Are you looking for the best Crossbow Bolts to equip your crossbow with? Look no further! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding the perfect bolts for your needs. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hunter, we have the perfect bolts for you. Our comprehensive review of top-rated bolts covers everything from construction materials to flight characteristics, so you can make an educated decision on which bolts will give you the best accuracy and performance. Get ready to take your crossbow shooting to the next level with our comprehensive guide to the best Crossbow Bolts of 2023!

Image Title Features Availability
1. Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts 1. Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts – Flat plastic replacement nocks
– Compatible with Easton, Beman ICS Thunderbolt and Beman ICS Crossbow Hunter crossbow bolts
– 9 grain weight
– Designed for carbon crossbow bolts
2. Wicked Ridge Match 400 Arrows 2. Wicked Ridge Match 400 Arrows – 5 arrows included in the package
– Made of carbon material with Alpha-Nock system
– 20 inches length
– .003 inches diameter
– Suitable for Wicked Ridge crossbows and others with similar specifications
3. Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows 3. Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows – Designed for maximum accuracy and penetration against zombies.
– 20″ carbon arrows with ± 0.001″ straightness tolerance.
– Flo-yellow half moon nocks and flat nocks, both removable and installed for convenience.
– Equipped with a 110 grain zombie slayer brass insert and two 18 grain Bohning 2″ Blazer Vanes for improved visibility.
– 9.1 GPI (25% stiffer than Executioner crossbow arrows) for increased durability and penetration through tough materials.
– Comes with a survival arrow box for easy storage and transport.
4. Excalibur Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows 4. Excalibur Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows – Designed for Excalibur EXO-Traditional series crossbows
– Maximum reliability and performance with reinforced spines and 4″ vanes
– 20″ Arrow length; 250 Grain arrow weight; .003 straightness tolerance; 4″ offset vanes; equipped with Rhino Nocks
– Flatback insert for more reliable string contact
– Compatible with CeaseFire Technology crossbows and all models that utilize flat nocks
– High-quality materials ensure best accuracy while using broadheads
– Sold in a 6 pack
5. RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) 5. RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) – 5. RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack)
– Pack of 6 arrows
– Suitable for hunting
– Specifically designed for use with RAVIN crossbows.
6. Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack 6. Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack – Heavy grain weight for maximum kinetic energy and knock-down power
– Advanced construction for spine consistency, accuracy, durability, and reliability
– Precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004″ for consistent performance
– Fletched with 4″ vanes and 442 grains, 0.348″ Diameter, and 6 per pack, plus 6 universal flat nocks
– Designed for ultimate penetration and confidence when tracking prey

Top 6 Crossbow Boltss in the market for 2023 with reviews

Crossbow hunting is one of the most exciting ways to take down big game. To ensure your success, you need to have the right arrows. In this buying guide, we’ll review the best crossbow bolts on the market for 2023. From Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts to Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision when selecting the perfect crossbow bolts for your next hunt. So, if you’re looking for the best arrows to make your hunt successful, then read on and find out which crossbow bolts will help you hit your mark!

1. Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts

1. Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts

The Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts are a must-have for any serious crossbow enthusiast. These flat plastic replacement nocks are designed to fit carbon crossbow bolts and weigh only 9 grains, making them lightweight yet durable. They are perfect for replacing the original nocks on Easton crossbow bolts and can also be used with Beman ICS Thunderbolt and Beman ICS Crossbow Hunter crossbow bolts.

These nocks feature an aerodynamic design that helps improve accuracy and consistency when shooting. The flat plastic construction ensures that they won’t break or crack during use, making them ideal for long-term use. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors so you can customize your crossbow bolts to match your style.

The Easton FMJ Crossbow Bolts are an excellent choice for any avid hunter who wants to get the most out of their crossbow experience. They provide superior accuracy and durability while still being lightweight enough to carry around easily. With their high-quality construction and versatile design, these nocks will help you take your game to the next level!


  • Bolts are easy to pull out of the target.
  • Bolts fly straight and accurately.
  • Bolts are well-made and durable.


  • Some users may experience difficulty in pulling the bolts out of the target if they are using a different type of crossbow than the Excalibur 405 Mega.
  • The bolts may not fly as straight or accurately in windy conditions.

