Shooting the world's fastest crossbow feels good

Shooting the world's fastest crossbow feels good


Being at this page can only mean one thing; you are out there looking for the fastest crossbow. Well, if you are just like me, I know how obsessed about shooting the most powerful crossbow available on the market can you be. You get thrilled with the idea of holding that great power in your hands.

You want to rest assured that your bow won’t let you down at the most critical moment and that it will take down even the largest game within seconds. Whether you are a recurve, a compound or a reverse draw crossbow fan, we have sorted the fastest rigs out for you. If there are other more powerful crossbows that we missed out there in the market feel free to drop us a message. Enjoy

The 10 Fastest and Most Powerful Crossbows (sorted by FPS) for 2022


1. Scorpyd Aculeus (460 fps)

This is an image of a really powerful crossbow - Scorpyd AculeusIf speed is what you are after, you can’t go any better than the Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS. At 460 fps, there’s hardly any other crossbow on the entire planet that can stand a chance in a side by side speed comparison. The draw weight for this model is 180lbs, and you can tell right away that more seasoned hunters will find it a good option for their needs.

Its aggressive looks are not there just for show. They stay true to a real killer that will make even the most experienced hunter feel like the bow he or she uses does something to increase the results. It is not particularly lightweight, at 7.5lbs, but there are other crossbows on the market that are heavier and don’t offer the same high performance this particular model offers.

Some features must be mentioned, such as the AcuDraw cocking mechanism that can cut the necessary draw weight in half, making the crossbow easier to manipulate, and the Kempf trigger housing and rail system. An illuminated scope is also provided, so you have the entire kit. Twelve arrows come in the same package, along with Grim Reaper broadheads and a lube kit.




  • Any seasoned hunter will love this complete kit that comes with a scope, arrows, and broadheads
  • It is the fastest crossbow on the market, reaching 460 fps
  • It comes equipped with high-end technologies for smooth operation


  • Its price tag cannot be ignored, and that’s a reason to go for this model only if you are serious about bowhunting as your favorite pastime


2. TenPoint Nitro X (440 fps)

Image of a really fast crossbow from Tenpoint, the Nitro XFrom the first look, the TenPoint Nitro X will do a great job to impress you. Its narrow profile when cocked, standing at just 7 inches, will tell you a few things about what this crossbow can do, starting with the fact that it will allow you to sneak through thick brush and narrow paths when following your prey. This model comes equipped with a RangeMaster scope that serves for compensating speed, to ensure that your bolts are as precise, as they are quick.

You will get more than just a crossbow when you pick this one. The manufacturer includes six EVO-X bolts so that you can start practicing your aim as soon as the package is delivered to your door. The high speed of this bow is what recommends it most and foremost, as 440 fps is a number that will surely make a long-lasting impression.

Other features include the AcuDraw PRO cocking device, a quiver with instant detach, and a side mount for it. It must also be mentioned that this model comes with noise dampening capabilities, due to the built-in string stop system.




  • You get several nice extras with your purchase, such as six bolts, a quiver, and a scope
  • The crossbow has incredible speeds, of up to 440 fps
  • The noise dampening system is reliable


  • Seeing how expensive it is, the TenPoint Nitro X is not for the average hunter, so bear this in mind when you compare various models available on the market


3. Ravin R20 Crossbow Package (430 fps)

Ravin R20 Crossbow Package ImageThere are many reasons to like the Ravin R20. First of all, its sleek profile will allow you to manage to stalk your prey even when you need to navigate more cramped areas. From axle to axle the total width of the bow when cocked is 6 inches, and 10.5 inches when un-cocked. That means that the crossbow is compact and you will not encounter troubles moving it around. Its weight is moderate, at 7.1lbs, although there are many other models heavier than this.

Benefiting from the use of superior technologies, this crossbow will make an impact on anyone who tries it for the first time. By employing improvements on their HeliCoil technology, the engineers behind this crossbow managed to make it hit speeds of up to 430 fps. Also, capable of 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, the Ravin R20 is an amazing crossbow in its own right.

The crossbow is sold as part of a package, and you will also receive six arrows, also made by Ravin. You will have the basic kit needed to go out hunting. Besides the crossbow and the bolts, you will also get a cocking mechanism, a safety feature to prevent dry shots, and a mounting bracket. You will hardly need anything more from this product.




  • The package contains all that is needed for you to go hunting, even a cocking mechanism, and a pack of arrows for practice or taking down prey
  • At speeds of 440 fps, this crossbow is an excellent option for anyone who puts a value on velocity
  • Its sleek profile will allow you to hunt down your prey in close quarters without having the equipment hinder your moves


  • For seasoned hunters, it may be a great choice, but for novices, it would be way too expensive, even with all the included extras


4. Barnett Predator (430 fps)

Image of Barnett Predator crossbowBarnett is known for the crossbows it makes and the overall sound quality of the products on its offer to customers. The Barnett Predator deserves a unique place in the line-up supplied by this company, in the sense that it is faster and more powerful than others that carry the same family name. At 430 fps, it may not be the absolute fastest crossbow on the planet, but it sure does come close to that title. Also, the kinetic energy developed is 156 ft lbs, something that tells you just how powerful this model is.

