Excalibur Assassin 400Td

Excalibur Assassin 400TdBuilt with speed and performance in mind, the Excalibur Assassin 400TD comes packed with features that render it reliable for taking down big and small game alike and helping you advance your shooting skills. Two features stand out when it comes to this unit, including the narrow profile and its velocity that can reach up to 400 FPS.

While the narrow profile enables use even in tight hunting spots, its speed makes it possible for you to employ this crossbow even when bigger game animals are targeted. Speed and performance are further coupled with safety, as this unit features an anti-dry fire system to prevent unwanted events.

The integrated silent cranking system ensures fast and easy cocking, and the suppressor system is committed to keeping you undetected from a sonic point of view, which directly contributes to the successful results you can get when using this item.



Package Includes:

    • Optics: Tact-100 illuminated scope with 30mm rings
    • Arrows: (4) Black Eagle® Pro-Flight 16.5″ arrows with 100-grain field tips
    • Quiver: 4-arrow quiver


  • R.E.D. Suppressors
  • Anti-Dry Fire System
  • PRO-SHOT Trigger
  • Ambidextrous Cheekpiece
  • Explore crossbow case
  • Owners Manual




Speed (Up To) Up to 400 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 100 ft. lbs
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 30″ – 33″
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 20.5″ cocked/ 25″ uncocked
Power Stroke 15″
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.9 lbs (without accessories)
Draw Weight 325 lbs


Key Features

  • It is designed to shoot arrows up to 400 FPS and generate up to 100 FPE, which renders it suitable for various hunting and shooting applications.
  • It sports the narrowest profile in the Assassin series, a feature that adds to the user’s comfort and experience, and that enables use in tight hunting spots.
  • It comes with the Quick-Loc Technology takedown system that makes it easy and quick to assemble/disassemble the unit.
  • It is packed with an anti-dry fire system to prevent accidental firing and keep you safe.
  • It is equipped with a two-stage trigger system and a clean break that add to the repeatable accuracy delivered.



  • It is fast and compact, thanks to its narrow profile.
  • It is easy to use and assemble/disassemble.
  • It is silent and safe to use due to the Sound Deadening System and Anti-Dry Fire System.
  • It comes packed with various accessories for immediate use.



  • It might not be suitable for younger or less experienced shooters, given its 325 lbs of draw weight.



Build Quality – Durability


Shooting and hunting sessions can stretch over hours, and thus the durability ensured by a crossbow gains considerable importance. Like many other bows from Excalibur, this model does not disappoint as far as its build quality and durability are concerned.

It is enough to take a closer look at this unit to realize that the manufacturer put a lot of care into its construction and chose its various components and materials based on how long and well they can perform.

What makes it stand out is that it can reach up to 400 FPS while keeping a narrow profile, which is another proof that everything that went into the making of this crossbow is not only durable but also committed to ensuring performance every time.



The best spot to shoot your arrow might not always be generous, and here is where the narrow profile of the Excalibur Assassin 400TD scores big. By managing to pack the systems and technology mentioned above in a unit that is compact yet so fast, the manufacturer made it possible for shooters and hunters to target the game of interest even from small blinds or treestands.

The unit is thus easy to maneuver and can be quickly assembled and disassembled, a benefit that holds great importance since every second counts when you’re out there. The item is available in TrueTimber Strata and Realtree Edge and comes with a Sound Deadening System so that you remain unnoticed from a visual and sonic point of view.


Speed and Performance

A crossbow might be easy to use and compact, yet it won’t help you take down the game you’re after if it is not designed for speed and performance. The Excalibur Assassin 400TD is a model that manages to combine an easy-to-use and compact design with blistering speeds of up to 400 FPS.

Given the technology and systems employed for its construction, the product can be used for a variety of shooting and hunting applications. The noteworthy velocities and powerful performance will help you advance your experience and end your hunting sessions successfully.

For example, with just 12 lbs of force, the unit can generate speeds of up 360 FPS and over 100 FPE, which is remarkable considering the compact design of this model. However, keep in mind that the high draw weight might render this item unsuitable for beginners and inexperienced hunters.



The noteworthy speed and performance ensured are further paired with repeatable accuracy hunt after hunt. To deliver such results, the product packs durable components, such as a rifle-grade trigger with a light pull weight that, combined with a clean break, ensures increased accuracy.

You can also adjust the cheekpiece for a perfect fit, and cocking/decocking the unit is easy, quick, and safe, which further enhances the accuracy delivered. The narrow profile and comfortable design also add to all that.




Safety is essential when designing and using a crossbow. The manufacturer took this aspect seriously and thus paired the unit with an anti-dry fire system to prevent accidental firing and keep you safe while employing the item. Furthermore, the integrated silent cocking device ensures easy and safe cocking and decocking.


Noise and Vibration

When using a crossbow to shoot at a target in your backyard, a noisy model might not be that much of a problem, but when you employ it for hunting, every noise might spook the game.

To keep the performance silent, the Excalibur Assassin 400TD comes with a Sound Deadening System that eliminates noise and reduces shock and vibration for a smoother and quieter performance.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

One of the things that render this item suitable even for novices is the ease of use ensured. The product was designed to make it simple even for beginners to cock and decock it and thus comes with an integrated silent cranking aid.

The Quick-Loc Technology takedown system enables you to assemble/disassemble it with ease. However, if you’re completely new to this type of product, the owner manual included will help you find the answers to your questions. There are also online tutorials to help you get all the pieces together.

Achieving the perfect fit and doing so rapidly won’t be a problem as the item comes with an ambidextrous cheekpiece that is adjustable; the Tru-Fit Stock is also fully adjustable.



Excalibur Assassin 400Td Review Summary

If you’re interested in a fast, accurate, compact, and easy-to-maneuver crossbow, the Excalibur Assassin 400TD is worth considering. The product is designed to shoot arrows up to 400 FPS and sports one of the narrowest profiles on the market. Plus, it is silent and easy to set up and comes with the accessories you need to start enjoying its benefits right away.

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