CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper Crossbow

One of the major selling points for the Tormentor is, without a doubt, its price. In its price range, it is hard to find a model that shoots bolts as fast as this one, seeing how it can reach a top velocity of 380 fps. Other features and benefits included, such as an entire kit of accessories, make this crossbow one of the recommended models for a beginner, and even for a more experienced hunter since you will be able to bring down quite large prey when using it.




You might not expect it from a crossbow this inexpensive, but the Tormentor has an excellent build, and only high-grade materials are used to ensure its durability. From the aluminum riser, you can glean that the model is built to have a reasonable body mass, although, at 7.8 pounds, without accessories, it is not lightweight. However, the way it is constructed helps you get a good idea on how it will perform when out in the woods and on the hunting grounds.

The limbs are made from compressed fiberglass which provides the bow with quite a lot of flexibility so that you don’t feel a strain while using it. Seeing how bowhunters must often spend a lot of time stalking their prey and holding their weapons drawn, that is an advantage that must be mentioned here. The stock is made from composite, an aspect that adds to the overall good and reliable build of the bow.



One thing that must be said about this particular model is that it is quite fast for its price range. It can get arrows flying at velocities of up to 380 fps, which is, hands down, something that you would rather encounter in models that are priced at least a few hundreds of dollars more. The crossbow is quite narrow since, when cocked, it measures 14 inches from one axle to the other. That’s an advantage for hunters who prefer to use a tree stand or a hunting blind during their hunting trips. Sticking your crossbow through an opening should not be a problem.

Seeing how the draw weight for the model is 185 pounds, that puts it in a category that appeals to the average bowhunter. While people with a small body frame or young shooters might not find it easy to manipulate, most bowhunters will find it adequate. It must also be mentioned that the stock style is ambidextrous, so you will not have to look for another model depending on your dominant hand.

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper Crossbow


Regarding features, you will find that the padded rubber grips make this crossbow the ideal choice in inclement weather. You will also get a cheek piece that provides extra control when you have to use your weapon of choice in wet environments. What makes this model a good pick for beginners even further is the safety system in place. Equipped with an anti-dry fire trigger, this model will make sure that you will not end up shooting arrows by accident. You will also get automatic safety mechanisms in place that will prevent any mishaps and keep you safe.

We cannot talk about this particular model without mentioning all the extras that are delivered with your purchase, such as the two included arrows made of carbon, the 4×32 scope, the quiver, and the rope cocking mechanisms. While some may argue that the overall quality of the accessories is subpar, compared to the rest of the model, seeing how they come as part of a genuinely inexpensive package, they are still a gain. You can always replace them as you see fit.


Noise and vibrations

This model doesn’t have Whisper in its name for no reason. The Tormentor comes with the whisper silencing system that consists of two string dampeners equipped with silencers, as well as two limb stoppers, and two spider dampeners to ensure that you will not stir a leaf you don’t want to stir when you’re shooting your crossbow. Seeing how this model is well equipped to take down prey of a larger size, it is a good idea to bring with you a crossbow that can stop noise and vibrations, and keep you hidden in the brush while you take your aim for a second or third shot.




The Tormentor is pretty much everything you would like to see in a crossbow that can serve you to drop big game, and provide you with the convenience and comfort you would expect in a more expensive product. Part of a package that also supplies the user with useful accessories, such as a scope, a quiver, two arrows, and a rope cocking device to make things easier, the Tormentor is pretty good value for the dollar, and that’s something most buyers certainly want to hear.

You can always replace the accessories you find subpar and not to your liking, and still get a good deal on this model. Ideal for beginners, but also a useful crossbow for more seasoned bowhunters, the Tormentor is a recommended buy.

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