The nice thing is that you get more than just the crossbow for the price. The illuminated scope will give you the extra edge when you go hunting in less than ideal light conditions, and the cocking device will let you draw your crossbow without a glitch. The manufacturer also includes with the package two Headhunter arrows, and lube wax to keep your crossbow in good functioning shape at all times.

It weighs 7.6lbs, and overall it is a compact model. The flight track is made from aluminum, and there are string dampeners in place, to ensure that your crossbow is notably silent. You will also love how accurate and smooth its operation is. Other extras include an anti-dry fire system and a safety feature to prevent early shots.




  • You will get a nice package complete with an illuminated scope, arrows, and a quiver
  • A noise dampening system is included to ensure that you remain concealed to your prey
  • Some safety features are in place and make this model an excellent pick for a beginner


  • Although novices will find it a great pick, let’s not forget that the price is a bit too steep for someone who is not yet sure if he or she is going to take up bowhunting


5. Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant (420 fps)

Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant imagePart of the Carbonlite series from Barnett advertised as the company’s premium lineup, the Ghost 420 is the kind of crossbow that you won’t be able to overlook. The maximum speed it can reach is 420fps, which is enough to bring down most game you can find in the woods or elsewhere. At a draw weight of 185 lbs, it is quite clear what kind of weapon you are dealing with. The wide range of accessories that come with this crossbow is what makes it stand out even more.

For instance, the illuminated scope comes with variable magnification power, which means that you will be able to adapt when you are out in the woods hunting, depending on what conditions you need. The trigger system comes in rifle-style and will prevent dry fires to eliminate the number of failed shots, something that might be a little too familiar to those who are new to using a crossbow.

You will get many other extras that will convince you that this model is a good option for bow hunting. For instance, the string dampeners will reduce the noise made by cocking the string and releasing your arrows, which allows you to stay undetected. There is a quiver included, too, that you can mount on the side, for easy access to your arrows when out in the woods.




  • An excellent trigger system ensures that you will not have to deal with dry fires and premature shots
  • The illuminated scope comes with variable magnification to ensure that you can quickly adapt to various scenarios
  • The crossbow is fast and accurate, which is what matters most to any hunter out there


  • Assembling the crossbow seems to be a bit of a daunting task, according to some reviewers


6. TenPoint Stealth NXT (410 fps)

Image of TenPoint Stealth NXTSpeed is essential for any crossbow, and hunters everywhere know that. Even a small increase in speed matters when comparing different models, which is why the first thing we will say about the TenPoint Stealth NXT is that the arrows you’ll shoot from it will travel at a whopping 410 fps speed. While you may feel a bit concerned that more speed might affect accuracy somehow, you should not worry.

This crossbow is as precise as it is fast, and you’ll know you can’t go wrong if you pick it for your next hunting adventure. It comes equipped with a scope made from aluminum so that it doesn’t burden the crossbow with unnecessary weight. Also, you will notice that there is a setting for compensating arrow drop which can prove handy when you are out in the field.

The fact that you can calibrate this crossbow depending on preferences and other exterior conditions is an excellent advantage. You also get a quiver with three arrows that you will find handy for your expeditions. The quiver is easy to detach, so you might not keep it all the time, depending on what you prefer. The AcuDraw technology increases the overall accuracy and reduces draw weight, which means that you’ll find it easy to use.




  • The AcuDraw technology is incorporated in this crossbow to ensure smooth cocking and reduce draw weight
  • Three arrows with practice points are supplied with your purchase
  • Users appreciate the lightweight scope that gives you an extra edge over prey located at considerable distances away from you


  • The string appears to be of more inferior quality compared to the rest of the crossbow


7. CenterPoint Gladiator (405 fps)

This is an image of CenterPoint AXCG200CK2 Gladiator crossbowIf what you want to do is to stay silent and deadly, the Gladiator is surely the right choice for you. A sophisticated noise dampening system is in place, and that’s just a part of what the manufacturer did to create a crossbow that will make the competition envious. There are two string stops, as well as two limb dampeners, plus two silencers, to ensure that when you draw your string, not even the animal with the most sensitive sense of hearing could detect you.

As far as speed goes, this model can reach 405 fps, enough to deal with prey of different sizes. There are other aspects of the Gladiator that will convince you this is a good buy. The rail is made from machined aluminum for increased durability and also for keeping the total weight of the crossbow to a minimum. The quiver can be mounted on both sides, as it is versatile and caters to both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

Let’s not forget about the excellent extras this model comes along with. The crossbow comes accompanied by a 4x32mm scope, as well as a quiver with three arrows, a rope cocker, and a sling. As you can see, you have everything at your disposal to go hunting and scoring some kills.




