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If you’re anything like me, there’s still that little, giddy kid inside of you that sets off an explosion of excitement when you get to shoot stuff.  It’s almost like it’s born in us from birth.  Since the time our parents deemed us old enough and responsible enough, we finally got the opportunity to trade in our plastic noisemaker guns and begin to build our own small munitions stockpile.  We all remember Ralphie in The Christmas Story, being warned by the fake Santa – “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”

Yep, we heard it plenty of times but we soldiered on.  We had siege warfare to conduct.  And when the fateful day came that we got that special projectile device we had been dreaming of, it was time to set up targets made up of some empty soda cans or old cardboard boxes and show them who’s boss.

That same kid is still with me today.  So off I set on my hunt to find something to have fun with, shooting some target practice in the backyard, something that wouldn’t ricochet and break a window, all the while not costing an arm and a leg of my hard earned money (ie. the shooting range these days) to entertain me for an hour or so.

The Hunt is On – My personal choice: The Cobra Self cocking crossbow pistol

During my treasure hunt, I stumbled across a crossbow pistol and it quickly piqued my interest.  I searched for some pistol crossbow reviews but there wasn’t much out there with regard to information except some older buried forums slamming them for not being powerful enough for animals. I wasn’t trying to kill animals; I’m just looking for some good ol’ fashion plinking to occupy some time.  However, little to my amazement, times have changed a bit since the forums had been posting.  There are several videos and examples showing these aren’t a toy in the least.

There is a guy who shows us that it goes through several soda cans and pineapple among other stuff.  That’s a decent punch from such a compact device.

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The Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol is certainly a powerful weapon and definitely not one that should be used by children except under careful supervision. This crossbow comes complete with a set of 3 aluminum arrows and, online at Amazon, where you can buy it at a what I personally think a very good price. Basically, it is capable of firing either arrows or bolts: in other words, this weapon is both a crossbow and a pistol. In fact, it is one of the best crossbow pistols.


Review of the cobra self cocking pistol crossbow

You can purchase additional aluminum arrows to fit the crossbow. These come in packs of 12  as well as a pack of 12 aluminum pistol bolts, both of which you can obtain easily online from Amazon. You would be better advised to buy replacement bolts in plastic rather than aluminum, however. The fins at the end of the bolts are made from black plastic but, those fitted onto aluminum shafts tend to break off and are less durable than those attached to plastic shafts. Plastic bolts are just as easily obtainable from Amazon as their aluminum counterparts are and shoot from the Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol just as well as the aluminum ones do.

Archery enthusiasts each have their own individual reasons for choosing specific models of crossbows. The crossbow offers the archer the opportunity to load and fire fast. Any of the self-cocking designs enable you to load over and over again, as well as firing quicker with far less force needed than you would expect. That said, however, you do need some fairly well-developed biceps to string the prod.

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In fact, come to that, you do need some strength in your muscles when cocking, even with the aid of the Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol Crossbow’s self-cocking mechanism. Apart from well-developed biceps, developing a strategy that works well for you is probably your best bet. The way many archers compress the bow in order to string the prod is by some strategically placed rope attached to each end of the bow, pulling it in sufficiently, then tying the rope off securely so that you have two hands available for re-stringing.

While using the repeated cocking feature, the crossbow comes with an automatic safety feature. This is essential because there is a lot of power behind this crossbow. Although the crossbow itself weighs 10lbs it has a pull capacity of 80lbs, a force providing enough velocity to obliterate the bolt once fired. In fact, firing from a distance of 50 feet an aluminum bolt can become embedded into the timber to a depth of ½ inch.

It is made in Taiwan. It is a very well-made product but, with such a potentially lethal crossbow you do need to focus on the safety aspect. This includes checking all the screws on a regular basis. Keep an Allen key to hand as the front Allen wrench screw does work itself loose if you use your Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol on a regular basis. You may also find the aperture that moves up and down, may need attention. This involves removing the sights and recalibrating the washer. Overall, however, this is a well-constructed weapon that will offer the user many hours of pleasure if maintained well and cared for properly.

I’m going to repeat that to make sure everybody caught it:

Crossbow Pistols are NOT toysAdult supervision is highly recommended.

More crossbow pistol Reviews for 2022

After digging through the dirt, I finally discovered some of them that were the best mini crossbows overall.  If you are looking to kill a large animal or something for home defense, these are probably not going to be your first weapon of choice.  I would venture to guess they may be able to take out small varmints though I haven’t personally tried it yet. If you are looking for something to entertain you and satisfy the kid inside, here is what we think of as one of the best crossbow pistols to help you let the fun begin.

