CenterPoint Dagger Crossbow Package

CenterPoint Dagger Crossbow Package

If you are interested in a crossbow that’s easy to use even by someone who is not a seasoned hunter, you’re looking at it. The CenterPoint Dagger 390 Crossbow combines superior performance with excellent handling to provide users with a reliable weapon when hunting in the woods. As its name indicates, it will send arrows at speeds of up to 390 fps, which is enough to take down more prey in a humane manner.

Its 135 foot-pounds of kinetic energy ensure that your arrows have the penetrating power to go through the tough hide of wild animals for accurate shots that ensure a humane kill. It is true that at 7.8 pounds, it’s not a lightweight crossbow, but it cocks down to 14 inches in width, which makes it more maneuverable than most. The draw weight of 185 pounds will tell you that hunters should have average height and body frame to deal with this crossbow.

You will like the fact that this model is part of a complete package that offers a scope for accurate aiming, a quiver, and three arrows, as well as a rope cocking device to help you in the field.



Package Includes:

Optics: 4x32mm scope

Cocking device: Rope cocking device

Quiver: Parallel quiver

Arrows: 3 20-inch 400-grain carbon arrows

Noise dampening: Whisper Silencing System

Other: Rail lube



Speed (Up To) 390 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 135 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 35.8”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 18”/14”
Power Stroke 14.5”
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.8 lbs
Draw Weight 185 lbs


Key Features

  • Its fiberglass quad limbs keep the weight of the crossbow at manageable levels.
  • The shoot-through riser is an excellent aid for increasing accuracy.
  • The anti-dry fire mechanism and auto safety keep the hunter protected from an accidental arrow release.
  • Its CNC machined cam system helps to keep the crossbow well balanced.
  • You will appreciate the rubber-coated grips for safe handling.
  • The aluminum rail is another component that creates excellent balance.
  • The Whisper Silencing System helps to reduce noise and vibration.



  • It shoots fast, at 390 fps, and that guarantees, along with the high-penetration kinetic energy, that you will land humane kills.
  • It comes with safety mechanisms to protect you from accidents.
  • Its noise dampening system keeps you concealed from wildlife while in the woods.
  • The oversized grip and shoot-through riser make it easier to use than others.
  • The crossbow comes with a complete, ready-to-shoot package.


  •  It is undeniably heavy as it weighs 7.8 pounds, and not everyone can use it.
  •  Loading each arrow is a time-consuming process.



Build Quality – Durability

The manufacturer used good quality materials to make this crossbow, and that reflects on durability, too. The quad limbs made from fiberglass are lightweight, and they guarantee years of use. Also, the CNC machined cam system is an excellent example of the manufacturer’s attention to detail and dedication to making this crossbow durable.

Furthermore, the aluminum flight track adds durability to the entire ensemble, while keeping it as light as possible. Still, this is a heavy crossbow, which can be a drawback, but also a sign that it’s made to last.



You will notice that the crossbow is designed to increase maneuverability, which is essential when you stalk down your prey through the woods. Its narrow profile, 18 inches when uncocked, and 14 inches when cocked is a guarantee that you will be able to go through the woods unnoticed.

Also, its overall profile is aggressive and visually appealing, so you will feel that you can trust it to take down the prey.


Speed and Performance

The crossbow shoots arrows at up to 390 fps, and that means that you will be able to take down most prey with precise shots. Its penetrating kinetic energy contributes to its outstanding performance, and you can rest assured that you will be able to land humane kills without problems.

Due to its slim profile, you will find it maneuverable, and that helps when you need to follow your prey through the woods.



The aluminum rail comes with a shoot-through riser, and that helps tremendously with increasing the efficiency of your shots. The adjustable cheek pad is a feature that caters to the shooter’s comfort. It also contributes to the improvement of accuracy, as you will find it easier to aim and shoot when you can hold your crossbow in a steady position. Overall, this crossbow offers excellent precision and is a useful ally in the field.



As far as safety is concerned, it appears that the manufacturer thought of everything. The auto safety mechanism is a great plus, and you will also get the anti-dry fire system that is now available on many good quality crossbows. You don’t have to worry about releasing arrows by accident, as the crossbow is built to prevent such things.


Noise and Vibration

Some may argue that this crossbow is not the quietest you can get right now, and that’s true. However, advanced silencing systems are something that manufacturers don’t usually employ on budget options, as this package. It is a pleasant surprise to see the Whisper Silencing System present on the Dagger 390.

It comes complete with built-in string stops and string suppressors to eliminate vibration, while the limb dampeners have a significant role in reducing the noise caused when releasing a shot.


Ease of Use and Assembly

At almost 8 pounds, it’s not a lightweight crossbow, which makes it harder to use than other models. However, several aspects, such as the slim profile and features geared toward the shooter’s comfort, make it more manageable than you might expect. In regards to the assembling process, the crossbow comes partially assembled, and you will find it easy to put it together.



CenterPoint Dagger 390 Crossbow Package Review Summary

The Dagger 390 does its job to take down prey of all types, and it does so with repeatable accuracy. As part of a ready to shoot package, it is an excellent choice for someone who is looking to spend as little as possible on a crossbow for hunting. It has its fair share of features and advantages that helps it be precise and easy to maneuver.

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