2. Wicked Ridge Match 400 Arrows

2. Wicked Ridge Match 400 Arrows

The Wicked Ridge Match 400 Arrows are the perfect choice for any archer looking for reliable, high-quality arrows that won’t break the bank. These arrows feature a 20″ length and .003″ diameter, making them suitable for a wide range of bows and draw weights. The Alpha-Nock Carbon construction ensures superior strength and durability, while still being lightweight enough to provide excellent speed and accuracy.

The Alpha-Nock design also makes these arrows compatible with a variety of nocks, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your shooting style. The carbon shafts are designed with an extra layer of protection against wear and tear, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, they come with pre-installed inserts so you can get shooting right away!

These arrows are an excellent choice for target practice or hunting alike. Their superior balance and straightness will ensure consistent performance shot after shot, while the lightweight design provides maximum speed without sacrificing accuracy. In addition, their affordability makes them a great option for those just getting started in archery or those on a budget.

All in all, the Wicked Ridge Match 400 Arrows are an outstanding value that offer top-notch performance at an unbeatable price point. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing setup, these arrows are sure to exceed your expectations every time!


  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to use


  • May not be the most cost effective option if one is looking for more high end products
  • May not last as long as more expensive products

3. Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows

3. Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows

The Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows are designed to provide maximum accuracy and penetration when taking out the undead. These 20″ carbon arrows feature a ± 0.001″ straightness tolerance, ensuring that you never miss a critical head shot. The arrows come equipped with flo-yellow half moon nocks and flat nocks, both of which are removable and installed for your convenience. Additionally, each arrow has a 110 grain zombie slayer brass insert and two 18 grain Bohning 2” Blazer Vanes in either Flo-Yellow or Flo-Orange for improved visibility.

These arrows also boast an impressive 9.1 GPI (Grain Per Inch) rating, making them 25% stiffer than the Executioner crossbow arrows. This makes them more durable and able to penetrate through 3/4″ pressure treated plywood and other tough materials – perfect for taking out zombies! To top it all off, the Zombie Slayer Arrows come with their own emergency survival arrow box for easy storage and transport.

The Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows are sure to give you the confidence you need when taking on hordes of the undead! With their impressive accuracy, durability, and visibility features, these arrows will help you take down any zombie that stands in your way!


  • High reputation for being rigid and strong carbon arrows
  • Smooth straight grain pattern which makes it easier to pull from target
  • Veins installed cleanly
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Packaged nicely with none of the veins deformed
  • Great weight and straightness out of the box
  • Accurate for hunting with no questionable flight or fletching
  • Consistent with all arrows hitting in the same spot
  • Strong, consistent and very accurate


  • One arrow shoots a couple inches high
  • Occasionally flyers, droppers, and right misses due to a couple bad arrows in the mix

4. Excalibur Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows

4. Excalibur Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows

Excalibur’s Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows are the perfect choice for crossbow hunters who want to experience superior accuracy and performance. These high-performance arrows have been designed specifically for Excalibur’s EXO-Traditional series crossbows, featuring a flatback insert for reliable string contact, reinforced spines, and 4″ vanes. The 20″ arrow length and 250 grain arrow weight ensure maximum accuracy, while the .003 straightness tolerance provides consistent results with every shot.

The Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows also come equipped with Excalibur’s CeaseFire Technology which allows them to be used on any model that utilizes flat nocks without the need for additional nocks. This feature makes them incredibly easy to use and ensures that you will always hit your target. The arrows also feature a heavier front insert which increases front-of-center weight for unparalleled accuracy and stability in flight.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, Excalibur’s Rhino Nocks Carbon Arrows will provide you with the accuracy and reliability you need to take down your target every time. With their superior construction, durability, and performance, these arrows are sure to become your go-to choice when it comes to hunting with a crossbow.


  • Matches original bolts and is very accurate
  • Flys straight and is durable
  • Tight tolerances and shoot well for hunting
  • Good price
  • Easy to shut off illuminated nocks
  • Groupings are easy to work with
  • Tuff as nails
  • Great


  • A bit pricey
  • Fletches are too tall and interfere with rail groove, affecting accuracy
  • Colors of the fletching didn’t match the pictures
  • Arrow went less than 10 yards right into the ground
  • Not up to Excal’s usual standards

5. RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack)

5. RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack)

When it comes to hunting with a crossbow, having the right arrows is essential for success. That’s why RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) are designed specifically for use with Ravin Crossbows. Each arrow measures 20 inches in length and weighs 400 grains for optimal performance. The .003 straightness ensures that each arrow flies true and accurately, while the offset vanes provide improved accuracy and stability in flight. Plus, the inserts and nocks are already included so you can get out into the field right away.

RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) are made from high-quality materials to ensure they last through multiple hunts. They feature a durable construction that won’t bend or break even when faced with tough conditions. Plus, they come with a vibrant orange color to make them easy to spot in any terrain. And since they come in a convenient 6-pack, you won’t have to worry about running out of arrows during your hunt.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just starting out, RAVIN Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) are an excellent choice for precision shooting. With their superior accuracy and durability, these arrows will help you take down your target every time. So pick up a pack today and hit the field with confidence!


  • Accurate and great value
  • Bolts are dead on and precise
  • Good quality and durable
  • Highly recommend
  • Well packaged and good price
  • Brand new in factory packaging with decent ship time


  • Hit on ground top end came off
  • Glue on fletchings could use more adhesive
  • Expensive
  • Only received three arrows when paid for six

6. Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack

6. Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack

The Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack is the perfect choice for hunters who want to take their hunting game to the next level. These crossbolts are designed with heavy grain weight, ensuring maximum kinetic energy and bone-crushing penetration. The advanced construction ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy, and the composite material is extremely durable at impact for exceptional reliability and repeat performance.

Each crossbolt is precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004″, providing repeat maximum consistency. The package includes six 20″ bolts with 4″ vanes, 442 grains in weight, 0.348″ diameter, and six universal flat nocks. With this package, you’ll have everything you need to take on even the largest of prey with supreme confidence.

The Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt 6-Pack is an ideal choice for any hunter looking to increase their success rate in the field. With its heavy grain weight and advanced construction, it’s sure to deliver superior accuracy and penetration every time.


  • Exactly what many users wanted for hunting season
  • Perfect fit for new crossbow
  • Good value, durable product and groups well for a reasonably priced arrow
  • Great practice arrow and possibly a great hunting arrow as well
  • Good accuracy and penetration
  • Heavy bolt increases penetration
  • Great price and quality from Carbon Express
  • Came with spare nocks
  • Love it


  • Some arrows may not fly straight
  • Lighted nock warning message can appear when attempting to purchase
  • Heavy bolt sacrifices velocity
  • Not all arrows in package may fly straight

Crossbow Bolts Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Crossbow bolts, also known as crossbow arrows, are specialized projectiles designed for use in crossbows. Crossbows, which are a type of bow mounted on a rigid frame, have been used for hunting and warfare for thousands of years. The earliest known crossbows date back to ancient China, where they were used by soldiers to shoot small, pointed darts at enemy troops.

Over time, crossbows and crossbow bolts evolved to become more powerful and accurate. In the Middle Ages, crossbows were used extensively in Europe for hunting and military purposes. Crossbow makers experimented with different materials, shapes, and sizes for their bolts in order to achieve greater range and penetration.

One of the biggest advantages of using crossbow bolts is their power and accuracy. Crossbows are capable of delivering bolts at high velocities and with impressive accuracy, making them a popular choice for hunting and target shooting alike. Crossbow bolts are also relatively easy to use, making them ideal for novice hunters or people with physical disabilities that may make the use of traditional bows difficult.

In addition to their power and accuracy, crossbow bolts also offer the user increased safety compared to traditional bows. Because the bow is mounted on a rigid frame, the user does not need to draw the bowstring back manually to load the bolt. This reduces the risk of accidentally firing the weapon or injuring oneself while loading the bow.

Overall, crossbow bolts have come a long way since their humble beginnings in ancient China. Today, they are a popular choice for hunting, target shooting, and even competitive sports. Their power, accuracy, and ease of use make them a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their shooting skills or take up a new hobby.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Crossbow Bolts for Optimal Performance

Sure, here are some of the key features of Crossbow Bolts that are essential for optimal performance and user satisfaction:

1. Shaft Material: The type of material used for the crossbow bolt’s shaft can have a significant impact on its performance. Aluminum and carbon are the most common shaft materials used for crossbow bolts. Carbon bolts are more durable, faster and have better accuracy, while aluminum bolts are lighter and less expensive.

2. Fletching: The fletching of the bolt refers to the vanes or feathers attached to the back of the bolt. The fletching helps to improve the bolt’s stability and accuracy during flight. The most common types of fletching are plastic vanes and feathers. Feathers provide better accuracy while plastic vanes are more durable.

