Killer Instinct Furious pro 9.5 crossbow review

Killer Instinct Furious pro 9.5 crossbow review

Combining top performance and easy maneuverability, it is safe to say that the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 crossbow is one of the best items in its category available on the market. It delivers incredible accuracy and is designed for hunting even the biggest game, helping you perfect your hunting skills. A well-balanced foundation and adjustability are reminiscences from former Killer Instinct crossbows in the Furious series that perfectly combine with the state-of-the-art new features the Pro 9.5 product delivers.



Package Includes:

  • Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 crossbow
  • Slayer crossbow case
  • HME fixed-blade steel tip 100-grain hunting broadheads (9-pack)
  • 4×32 mm illuminated scope for maximum precision when shooting
  • Rope cocking device
  • String suppressors
  • 5-bolt quiver
  • Rail lube



Speed (Up To) 400 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up To) 139 ft-lbs.
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 32.5 inches/35 inches
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/ cocked) 14.125 inches/9.5 inches
Power Stroke 15.125 inches
Weight (w/out accessories) 7 lbs
Draw Weight 185 lbs


Key Features

One of the main things that we liked about this crossbow is the UltraStealth cheek weld that features a superior construction compared to its predecessors, adding increased comfort when shooting. We also liked the TrueTimber Strata camouflage print, as well as the Pro-series trigger that is lightweight and firm at the same time, ensuring maximum precision when shooting your arrows.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features and analyze them in detail so you can determine whether or not this crossbow is the perfect tool for your next hunting trip.



  • The Pro-series trigger we mentioned earlier is equipped with CNC-enhanced aluminum flight rail to deliver maximum precision and downrange accuracy.
  • The new Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow is capable of shooting arrows at a maximum speed of 400 fps, enough to kill any type of game, small or big.
  • It is delivered with a series of useful accessories, including a 4×32 mm illuminated scope so you can hunt no matter the weather conditions or the moment of the day.
  • The lightweight carrying case is compact and big enough to fit your crossbow and all its accessories for convenient transportation and storage, protecting the item from dust, debris, spills, and accidents.



  • Although we appreciate the foot stirrup for the cocking feature, it doesn’t seem to be wide enough to allow any boot in there.



Build Quality – Durability


If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable, and high-quality crossbow, you can count on the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 to deliver that and much more. Combining dominating power and precision control, this crossbow is designed to last you many hunting seasons from now on.

Its rugged construction is incredibly lightweight, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and maneuverability while providing the necessary steadiness to hit your targets with precision.

Thanks to the unique combination of materials and the waterproof coating, the crossbow will resist wear and tear and won’t break, chip, corrode, or rust, even when used in extreme weather conditions.



You can easily notice the camouflage design that ensures maximum concealment outdoors, allowing you to blend in with the environment. Combined with the rest of your camouflage hunting gear, you will become virtually impossible to spot even from animals with improved vision, so you can hunt your prey in perfect conditions.

The low-profile design allows you to easily handle the device in the field, giving you better feel, control, and responsiveness.


Speed and Performance

Be ready to dominate the woods as the Furious Pro 9.5 provides the perfect balance between a fierce design and incredible performance. Shooting at a max speed of 400 fps, you should expect impeccable accuracy no matter the distance from which you’re shooting. Therefore, the crossbow is the right choice of weapon whether you hunt small game or go for the biggest animal in the woods.

The overall performance of the weapon is hard to obtain even by crossbows costing several hundreds of dollars more, which is why we recommend the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 to all hunters, professionals, or newbies.




We have already mentioned the crisp, 3-pound integrated Pro-series trigger that breaks clean for repeat accuracy, no matter the distance.

The refined ergonomics of the Hogue Grip and the adjustable length AR-style buttstock provide improved precision, increasing the hunter’s versatility in all situations. As a result, you can better aim and target the game, whether you’re a few feet apart or at a considerable distance.



Light and incredibly fast at the same time, the crossbow can help you drop down a deer in one single shot. As for the safety measures, we are happy to announce that the weapon features the most advanced technologies in the field and an improved trigger to prevent accidents and discharge.

Take it to the woods and practice your shooting or follow your prey and give it your best shot. No matter the case, you can rest assured the crossbow is as safe as any other similar weapon.


Noise and Vibration

The added Boxjax split-limb dampeners do a great job of removing the little vibration the crossbow has but won’t help you too much in terms of noise reduction. However, the weapon scores high when it comes to being silent, so you won’t scare away your prey, even if you’re shooting from a small range.

Use the crossbow together with the company’s Deadening limb silencers for improved results. Ounce-for-ounce, these are the most efficient shock and vibration dampeners manufactured by Killer Instinct.

They are made of visco-elastic materials and the friction-fit design will help them work on most split-limb bows, including the new Furious Pro 9.5.


Ease of Use and Assembly

Finally, when searching for a new crossbow, you need to make sure the item you’re buying is easy to use and assemble. This particular product is easy to use in tight areas and could end up being one of the deadliest weapons you can lay your hands on.

In just a few simple moves, you can reassemble the main pieces of the crossbow so you won’t spend too much precious time, especially if you already identified the target.



Killer Instinct Crossbows Furious Pro 9.5 Review Summary

Reaching a total speed of 400 fps, the Furious Pro 9.5 is one of the most powerful crossbows in its range. Lightweight and convenient to carry around, the weapon delivers astonishing accuracy even when shooting from a short distance, which makes it suitable for any type of game, including wild turkeys, deer, rabbits, or squirrels.

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