CenterPoint Heat 415 crossbow from top

CenterPoint Heat 415 crossbow from top

Exhibiting a compact design and shooting at 415 fps, this product is an option you might want to take into account whether you’re just getting started in this field, or you’ve already gained some experience. The item features an adjustable AR-Style buttstock, a custom-designed riser, and a pass-through foregrip for a customized fit.

To operate silently and thus make sure you don’t spook the game, the product is packed with the Whisper Silencing System that includes string silencers, string stops, and limb dampeners. Besides performance, accuracy, and speed, the unit is safe to use and thus boasts an anti-dry fire mechanism and automatic safety.



Package Includes:

  • CenterPoint Archery Heat 
    • Arrows: Three 20-inch carbon arrows
    • Quiver: Parallel quiver
    • Optics: 4x32mm scope
  • Rail lube
  • 5-year limited warranty



Speed (Up To) 415 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 153 fpe
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 36.00”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 12”(cocked), 15.75” (uncocked)
Power Stroke 14.50”
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.80 lbs
Draw Weight 200 lbs


Key Features

  • It shoots at up to 415 fps with 153 fpe kinetic energy.
  • It is compact and measures 12” when cocked and 15.75” when uncocked.
  • It features the Whisper Silencing System for silent operation.
  • It comes with an anti-dry fire mechanism and auto safety.
  • It is equipped with a CNC-machined aluminum cam system.
  • It has a custom-designed riser and an adjustable stock to ensure ease of draw.
  • It is available in kits that include various accessories for immediate use.
  • It is paired with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • It is fast, given the 415 fps ensured.
  • It is silent and compact.
  • It ensures downrange accuracy.
  • It is easy to set up and use.


  • It does not come with an illuminated scope.



Build Quality – Durability

CenterPoint Heat 415 and bolts

One of the first things you’ll notice when first getting your hands on this crossbow is the sturdy construction. Since such a product is built to shoot at such speeds, it requires quality materials and components that will keep up with that performance, as well as with extensive use.

The CenterPoint Archery Heat makes no exception when it comes to these unwritten rules and thus features a durable build that is backed up by a 5-year limited warranty. Given that the manufacturer pairs this unit with an extended warranty, you can rest assured that you are unlikely to encounter any durability-related issues as long as you employ the unit properly.



What’s also great about this crossbow model is that, besides the speed and performance it delivers, it boasts an ultra-narrow width and a design that renders it comfortable and easy to maneuver, even for entry-level hunters and target shooters.

The camo pattern used will help you blend in when using it to shoot in the forest. Pair that with the silent operation it is capable of, and you will understand why your chances of success when using it are greater. However, no compromises have been made in terms of speed and performance to build such a compact unit.


Speed and Performance

When it comes to the benefits offered by this model, the one we think of first is its impressive speed. A crossbow is, above all, about speed and performance, and the manufacturer used all that as the guiding force when building this unit.

The product is thus capable of shooting arrows at 415 fps and with a kinetic force of 153 fpe, which sets this unit apart, especially when you think of its weight and length.

This further translates into enhanced versatility that will allow you to employ the crossbow even when you’re after a big and strong game since the faster the crossbow shoots a bow, the greater the penetration on the game animal. Plus, the greater the speed of the arrow when flying, the flatter the trajectory.



The speed ensured renders this unit suitable for a wide variety of hunting applications, while the accuracy it delivers increases your chances of reaching your target hunt after hunt. The item shoots at 415 fps and with a kinetic energy of 153 fpe for downrange accuracy.




To enable you to catch the game you’re after or reach your target without your safety being affected or the unit getting damaged, the product is packed with an anti-dry fire mechanism, which proves to be an essential characteristic when it comes to crossbows since dry-firing such a unit will only damage it.

What’s more, the CenterPoint Archery Heat 415 features an automatic safety that will engage automatically when the unit is cocked. This auto safety will prevent you from firing the unit accidentally and thus make it safer for you to use the crossbow.


Noise and Vibration

What sets this unit apart is the new Whisper Silencing System used for its construction, an addition you are likely to appreciate when targeting game in the forest. Noise might not be an issue when shooting at a target in your yard, yet the sounds and vibrations created by certain models will probably affect your experience when hunting out into the wild.

That’s why the manufacturer made use of string silencers, string stops, and limb dampeners to ensure a silent operation that won’t spook the game, and that will up your chances of going home with the game you’ve targeted. This system will reduce noise and ensure better vibration control, which can only impact your experience positively.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

The unit weighs 7.80 lbs and has a length of 36 inches, which makes it compact and lightweight enough to be used by hunters of all skill levels. The 200-pound draw weight might fall a bit on the difficult side, especially if you have no rich experience with crossbows.

Otherwise, given the design of the product, assembling it shouldn’t be complicated since it requires similar steps to the ones involved in the assembly of most units in this category. What is also worth mentioning is that the stock is adjustable, and the item also comes with an oversized pass-through foregrip to ensure a comfortable and customized fit.

The adjustable stock makes it suitable even for younger shooters as it will enable them to use the crossbow comfortably.



CenterPoint Archery Heat 415 Review Summary

Considering the price point, the speed this crossbow shoots at, and the design, this model stands out in terms of performance, ease and comfort of use, and accuracy. With 415 fps, you can employ it to hunt big and strong game while enjoying a silent operation and a customized fit. Given the accessories included in the pack, the crossbow comes ready to shoot; all you have to do is to sight it in.

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