3. Weight: The weight of the bolt has a significant impact on its trajectory, speed, and accuracy. The heavier the bolt, the slower it will travel but the higher its kinetic energy. Heavier bolts are more accurate and penetrate better. Lighter bolts travel faster but with less kinetic energy and accuracy.

4. Length: Crossbow bolts come in various lengths, and the length of the bolt can impact its accuracy, stability, and speed. Longer bolts can travel faster and have a flatter trajectory than shorter bolts, but they may not stabilize as well, reducing accuracy.

5. Nocks: The nock is the part of the bolt that attaches to the bowstring. There are two types of nocks: half-moon and flat, and it is essential to match the nock type with the crossbow’s cam or rail system.

By understanding these features, users can make informed decisions when selecting crossbow bolts that match their specific needs, whether for hunting or target shooting. Choosing the right combination of shaft material, fletching, weight, length and nocks can lead to more accurate, efficient, and enjoyable experiences with the product.

Guide to Choosing the Right Crossbow Bolts for Your Budget: Low-End, Mid-Range, and High-End Options

When it comes to Crossbow Bolts, the price range can vary quite a bit, depending on the quality and material of the bolts. Here are some typical price ranges and what you can expect within each bracket:

Low-End Crossbow Bolts ($5-$10 per bolt): These bolts are typically made from lower quality materials and may not be as durable or consistent as higher-end options. They are suitable for beginners or those on a tighter budget but may need to be replaced more frequently.

Mid-Range Crossbow Bolts ($10-$20 per bolt): These bolts are made from better quality materials and typically offer more consistent performance. They are a good option for intermediate or advanced users who want a balance between performance and affordability.

High-End Crossbow Bolts ($20-$40 per bolt): These bolts are made from premium materials and offer the best performance and consistency. They are ideal for serious users who demand superior accuracy and reliability.

To find the best deals and discounts on Crossbow Bolts, consider shopping around online or visiting physical stores during sales or clearance events. It’s also a good idea to compare prices across different brands and retailers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

When choosing a product that fits within your budget, be sure to prioritize quality and performance over price. Cheaper bolts may seem more affordable upfront, but they may end up costing you more in the long run if they need to be replaced or cause accuracy issues. Look for higher quality bolts that offer the best value for your money and consider investing a bit more upfront if it means getting a product that will last longer and perform better.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Crossbow Bolts

When selecting a Crossbow Bolts, there are several important factors to consider before making a final decision. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

1. Size: Crossbow Bolts come in various sizes, and it’s essential to choose a bolt that is the correct length and diameter for your specific crossbow. Using improperly sized bolts can result in accuracy issues, and even cause damage to your crossbow.

2. Compatibility: Before selecting a Crossbow Bolts, ensure it is compatible with your crossbow. Some bolts are designed for specific models and manufacturers, and it’s imperative to choose the right bolt to prevent damage to the bow or reduced accuracy.

3. Durability: Crossbow Bolts come in different materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber bolts are more durable and resistant to damage and are a popular choice among crossbow enthusiasts. Aluminum bolts, however, can be more affordable but may bend or break more easily.

4. Functionality: Different Crossbow Bolts have distinctive features that can enhance your shooting experience. For example, some bolts come with lighted nocks, which make it easier to see your shot in low light conditions. Other bolts may come with field tips for practice or broadheads for hunting.

5. Intended use: Finally, consider how you will use the Crossbow Bolts. For hunting, you will need bolts with broadheads that offer the right level of penetration and accuracy. For target practice or competition, you may need bolts with a higher level of accuracy and consistency.

It’s crucial to remember that each individual’s needs are different when it comes to Crossbow Bolts. It’s recommended to research and experiment with various options until you find the right bolt for your specific goals and needs.

Types of Crossbow Bolts and Similar Products: A Guide to Choosing the Right Arrow for Your Crossbow.

There are several types of Crossbow Bolts available on the market. These include aluminum, carbon, and hybrid bolts. Aluminum bolts are popular because they are durable and affordable, but they may not be as accurate as other types. Carbon bolts, on the other hand, are known for their accuracy and speed but can be more expensive. Hybrid bolts are a combination of aluminum and carbon, which offer the benefits of both materials.

In addition to Crossbow Bolts, there are also some other similar products available on the market. One such product is traditional arrows, which are commonly used with a bow. The main difference between arrows and bolts is that arrows are longer and have feathers or vanes for stability in flight.

Another alternative is broadhead bolts, which feature a large cutting surface that is designed for hunting. These bolts are effective for taking down larger game, but they require a higher draw weight and may not be suitable for every type of crossbow.

