bearx constrictor crossbow package review

bearx constrictor crossbow package review

Are you looking for a crossbow that puts you at an advantage when hunting in tight quarters? Nothing beats the Constrictor, a model that brings together a slim design, true power, and excellent accuracy. At 410 fps, any target is a goner, while the 10 inches in width when fully cocked make the crossbow worthy of its name.

At 7.8 pounds, it’s not a lightweight crossbow, but that also means that it’s made for hunters who want to go after big game and has the best chances of bringing it down with one shot. At 32 inches, it is a compact model, and you will be able to take it everywhere with you. The draw weight of 190 pounds adds appeal to this excellent hunting weapon.

Buyers receive a complete ready to shoot package that includes arrows, a quiver, a scope, a sling, and a cocking rope that they can start using the crossbow right away.



Package Includes:

Optics: Illuminated scope

Cocking device: Cocking rope

Quiver: Top mount 5-arrow quiver

Arrows: Three Bear X TrueX arrows

Sling: Available

Other: Rail lube/string wax



Speed (Up To) 410 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to)
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 32”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 14”/10”
Power Stroke
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.8 lbs
Draw Weight 190 lbs


Key Features

  •         Its top-mount quiver never gets in the way as it has a 360-degree pivot.
  •         You will love the comfort offered by the adjustable cheek pad.
  •         The anti-dry fire device makes sure you’ll never release an arrow by accident.
  •         The 3-inch trigger pull is convenient and comfortable to use.
  •         The illuminated scope increases aim accuracy.



  •         This crossbow is extremely fast at 410 fps top velocity.
  •         Its narrow dimensions make sure you can use it in tight quarters.
  •         You can mount the quiver in whichever side you find optimal.
  •         You will receive a complete package with arrows, a scope, a sling, a quiver, and a cocking rope.


  •         This crossbow is heavy for its size and not that easy to manipulate.
  •         The stock string that comes with it is not the best quality.



Build Quality – Durability


The company making this crossbow has a longstanding tradition in making hunting gear, which is why you can expect durable quality, no matter what products you purchase. The stock string, as mentioned, is not particularly durable, but the crossbow, as a whole, is dependable, and you will be able to take it on many hunting trips.

While some people may not like how heavy the crossbow is, that’s also a clear sign of the quality of the materials used for the frame. All in all, you can count on this model to be durable and serve you for many years.



When you go shopping for a crossbow, looks might not be your top priority, but BearX manages to combine striking visual appearance with performance. This particular model comes in two camouflage patterns, Veil Stoke and TrueTimber Strata, so you can pick the one that fits your situation the best.

Because of the narrow design, the crossbow has quite an aggressive appearance, and it is both functional and attractive.


Speed and Performance

Not many crossbows on the market, especially in the price bracket, can take pride in delivering the blisteringly fast speeds this model can. At 410 fps, you can be sure that your bolts will take down the prey without any issues. Performance-wise, it is a product that delivers, and you will have fun with it when you are out in the field. Sturdy and compact, it is a reliable weapon to have with you when you go hunting.



Accuracy can be a sore point for crossbows that don’t sell for thousands of dollars, but that’s not the case for the BearX Constrictor. Even at 100 yards, it delivers, and the fact that it comes with an illuminated scope makes things easier when you must hunt at dawn or dusk. Also, that expands your aiming range, and with it, your accuracy, as well.




Safety is essential when manipulating a crossbow, which is why you must always check any model you intend to purchase for features and technologies that guarantee it. This crossbow comes equipped with an anti-dry fire suppressor that makes sure that you won’t be able to release a bolt by accident.


Noise and Vibration

You will not find string dampeners or other mechanisms for suppressing noise on this particular model, as you might well expect. Usually, such features are employed on much more expensive models. Although this aspect might make the Constrictor a bit noisy, seeing how you can land shots from a fair distance with high accuracy, it is not that big an issue.


Ease of Use and Assembly

The Constrictor is not difficult to assemble, and minimal guidance is enough to help you put it together in the event that you have never assembled a crossbow before. As far as ease of use is concerned, there are some issues that should be mentioned.

For its compact size, it is a heavy model, and that means that not everyone can use it without extra effort. Another thing that should be mentioned here is that only a cocking rope is provided with your purchase, and cocking the crossbow takes quite a bit of physical strength.



BearX Constrictor Review Summary


If you want a weapon you can take with you to close and cramped quarters, there are few models that can beat the Constrictor, if any, especially for the convenient price tag attached to it. You will get superior velocity, a slim design that can go through anything, and excellent performance.

Although not the best the company can offer, it is a compact crossbow that goes beyond the call of duty and helps bring down big game without too much hassle. A plethora of accessories makes the crossbow an excellent deal that you will surely appreciate. A quick look at the features and specs will convince you right away.

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