1. Prophecy 80-Pound Self-Cocking


With a draw weight of 80 pounds, this Prophecy model will make your bolts travel at speeds of up to 150 fps. Based on a similar concept known as the Barnett Commando Pistol, this model improves over previous self-cocking versions and offers more satisfaction for the shooter. While it is easy to set up and use, you should not mistake it for a toy, as it is anything but.

The aluminum stock provides the model with both durability and a lightweight mass that allows you to easily hold it in your hand. It must be added that the pistol comes with an adjustable rear sight and a bead foresight.

Users like the Cobra limbs the pistol comes equipped with, as well. Although the body is made from aluminum, it has a wood feel that many will appreciate. Along with your purchase, you will also get a string and two end caps.

You will not have to put too much effort into cocking the pistol as it is self-cocking, but that’s not the only advantage we should talk about. You will be able to shoot many bolts over a short time, and you will have a fun time doing so.


2. KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol

KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol

Self-cocking crossbows have their fair share of supporters and admirers for straightforward reasons. They require almost no effort to cock, and they are fast to shoot at decent speeds. If you are after something like this, the KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol might catch your eye, and not only because of its classic looks, but also because of the various features and extras provided.

It is a lightweight model built from fiberglass that even a teenage shooter might try, under adult supervision. The model is sold by the manufacturer as part of a package with 63 aluminum and PVC bolts, so you can start practicing right away.

Be aware that you can’t treat this as a toy. While the self-cocking mechanism ensures that you don’t have to engage in strenuous activity to cock the pistol, some force is still needed, so you should not let a child try to handle it.

Because of its fast reload times, you can shoot arrow after arrow with high accuracy. It serves that the model is equipped with adjustable sights that will allow you to modify your aim for maximum precision.


3. PSE Viper SS

PSE Viper SS

At 1.6 pounds, the PSE Viper SS is lightweight compared to many other similar models on the market. However, it must be noted that its draw weight is less than what you can see in the respective pistol crossbows. For a draw weight of only 50 pounds, however, this model will make your arrows fly fast, as the maximum velocity is 215 fps.

It is important to mention that the model comes with a cocking mechanism that acts as a second safety feature. The primary one is the safety lock installed on this model. Due to the attention paid to the user’s security, this manufacturer deserves extra praise.

Besides the automatic safety feature that engages the moment you cock the pistol, this model comes with an anti-dry fire trigger. The latter makes sure that you don’t end up releasing the bolt by accident, and therefore there is no reason to re-cock the gun.

The attention to safety paid by this manufacturer doesn’t stop here. There is a finger guard in place for hand safety. Also, the model comes with a track-style rail that enhances the precision of your shots.



What is a crossbow pistol or mini crossbow?

It’s pretty straightforward to figure out what a crossbow pistol is.  Google defines a crossbow as “a medieval bow of a kind that is fixed across a wooden support and has a groove for the bolt and a mechanism for drawing and releasing the string.”  The pistol part comes into play because:

  • There is no stock built onto the main frame of the device
  • The weapon is typically lighter than a full crossbow

There are 2 designs: the good old fashion draw pulley where you have to muscle back the string in order to cock the device (some have a foot stirrup to get some leverage) and the “self-cocking” version.

What is self-cocking?

When I first heard the term self-cocking, I actually thought it meant I didn’t have to do anything.  I could just pull the trigger and fire again – AWESOME!  Think again.  Self-cocking actually refers to a lever on the back of the frame that allows you to push down and draw the string back into position.  This leverages your weight balance and allows for easier cocking of the bow to load up with your favorite bolt of choice.


Arrows, darts, bolts.  People will throw the technicality card on you for not referring to them correctly as bolts, but they’re all the same thing.  You’ll find there are a couple of different types and it’s a matter of preference on the type you will like.  Aluminum bolts will fire with more impact to the target.  Plastic darts will typically fly a bit further (due to weight) though have a bit less hit at impact.  Bolts are 6.5 inches in length and self-explanatory.  You are going to want to pick up a couple extra with your purchase.

To my knowledge, there are unfortunately not any special tips such as broadheads and the likes.  That would be icing on the cake to have the cool razor type points included to make this look like a force to be reckoned with, but alas we can’t have it all.  The types I’ve found are all steel points but definitely do the job.

Draw Weight

You will typically find either a 50 or 80-pound draw.  This number is the amount of weight you pull when cocking the device.  This is where the advantage goes to the self-cocking units as they give you the leverage to pull the string.  For those non-self-cocking units, most can be manually cocked.  However, if you need extra help, a rope cocker can assist in cocking the device.


The string catapults the bolts toward your target.  With proper care before first use and over time using string wax will keep your string in good shape, prevent fraying, and keep shooting smooth.


We hope you enjoyed our quest to find the best pistol crossbow available these days.

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