Excalibur Assasin 420

Easy to transport and a good choice all-around, the Excalibur Assasin 420 is a crossbow that can put out arrows at a speed of up to 420 fps, with a kinetic energy of 137 ft.-lbs. Weighing only 8 pounds and having a draw weight of 290 lbs (which is reduced with the help of the crank to 14 lbs), this is a quick yet powerful crossbow.



Package Includes:

This offer includes the Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow, which comes with the TACT-100 illuminated scopes, a 4-arrow quiver (filled with 4 PROFLIGHT arrows with field points). You also get R.E.D.S. suppressors and a fail-safe strap for a safer experience.



Speed (Up To) 420 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 137 ft.-lbs
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 33″
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 23.25″ / 30″
Power Stroke 18.88″
Weight (w/out accessories) 8 lbs
Draw Weight 290 lbs


Key Features

Amongst the main features of this powerful crossbow, the Quick Loc push-button design will let you take it apart and put it back together in a fraction of seconds. Another piece of technology that defines it is the Charger Crank System that helps you reduce the overall draw weight of 290 lbs to a mere perceived 14 lbs. The ProShot match-grade trigger will feel like you’re using a professional fire gun, while the Tru-Fit Stock will give you the change to modify its length.



  • The crossbow has a nice balance, being not too heavy, nor feeling super light.
  • The whole assembly process is an easy one, with the scope being easy to put on, and the rest of the body snapping quickly in two pieces when you need it to.
  • Coming with cheek and shoulder adjustments, the crossbow lets you use it, no matter your body shape.
  • Its compact carry bag is a big plus and will allow you to use it no matter the season.
  • The distances are etched in the scope, so you won’t have to think about which dot is for what distance.
  • If you are looking for an extra quiet device, this is it, taking into account the cranking mechanism that makes no noise, and the ultra-clean release.


  • The safety mechanism is a bit annoying, as it doesn’t work like most others – when cocking the bow, the safety doesn’t automatically engage, and that is why you need to make sure you put the safety on before cocking it.



Build Quality – Durability

In the world of functionality, fewer moving parts mean a more reliable piece of equipment. That is the idea upon which this crossbow is built upon. It has a simple design, with two highly durable limbs and a straight. While compound crossbows rely on tens of pieces that are vulnerable in the field, this one only has a couple of moving parts.

Many parts also mean lost times for timing and tuning, which you can’t really afford in the field or anywhere else. The Excalibur has been a durable platform for 35 years.



Compared to compound crossbows that are often a delicate ecosystem of cams, cables, and many other components that can easily get out of tune, the Excalibur only consists of two limbs and a string. It has a fully adjustable Tru-Fit Stock that allows you to change its length from 12 to 15 inches, and it also has an adjustable cheekpiece that allows everyone to fit it to their body shape perfectly.


Speed and Performance

With a speed of 420 fps, this crossbow can hunt down any big game on the planet, especially thanks to the accurate aiming that it has. The high-precision scope will let you chase that big prey from afar, staying safe, and the adjustable multiplex crosshair system will help you home in your target.



The recurve technology used here is one of the simplest and most accurate shooting systems out there. It only consists of two limbs and one string. Having no cams means that you don’t have to face tuning or timing issues, and that translates into superior accuracy, each shot. This system has been taken to the next level with the new frictionless two-stage match-grade pro-shot trigger.

It comes with no creep, a light pull, and breaks cleanly from the crossbow every time.



There is a safety strap on the cranking system that allows you to keep things straightly aimed. This is not the only feature, as the device has everything needed to keep you protected, from finger guards to an ambidextrous safety cocking mechanism.


Noise and Vibration

The new de-coking mechanism, the Charger Crank System is dead-silent and it’s an integrated crank aid that lets you generate speeds of 420 fps and kinetic energy of 137 ft. lbs, using only 14 pounds of force. It has no clicking, and one of the safest means of de-cocking out there. It helps enhance accuracy and noise reduction by flawlessly aligning the strings at every shot.

In the field, you will hear none of this mechanism click or go off, or make different sounds. The de-cocking on it only requires you to hit a lever and it goes down.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

This is a crossbow that comes apart with no bolts, no screws, just simply separates into 2 parts, by hand. It has a stirrup that allows you to simply press it and take the two pieces apart. This is great because it allows you to leave the main features untouched, most importantly the scope. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble but it has other advantages like ease of transport.

You can get this crossbow anywhere without a huge lumber casing. When putting the crossbow together, it still has dead-eye accuracy, because you won’t affect its aim. The adjustable buttstock helps you switch from a kid shooting it to an adult using it.




Review Summary

As you can see, you can always rely on the Excalibur Assasin 420 when it comes to shooting big game, even at long ranges. The speed is adequate, the accuracy is exceptional, and the fact that you can quickly assemble it means that this crossbow is a safe choice in any hunting location.

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