as other more expensive options, this is not necessarily a bad thing. A product that delivers slightly decreased power is much easier for beginners to handle or for seasoned hunters that have smaller frames.




The ideal accuracy range for this model is up to about 60 yards, but this number depends a lot on the skill of the shooter. You can extend this range without too much decrease in accuracy if you are an experienced hunter.

You’ll also need to be mindful of the weight of the product since, at 7.5 pounds, this bow is not heavy, but nor is it very light. As such, the weight can affect accuracy since if you are not used to carrying this amount of weight, your arm may experience fatigue, which in turn may cause inaccuracy.



Using this product is as safe as it can get since, as is the case with most of the top-rated models in this line, it comes equipped with an anti-dry fire mechanism. This mechanism reduces the probability of the bow firing accidentally when the device is not cocked.

Since the Coalition crossbow is also naturally easy to grasp, this will reduce the chances of accidents considerably. As such, even beginners should have no problem using this unit safely.


Noise and Vibration

Most compound crossbows tend to be very loud when firing if they don’t come with noise suppression devices. Thankfully, this model comes with two Green Limb Dampeners that will lower the noise and vibration of the crossbow.

Without the dampeners, you might end up scaring the game away. Furthermore, since dampeners will also reduce vibrations, they make it easier for you to take accurate shots.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

The ergonomic design of this crossbow makes it very easy to use since the adjustable stock and pass-through foregrip deliver a high level of comfort. The draw weight is 185 pounds, which means that, for some people, manually cocking it is out of the question. Still, the included rope-cocking device will cut the weight by half to make your work easier.

The assembly process isn’t complex, but the instructions can be a bit difficult to understand by amateur hunters who have never assembled a crossbow before. If you find yourself in this category, it might be a better idea to check a video tutorial online.



PSE Archery Coalition Crossbow Review Summary


If you’re working with a limited budget, but you don’t want to compromise performance, reliability, and speed, then this entry-level crossbow is a great purchase for beginner and intermediate hunters.

It has a convenient length, and it is comfortable to use even by someone who has never held a crossbow before. Thus, whether you’re looking for a training tool or a hunting bow that you can use in the field, the PSE Archery Coalition bow delivers great results.

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