Killer Instinct Swat Xp Crossbow Review

Killer Instinct Swat Xp Crossbow Review

After investing years of research in both design and testing in order to create the ultimate crossbow, Killer Instinct, a brand well-known for producing high-quality hunting gear, has unveiled the Swat XP model that is most likely going to impress any experienced hunter.

What you can expect from this crossbow if you decide that you will try it out, is unmatched control, superior accuracy, and comfortable balance. The unit is able to attain an impressive speed of 415 FPS, while the exclusive Killer Instinct Accutac Barrel System that it includes is specially designed to be a game-changer in terms of accuracy of the broadhead.

You will also notice that this is an ultra-compact model that can cock down as low as 9 inches, so you will benefit from unparalleled control and overall fit. Even if you are not experienced with crossbows yet, the Swat XP is designed for optimal use by all types of hunters, so this is not going to be an issue.



Package Includes:

  • Optics: Lumix® 1.5-5x32mm IR-E Illuminated Red/Blue Speed Ring Scope
  • Killer Instinct® Dead Silent Crank
  • Cocking Device: Rope cocker
  • String and limb Suppressors
  • Quiver: 5-arrow quiver
  • Arrows: Three SWAT XP 400-grain arrows with field tips
  • Rail lube



Speed (Up To) 415 FPS
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 153 ft.-lbs.
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 27″
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 9.12″ / 14.12″
Power Stroke 16.25″
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.2-lb.
Draw Weight 200 lb.


Key Features

  • It can shoot arrows up to an impressive 415 FPS.
  • It includes the brand’s Killer Instinct Accutac Barrel System.
  • It uses the Broadhead Cage that traps the arrow and broadhead within the riser, which ensures improved safety.
  • The brand’s Killer Instinct® Dead Silent Crank is included in this crossbow.
  • It comes with the brand’s Elite Accessory Package.


  • It’s a compact crossbow that can be easily used by hunters of any level of experience.
  • It’s easy to maneuver, even when the game is moving.
  • It includes plenty of accessories, so you won’t have to spend additional money on these.
  • It has the power to kill large game.


  • You should make sure all the safety elements work properly before any hunting session.
  • The price is somewhat less affordable for some users.



Build Quality – Durability


Offered by a brand that is known for producing great-quality hunting gear, the Swat XP crossbow is an addition to your gear that you will be able to rely on for years to come. The manufacturer paid special attention to all the necessary details in terms of materials and construction, and the result is a crossbow that is not going to let you down.

Moreover, the rugged construction doesn’t mean that you are going to have any difficulties in handling this unit, even if you plan to go out for multiple hunting days. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to see everything that the Swat XP has to offer.



Since we’re talking about a compact unit, you can be sure that you won’t need to deal with fatigue when using this crossbow, even if we’re talking about longer hunting sessions. Moreover, given the design and system included in this unit, the string is free-floating, which means that more power and less drag are ensured when serving.

You won’t have any trouble getting the right shots, especially when you are in situations in which you need to act quickly. Thanks to the compact design, you will be able to quickly maneuver the crossbow in order to get the game from the first shot.


Speed and Performance

The Swat XP is definitely going to impress you in terms of performance, especially since it’s equipped with all the necessary elements to ensure high-energy power strokes. These use the bow’s full length in order to center balance it and to maximize speed for successful shots. The cams, scope, trigger, and grip are all centered on the bow’s compact frame for immediate results.

Thanks to the center-balanced design, the well-known “nose-heavy” crossbow issue is reversed for enhanced control and extra steadiness when the unit is shouldered. This is one of the reasons for which seasoned hunters prefer using the Swat XP.




You can rely on the accuracy that Swap XP produces, as it’s an unmatched one in this category. The unit includes the brand’s Accutac™ Barrel System, which is a revolutionary element specially designed to ensure extreme broadhead accuracy.

If you’ve not tested it yet, you should at least give it a try and see the results on your own. Given that the unit also features the enclosed 360-degree design, the user can rely on added support and guidance, which in turn means that the amount of crossbow oscillation is significantly reduced and that high-speed broadhead flight is ensured.



We all know that the most important aspect that any hunter needs to take into account at any given moment is his or her safety and that of anyone else who might be around. For this reason, Killer Instinct added the Broadhead Cage™ system to this unit as well.

The way it works is that the bolt and broadhead are trapped within the riser, in order to eliminate any potential mistake or the possibility of the bolt to bump off track.


Noise and Vibration

Given that any game is easily spooked upon hearing a sound, Killer Instinct also added the Dead Silent Crank system to the Swat XP crossbow. Thanks to this element, you will be able to move around your target more comfortably.

However, you still need to keep as quiet as possible and make sure that no unordinary noise is present when operating the crossbow because there is no such thing as a completely silent one.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

This is a compact crossbow that can be easily used for long hunting days, and the manufacturer made sure that its design makes it both reliable and easy to use. Given that it comes with an overall weight of 7.2 pounds, most hunters shouldn’t have any problem assembling and maneuvering it whenever necessary.

In terms of the assembling process, this is no different than that of other similar models, so if you are already experienced, you will be able to start using it right away. Those who need a bit of time to learn the tricks will get the necessary instructions together with the crossbow.



Killer Instinct Swat XP Review Summary


The Swat XP is a great combination of compact construction and next-level accuracy. Thanks to the multiple proprietary systems and technologies it includes, this crossbow ensures excellent maneuverability and shooting precision, which translates into an overall great hunting experience.

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