When choosing between Crossbow Bolts and other alternatives, it is important to consider factors such as accuracy, price, and intended use. Crossbow Bolts are generally easier to use and require less draw weight than traditional arrows, making them a good choice for beginners. However, if accuracy and speed are your top priorities, carbon bolts may be a better option.

Overall, the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. It is always a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable expert or read reviews before making a purchase.

Where to Buy Crossbow Bolts: Online and Offline Stores & Tips to Avoid Scams and Get the Best Value for Your Money

There are several reputable online and offline stores where you can buy crossbow bolts. Here are some of them:

Online Stores:

1. Amazon: Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers that offer a wide range of crossbow bolts at affordable prices. They have a great customer service team, and their return policy is very customer-friendly.

2. Cabela’s: Cabela’s is another great online store where you can find high-quality crossbow bolts. They offer a variety of brands and sizes, and their pricing is very competitive.

3. Bass Pro Shop: Bass Pro Shop is a well-known online retailer that offers a massive range of crossbow bolts. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50, and they have a great customer service team.

Offline Stores:

1. DICK’S Sporting Goods: DICK’S Sporting Goods is an established sporting goods store that stocks a wide range of crossbow bolts. They have a knowledgeable staff who can assist with your purchase, and their return policy is very customer-friendly.

2. Academy Sports + Outdoors: Academy Sports + Outdoors is another great option for purchasing crossbow bolts. They offer a huge selection of bolts in-store, and they have great prices.

3. Gander Outdoors: Gander Outdoors is a well-known outdoor retailer that offers a large selection of crossbow bolts in-store. They have a great price match policy, and their customer service team is very helpful.

Tips to Avoid Scams and Get the Best Value for Your Money:

1. Research the brand and seller before making a purchase.

2. Check customer reviews and ratings.

3. Compare prices across multiple online and offline stores.

4. Look for deals and discounts.

5. Avoid purchasing from unverified sellers or sketchy websites.

6. Make sure the product is covered by a warranty or return policy.

Conclusion on Choosing the Right Crossbow Bolts

When it comes to choosing the right Crossbow Bolts, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the bolts are compatible with the user’s specific crossbow, so it is essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before making a purchase. Other important factors to consider include the material and weight of the bolts, as well as the type of nocks, fletching and tips.

In order to choose the best Crossbow Bolts for individual needs, it is important to determine the intended use of the bolts, as this will impact the required weight and construction of the bolts. For example, hunters may opt for heavier bolts with sharp tips, while target shooters may prefer lighter bolts with blunter tips.

In terms of a final recommendation, it is difficult to provide a specific product without knowing more about the user’s individual needs and preferences. However, some top-rated options in the market include bolts made from high-quality materials such as carbon and aluminum, with varying degrees of weight and tip options. Ultimately, the best Crossbow Bolts for each user will depend on factors such as their skill level, shooting preferences and intended use, so it is important to do thorough research before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q: What are Crossbow Bolts made of?
A: Crossbow Bolts are typically made of carbon, aluminum, or a combination of the two. Some bolts are also made of fiberglass or wood, but these are less common.

Q: How long should my Crossbow Bolts be?
A: The length of your Crossbow Bolts will depend on the size and type of your crossbow. It is important to match the appropriate length and weight of the bolt to your crossbow to ensure proper functioning and accuracy.

Q: How do I choose the right weight for my Crossbow Bolts?
A: The weight of your Crossbow Bolts will depend on the type of game you will be hunting or target shooting. Heavier bolts have greater kinetic energy and are ideal for larger game, while lighter bolts are better for smaller game or target shooting.

Q: What is the difference between half-moon and flat nocks on Crossbow Bolts?
A: Half-moon nocks are a unique shape that fit securely onto the bowstring of the crossbow, reducing the chances of the bolt flying off the string during firing. Flat nocks are more common and can be used with most crossbows, but require more care when loading to ensure they are securely seated on the bowstring.

Q: Can I reuse Crossbow Bolts?
A: Crossbow bolts can be reused if they are in good condition and have not sustained any damage during use. However, it is important to carefully inspect each bolt before reuse to ensure it is still straight and undamaged.

Q: How do I care for my Crossbow Bolts?
A: It is important to store Crossbow Bolts in a dry place and away from extreme temperatures to prevent warping or bending. Bolts should also be inspected regularly for any signs of damage, and any damaged bolts should be replaced.

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