Killer Instinct Burner 415 Crossbow Review

Killer Instinct Burner 415 Crossbow Review

Are you looking for an affordable crossbow that can shoot arrows at incredible speeds? If your answer is ‘yes’, you should take a closer look at the Burner 415 from Killer Instinct. You will feel hard-pressed to discover a model that can shoot arrows at 415 fps at this price point, so you know from the start that you are getting a good deal.

The 14.5-inch power stroke is one of the reasons why this crossbow can reach such incredible speeds. At the same time, it is lightweight, at 6.7 pounds, which may come as a surprise, seeing how many features the model comes loaded with and what it can do. The low profile, at 14.75 inches when cocked, ensures that you will be able to sneak through the woods like a silent predator.

The draw weight of 220 pounds, and its ability to develop kinetic energy of 141 foot-pounds, are other reasons to believe that this model can handle a feat of strength in the field. It is also a great thing that you receive a complete package, with an illuminated scope, a quiver for 3 bolts (bolts included), and rail lube to maintain your crossbow in top-notch condition.



Package Includes:

Optics: LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W scope

Cocking device: Rope cocker

Quiver: 3-bolt quiver

Arrows: Three 370-grain HYPR Lite bolts with field tips

Noise dampening: Dead Silent kit with string suppressors

Other: Stick of rail lube





Speed (Up To) 415 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 141 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 37”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 18.75”/ 14.75”
Power Stroke 14.5”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.7 lbs
Draw Weight 220 lbs


Key Features

  •         A 6-position buttstock is a great thing to have for customizing your weapon.
  •         The X-Lok fore-grip is adjustable, too, for maximum convenience.
  •         The Micro-Lite barrel is made from aluminum and keeps the weight of the crossbow down.
  •         You can depend on the 3.5-pound KillerTech trigger for accurate shots.
  •         The Dead Silent kit ensures that this crossbow is as silent as it can be.
  •         Its narrow frame makes it easy to handle.



  •         At 415 fps, it is an incredibly fast crossbow for its price range.
  •         You can count on it to remain unheard in the woods due to the noise-dampening system installed.
  •         It is lightweight, at 6.7 pounds, and easy to carry by anyone.
  •         A complete package with a scope, a quiver, bolts, and a rope cocker, comes with it.
  •         It is comfortable to maneuver.


  •         The draw weight is impressive, at 220 pounds, and one reason to believe that the crossbow is not, really, for everyone.



Build Quality – Durability

The overall weight of a crossbow plays a vital role in its comfortable maneuvering. You already know that this model weighs only 6.7 pounds, which doesn’t come at the expense of durability. One of the essential features that contribute to its lightweight construction is the Micro-Lite barrel made from aluminum that makes sure you won’t have to carry unnecessary weight around with you.

Seeing how a lifetime limited warranty backs this model, you can rest assured that the highest craftsmanship was employed in its making.



From first glance, you will notice that the model comes in the Realtree Edge camo pattern, which helps you remain hidden when you are stalking your prey through the woods. Essential elements of design play a role in how dependable this model is. Because the AR-style buttstock can be modified, that means that medium height shooters can handle it, as well as those who are taller than the average person.

Well balanced and compact, it is a dependable crossbow that you will love to have by your side when you go hunting.


Speed and Performance

For its price tag, this crossbow is hard to beat. There is nothing it cannot do, at 415 fps maximum velocity, and tests in the field will confirm that what it says in the specs sheet is valid in all conditions. You will have no issues taking down big game, which means that this crossbow is incredibly versatile.

If you are the type of hunter that never settles for the same kind of prey, you will find this crossbow package to be right up your alley, especially given its affordable price.




Multiple features on this model cater to accuracy, as you will notice from the first time you shoot. The 3.5-pound KillerTech trigger offers a crisp break, and your arrows will be propelled through the air at incredible speeds. The lightweight barrel also contributes to the overall accuracy. Each time, your arrows will land where you want them to, without fail.



The manufacturer doesn’t list particular features that cater to user safety but seeing how this model is easy to maneuver and lightweight, the chances of an accident are significantly reduced. Also, because it is constructed to be handled by shooters of various heights, finding a custom-fit is easy.


Noise and Vibration


Not many affordable crossbows on the market can boast about coming equipped with an integrated noise dampening system, which means that you will be pleasantly surprised when you will see that this one comes with a complete Dead Silent kit. The string suppressors ensure that you will get the silent operation you are after.


Ease of Use and Assembly

This crossbow is not fundamentally different from others, and that makes it easy to assemble. If you are in doubt, you can always consult some video tutorials that explain the assembly in detail. As for ease of use, since it’s so highly maneuverable, it is superior to many others you can find right now.



Killer Instinct Burner 415 Crossbow Review Summary

If you want power in a small package, you got it. The Burner 415 has it all, breakneck speed, superior kinetic energy, and a dependable power stroke, that will convince you this is the crossbow for you. For any game, it will work without fail, and that means that you can truly depend on it.

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