  • The overall construction of this crossbow is built with durability and convenience in mind
  • A complex silencing system is in place to ensure that you will remain undetected
  • It is portable and lightweight compared to other models on the market


  • The accessories don’t seem to be of the same sound quality as the crossbow, but, for the price tag, it is a good thing that the manufacturer offers a starter kit

8. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR (400 fps)

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR crossbow imageThe name of this model from Barnett will let you in from the start what prey you’re most likely to take down, should you decide in its favor. You will remain concealed in the brush, due to the Tru Bark camo pattern used for this bow, provided that your clothes supply good camouflage, too. At 400 fps, this crossbow is fast enough to take down whitetail, and it will also impress you with its accuracy. Here are a few other details that will let you know whether this crossbow is for you or not.

The draw weight of the bow is 165lbs, but there is a rope cocking device available with your purchase, which means that the necessary power to employ will be less than that. At a kinetic energy of 140 ft lbs, this crossbow is sure to make an impact. Seeing how its physical weight is 6.9lbs, this one is also lighter than others on the market. It is not particularly slim, but it will do its job, and you might just return home carrying a trophy.

Other aspects we should mention are the step-through riser with a design patented by Barnett, and the string dampeners that will make sure that you are shooting your arrows silently, at high speeds, without your prey suspecting anything. As long as you’ll take good care of your crossbow, it will serve you with loyalty, and you will yield great results.




  • Excellent extras, such as an illuminated scope, and string dampeners, are included with your purchase
  • Its maximum speed of 400fps ensures that you will be able to drop whitetail like a seasoned hunter
  • The manufacturer ships the crossbow almost completely assembled, so there is little you will have to do to start using it


  • There are mentions from users about the difficulty of cocking the bow, especially for someone of a smaller stature


9. Barnett BC Revengeance (400 fps)

Barnett BC Revengeance crossbow packageThe Barnett BC Revengeance weighs 8.4lbs, which may not make it a lightweight choice, but everything evens out, once you take a look at its speed and power. Your arrows will fly quite far, and the kinetic energy you’ll develop is 135 ft lbs. Another aspect you may want to learn about this model is that it will make your arrows fly at 400 fps.

We should talk a little about the unique Trigger Tech feature that prevents you from shooting dry fires and can correct the bad habit of shooting prematurely. Due to the zero-creep release, this system is particularly useful, and you will be more than pleased with its results. Made with stainless steel elements, this crossbow can take bad weather conditions without showing signs of corrosion and rust.

You will appreciate the fact that the manufacturer ships it fully assembled. Another thing you will like about it is the plethora of accessories included in the package, such as an illuminated scope, a quiver with two arrows, and a rope cocking device. Pretty much anything you need to start hunting is included in your purchase. Also, the manufacturer put some lube wax in the package to ensure that you have what you need to maintain your crossbow in top notch condition.




  • It is a powerful and fast crossbow that will offer you the possibility to drop game of different sizes
  • The manufacturer includes a wide range of accessories, such as an illuminated scope, a quiver, two arrows, and a cocking device
  • The stainless steel components make it resistant to weather conditions


  • It is quite heavy, which means that it is not particularly portable, nor does it have a sleek profile


10. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog (400 fps)

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog Crossbow ImageAn upgraded version of another excellent crossbow created by the same company, the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog offers a unique advantage to the hunter in you. First of all, the model comes with an illuminated scope which will give you the needed edge when you want to hunt in less than ideal light conditions. While most prey tends to come out at dawn or evening, the fact that you will be able to see farther will offer you an advantage.

You will appreciate the fact that this model comes with a quiver and four Diablo bolts so that you can start shooting right away. You will get some other nice features that will surely convince you that this crossbow is the right one for you. All customers receive a rope cocker, and the string suppressors will surely make this crossbow as silent as possible.

The speed of this crossbow is something notable, as it can reach 400 fps. You will get a powerful crossbow that will make sure that you always hit your targets. Because of its superior speed, it is suitable for dropping big game, too, so you will be able to use it in various situations. As a user, you will like the comfort it offers, as well.




  • It comes as a complete package with a quiver and bolts to be used out of the box
  • Amazing speeds, of up to 400 fps, make it ideal for big game hunting
  • Some extras like a rope cocker and a cheek piece are supplied with your purchase.


  • It may be a little too expensive to be considered a choice for beginners, but, for seasoned hunters, it might be just priced accordingly



No matter which one you finally get, you will be greatly compensated for the money (a lot) you may spend. Each one of this crossbows is a category on its own and choosing one comes down to personal preferences.

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