Excalibur micro 360

Excalibur micro 360It appears that 2019 was a busy year for Excalibur, which took some of its most popular bows from the Micro series and gave them new features to impress. The Excalibur Micro 360 is unique, versatile, and highly functional, suitable for any game in the country. Maintenance is a breeze too, as you won’t have to worry about cables, cams, and keeping your bow in tune.

As long as the string stretches, the crossbow will shoot straight, which makes this particular weapon incredibly reliable for its size. Using it is simple and, at a maximum speed of 360 fps, the crossbow will do a great job regardless of the environment and the weather conditions.



Package Includes:

  • Excalibur’s Tact-Zone Illuminated scope with 30mm rings
  • 4-arrow quiver
  • 4 quill arrows with 100-grain field points
  • Ambidextrous cheekpiece for increased convenience
  • R.E.D.S suppressors for reduced noise and vibration
  • Guardian anti-dry-fire system for increased protection against misfire and accidents



Speed (Up to) 360 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 100 ft-lbs
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 33.75 inches
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 25/20.75 inches
Power Stroke 15 inches
Weight (w/o accessories) 5.6 lbs
Draw Weight 285 lbs


Key Features

  • Delivered with all the necessary accessories, the new Excalibur Micro 360 crossbow is strong enough to take down any game with incredible precision and ease. The Tact-Zone scope included allows you to identify your target from afar, while the extra-strong arrows with 100-grain field points will be shot accurately.
  • Thanks to the Gen II compact recurve technology, the entire Micro Series of crossbows have a width of just 25 inches and the best conditions for amazing maneuverability, even in tight spaces.



  • Weighing a little over 5 pounds, this crossbow is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you go. It is particularly convenient for traveling bowhunters who don’t like to spend too much time in one place, waiting for their prey. The shoulder strap attached ensures carrying is easy and comfortable, without causing aches or pain.
  • Each detail of the new Excalibur Micro 360 is thoughtfully created to deliver maximum productivity and minimum discomfort, so you can enjoy your hunting trip without worrying about safety concerns or some of the parts corroding due to heavy winds, snowfalls or rains.
  • One of the features we liked the most about this particular crossbow is the mossy oak camouflage print that allows you to blend in with the environment and keep your location secret while looking or hunting your prey.
  • The Tact 100 Scope is one of the most popular Excalibur scopes. It recently received a makeover so that it now features a 100-yard reticle for long-range practice and quick adjustments in the field to ultimately increase your accuracy when shooting the arrows.
  • The multi-coated lenses of the scope ensure better low-light transmission, so you can hunt at dusk and dawn.



  • Despite the company’s efforts to make the Micro Series accessible for all hunters, the new Micro 360 might still be difficult to maneuver by inexperienced users. We mainly recommend this crossbow for professional hunters as the assembly process might take more than half an hour.



Build Quality – Durability

The product is manufactured from top-quality materials and boasts excellent accessories to ensure increased durability and long-lasting design. You won’t have to worry about it breaking, chipping, or corroding in time, which means you’ll enjoy the same efficiency, speed, and shooting accuracy no matter the season and the weather outside.



Similar to all other crossbows from Excalibur’s Micro Series, the 360 benefits from a lightweight and compact design. It weighs a little over 5 pounds and, thanks to its reduced dimensions, it can be easily carried around anywhere you go. It is smooth and versatile, providing enough speed and accuracy to kill any type of game.

The new and improved Tact 100 scope provides a 15% wider field of view than the regular Excalibur Tact-Zone, and, thanks to the multi-coated lenses, it will also deliver better low-light transmission.

We would also like to mention the Micro 360’s moss oak camouflage print that makes the crossbow virtually invisible and allows you to blend in with the environment, increasing your chances of catching the big game when hunting.


Speed and Performance

The maximum speed reached by this model is 360 fps. Although we’re not talking about the highest speed for a crossbow, you can still get good grouping with the right fixed blade broadhead.

Therefore, you can use the weapon to hunt almost all animals found in North America, from wild turkeys and deer to rabbits, squirrels, castors, and others.



Using the NAP Kill-zone 2-inch blade, the rear deploying mechanical broadhead delivers consistent flying and high accuracy. The crossbow has been tested by various specialist hunters and most of them agreed that the new Micro 360 shoots with great ease and accuracy, regardless of the wind speed or the distance.

The weapon comes with 4 quill arrows with 100gr field points, suitable for shooting both small and big game. If you’re looking for additional arrows, the company released the new ProFlight arrows in 2019, which are considered Excalibur’s straightest and most accurate arrows. The 16.5-inch version is perfect for the new Micro 360 TD crossbow.



Together with the crisp pull, the trigger can be adjusted from one to two-stage configurations and comes with a silent manual safety.

Although there is no click, as with other rope cocking devices, the charger rope system of this crossbow still offers good safety when releasing the tension.


Noise and Vibration

The air brakes installed onto the limb assembly bolts dramatically reduce noise and vibration, making the crossbow convenient to use in all environments. The R.E.D.S suppressors absorb the bulk of the impact from the string, reducing the total noise by a few more decibels.


Ease of Use and Assembly 

Thanks to the Quick Loc Technology, the Micro 360 can be quickly disassembled and reassembled in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is pull off a button with no change in point of impact.

The same Quick Loc Technology ensures convenient storage and compact transportation, so you can take the crossbow with you anywhere you want.



Review Summary

In conclusion, the Micro Series from Excalibur, including the 360 TD, represents a great investment for professional hunters. The particular Micro 360 is compact and convenient to use, delivering enough speed, power, and accuracy to kill both small and big game.

The improved scope ensures a wider field of view, while the multicoated lenses allow for better low-light use, so you’ll have no problem hunting in any given moment of the day or night.

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