Excalibur prides itself in being a premier crossbow manufacturer that isn’t simply a big business cashing in on crossbow hunting, but as a firm run by crossbow hunters who build crossbows. Little wonder then that you can easily find hundreds of Excalibur crossbow reviews highlighting the myriads of benefits you can get from any one of the firm’s product offerings. At Excalibur, you will never find star wars-style cheap bows but only reliable, efficient and expertly designed weapons worthy to take on the hunting trail.

Best Excalibur Crossbow Reviews


If you want the most excellent crossbows available for the money, the best Excalibur crossbow is always your best bet. Excalibur prides itself in seeking ideas not from engineers who only know the technical aspects and the physics of things, but from actual hunters whose experience on the field has given them a genuine feel of how things actually go when you wield a crossbow, go through the mistakes of the processes as a hunter, and really see what can take down that precious elusive buck using the right crossbow. Experience on the field is what really counts, and when the husband and wife team of Bill and Kath Troubridge founded Excalibur in 1983, it was their experience as hunters that inspired them to put up the firm that ensures good hunting for customers.

At Excalibur, nothing ever comes off the drawing board without having undergone extensive assessment and evaluation by the toughest and most uncompromising people in the wilderness, no one else but Bill and Kath. Accuracy is not just a word at Excalibur, but a genuine commitment. Everyone in the firm offers a guarantee that each and every weapon produced can shoot groups of 3 inches or less at a distance of 25 yards using broadhead projectiles.

The people at Excalibur simply stick to the basics, with lightning-fast recurve limbs that deliver greater speed compared to compound systems while being characterized by lightweight builds, decreased noise or mechanical deficiencies. Excalibur crossbows are distinct for their trigger mechanisms that have a pull that can rival any rifle, plus aluminum and composite stocks that are virtually indestructible.

With all the impressive elements coming together, Excalibur crossbows are guaranteed to withstand any abuse the hunter can throw at the weapons while ensuring the kind of durability for many years of use down the road. Helping crossbow hunters enjoy the sport using the finest equipment and service, Excalibur continues a heritage that welcomes new dimensions in crossbow technology to help you enjoy every hunting trip.

Excalibur Technologies

From crossbow models that deliver a perfect fusion of comfort, balance and power to models that ensure a featherlight and ultra compact build plus effortless draw, Excalibur gives every crossbow hunter a genuinely awesome hunting experience to suit every skill level. Delivering the toughest crossbows on the planet, Excalibur boasts a recurve platform that has less to go wrong because there are fewer moving parts. Excalibur crossbows can be used in the most rugged back country trails that the fainthearted would just refuse to take, in the most out-of-the-grid terrains where no one dares to go, and in the nastiest weather no one would hunt. Excalibur crossbows are perfect for the moment when the target is spotted and there’s no room for even the slightest miscalculation.

For a more compact system that is still 60 percent stronger than even the most durable limbs ever built, there’s Excalibur’s exclusive Gen II System. The patented Quad-Loc Riser has each of the limbs contained on all four sides compared to three in other brands, thus ensuring extra consistency and accuracy. Excalibur crossbows feature a skeletonized stock that delivers a featherlight build to deliver added comfort while eliminating both bulk and weight. The Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System is housed in the scope mount to effectively prevent firing if the trigger is pulled without a projectile in place. Each Excalibur crossbow boasts the Recoil Energy Dissipation System (REDS) composed of string suppressors that serve to reduce noise, vibration and shock.

Excalibur crossbows also feature an Ergo-Grip Stock, which is a perfectly balanced platform composed of a thumbhole design non-slip pistol grip for problem-free handling. The Bullpup Ready Rest Stock is expertly geared to shift weight for precise balance and
instant target alignment when shouldered. In addition there’s the CRT Limb System that provides reduced footprint thanks to compact power-loaded limbs. The Compact Thumbhole Stock comes with a lightweight design that enables effortless maneuverability.

Why you should buy Excalibur crossbows

Excalibur crossbows come in a variety of models to suit every skill level, hunter build or personal preference. Customers can choose from models in the Micro series, including the new Micro 355 that delivers awesome magnum power. Built on the popular Micro 335, the Micro 355 offers optimal efficiency, unmatched balance and ghostly quiet performance in an ultra compact design. The popular Micro 335 delivers peak performance with lightning fast magnum power with its revolutionized recurve design that takes compact to a whole new level while ensuring the use of less effort for cocking.

On the other hand, the Matrix Bulldog 400 is the result of the seamless combination of power, speed and comfort by generating exceptional speeds of more than 400 feet per second to take down any of the planet’s largest game. The Matrix Sapphire is specifically designed for shooters with smaller frames. It is made super maneuverable with its compact and lightweight platform while still delivering serious performance. The Matrix 355 delivers best in class performance in a lightweight weapon that is effortless to use. The Matrix 380 offers an original design that can be trusted on the hunting field. The Matrix 330 also offers effortless cocking in a lightweight package. The Matrix 310 comes with a 200-pound draw for effortless cocking and ease of use. The Grizzly provides simplistic performance in a premium quality crossbow. The Cub is designed for youth hunters who prefer to work with a smaller framed crossbow. The Matrix MEGA 405 is another product that should enhance your hunting experience.

Excalibur crossbows come with four different Excalibur “LITE STUFF” (LS) packages to enable out-of-the-box functionality. The packages feature alternative scopes as well as scope mounts/ rings, 4 carbon arrows/ 150 grain field points, an Excalibur 4-arrow quiver with mount and a rope cocking aid. Some models like the Matrix MEGA 405 are available as a crossbow only (CO) unit while other models like the Matrix Cub are available as crossbow only (CO) or crossbow with kit (KIT). The Matrix Cub Kit comes with a 3-Dot Red Dot scope, scope mount, 3 Diablo arrows with 150 gr. field points, quiver bracket, quiver and rope cocking aid.

Excalibur crossbows enable you to enjoy stealth hunting by being available in a variety of impressive finishes. Excalibur has these remarkable finishes available: Realtree® Xtra™; Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country™; Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity™; Realtree®Max-1™; Textured Black Tact; Black Carbon. Choose the one that suits your personal taste or that reflects your hunting style.

Excalibur offers a wide range of accessories to go perfectly with the company’s various crossbows. These accessories include Cat Whisker String Silencers that minimize the string oscillation and noise. The String Shock and Sound Suppression System offers durable and effective shock and sound reduction by reducing recoil noise (up to 8 decibels) and energy without affecting arrow velocity, perfect with the Excalibur Exo-series crossbows. The Dead-Zone Scope is a variable multi-reticle scope that is the ultimate in compact styling and fits crossbows shooting 300 to 410 fps. These are just a few in the Excalibur line of accessories.

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