PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow Review

PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow ReviewWith crossbow hunting now being legally allowed for everyone in almost every state, the archery industry is undoubtedly on the rise. New manufacturers are coming up with innovative designs and next-level technologies, while the biggest players on the crossbow market have the experience and heritage that make a difference.

There are several types of bows available on the market, and the debate regarding crossbows versus compound bows is still present in the hunting community. Some of the best-known bow manufacturers have a long tradition with both of these types of bows, and one of them is PSE Archery, a brand with a unique history and impressive legacy.

Here are the best PSE Crossbows for 2022

History of PSE Archery

Precision Shooting Equipment – or PSE Archery – is the biggest privately-owned bow manufacturer in the United States, with a product range that includes everything you need for performance archery, from compound bows and crossbows to heritage bows, as well as archery accessories and gear.

The story of this well-known archery brand is a true example of how one man’s dream can become an amazing success story. This reputable company was born thanks to one man who had a real passion for archery and who turned his passion into a successful brand, with relentless dedication and unstoppable strive for evolution.

Pete Shapley is the name of the legendary founder of what is known today as PSE Archery, and his story began almost five decades ago. It all began with a passion for archery. In the 1970s, Pete Shapley worked as a product engineer for Magnavox Corporation, and archery was his favorite hobby.

Soon enough, Pete realized that he had the ability to make a difference in archery technology at the time. He had the technical skill, the knowledge, and, most of all, the passion it takes to bring something new into an industry. His coworkers and peers in the archery community supported his dream, and the PSE company was born.

At first, the manufacturer focused on accessories and on trying to innovate some of them, for example, by using arrow vanes instead of feathers. Producing the first compound bow was the first great challenge that could make or break the young company. Introduced during an archery tournament in Indiana, the first PSE compound bow was a big hit.

Hundreds of orders from all over the States confirmed the huge success of Pete Shapley’s first compound bow. Ten years later, the fast-growing company moved from Illinois to Arizona, with the headquarters in Tucson. Over time, PSE became a leader in the archery industry due to its commitment to innovation and performance.

This led to PSE now holding more than twenty patents for bow design and for other accessories. Among the greater innovations of this reputable archery brand are the solid aluminum bow risers and the lightweight bows created based on a four-stage forging process.

More than that, founder Pete Shapley stated his commitment to the development and continuous growth of the archery industry as a whole by investing in research and product development.


PSE heritage

The PSE Heritage Series includes traditional bows, longbows, competition bows, and a starter compound bow for children under the age of ten. The traditional recurve bows, such as the Anthem, the Shaman, and the Night Hawk, are made of wood and have a clean, simple design, while the competition bows have precision-machined components for optimal performance.

PSE is also known for creating one of the widest archery communities. PSE Nation brings together not only the best hunters from across the country but also some of the best filmmakers and outdoorsmen. The PSE Nation is a truly inspiring community where those who excel in archery and who have a real passion for the outdoors can share their experiences and successes.

The PSE heritage is also materialized in a professional archery school that is committed to teaching and supporting the next generations of archery specialists. Based in Tucson, Arizona, the PSE shooting school and technical school are under the tutelage of Alexander Kirillov, a well known international master coach.


PSE bows and technologies

PSE is one of the few brands that offer an incredibly varied range of bows, starting from classic recurve bows to compound bows, competition bows, crossbows, and even fishing bows, all of which are adapted for different archery levels and budgets.

The Core Series includes standard bows that combine design performance with great value. They are excellent for beginners, including teenagers. The Stinger MAX, one of the best-selling bows, redesigned with shorter limbs, is the best option for hunting from tree stands or blinds. The Bow Madness Unleashed is designed for a smooth pull, while the Mini Burner is the perfect bow for kids.

The NOCK ON® series was developed in collaboration with John Dudley, a reputable competitor and consultant who is very active in the archery and bowhunting community. The NOCK ON® Carbon Air® Stealth Mach 1 and the NOCK ON® EVO® NTN 33 combine next-level technologies with a unique design inspired by Dudley’s creative ideas.

The PSE crossbow line includes a crossbow pistol that is one of the best on the market. The PSE Viper SS is a recreational crossbow that has a very good projectile speed while also being super lightweight and compact. Plus, it’s easy to cock and has additional safety elements. However, it has a smaller range than rifle-type crossbows, and it’s not the best option for hunting.

The Fang HD is one of the most compact and lightweight compound crossbows, with a high speed of 405 FPS and 205-pound draw weight. The Coalition is another fast and compact crossbow at an affordable price, that takes down game at 380 FPS, with 185-pound draw weight.

PSE also added a new product to their crossbow line, a result of the best research from the PSE engineers. Made in the USA, the Warhammer is narrow and light, yet very powerful, reaching 400 FPS with the 400-grain bolts. The Warhammer package includes three Thunderbolt bolts, three 100-grain points, an HDV scope, a quiver, a lube, and a sling.

The PSE PRO Series is the largest one of the brand, and it includes several bows that reflect the technological performance and innovative design of PSE. The Carbon Air® Stealth Mach 1 combines elements made of unidirectional carbon fiber for a high level of efficiency with the Evolve® Cam technology for smooth shots and outstanding precision.

The newest addition to the EVO® NXT series is designed for a steadier hold and for reduced hand shock. Plus, it comes with the ComfortGrip™ System for a better grip. One of the lightest bows in the PRO Series, the CARBON AIR® STEALTH 35 EC weighs only 3.5 pounds, and it features an S-RAC™ for improved stability and dampening.

PSE also has an extensive accessory line that includes arrows, quivers, stabilizers, arrow rests, and slings. The Carbon Force arrows, the Black Mountain quivers, and the Black Mountain stabilizers are just a few of the high-quality accessories available at PSE and that also come with some of the brand’s crossbow packages.

Fans of the brand can also add the PSE gear to their bowhunting or archery lifestyle. The gear line includes outerwear, caps, and accessories that reflect the PSE legacy.

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