bearx intense cd crossbow review

bearx intense cd crossbow review

A crossbow must deserve its name, and, in this case, the Intense CD is rightfully proud of the moniker given by its manufacturer. Sleek, deadly, fast, and accurate, it is a weapon you can depend on when you are out in the wild, chasing prey. Capable of shooting speeds at up to 400 fps, this crossbow has little competition on the market, especially in its price range.

When cocked, the width is reduced to 10 inches, and uncocked, it measures 14 inches, so it has a compact profile that will help you sneak through the woods without a problem. The 12.7-inch power stroke plays a pivotal role in sending arrows at the incredible speed mentioned. Because of its sturdy construction, it is highly durable, but also heavy, at 7.8 pounds. The 175-pound draw weight makes it more manageable than you might think at first glance.

It must be said that this model is sold as part of a ready to shoot package that also includes an illuminated scope, a quiver that can hold 4 arrows, 3 TrueX arrows made by the same company, a cocking rope, and rail lube to keep your crossbow ready for action.



Package Includes:

Optics: Illuminated scope

Cocking device: Cocking rope

Quiver: 4-arrow quiver

Arrows: Three BearX TrueX arrows

Other: Rail lube/string wax



Speed (Up To) 400 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to)
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 36”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 14”/10”
Power Stroke 12.7”
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.8 lbs
Draw Weight 175 lbs


Key Features

  •         The anti-dry fire mechanism is an excellent feature.
  •         You can depend on the Ready-to-Hunt accessory kit provided.
  •         It will send arrows at 400 fps.
  •         The 12.7-inch power stroke is superior.
  •         The 175-pound draw weight is convenient.
  •         It measures only 10 inches in width when cocked, and 14 inches uncocked.



  •         It is a fast crossbow that will take down prey fast.
  •         It is safe, and it will not dry-fire when you least expect it.
  •         The cocking rope comes in handy when you need to cock the crossbow.
  •         The accessories help you gain the upper hand in the field.


  •         At 7.8 pounds, it is not on the heavy side, so not everyone might be able to manipulate it.
  •         You won’t find any noise dampening features on this model.



Build Quality – Durability


A look at this crossbow will convince you that it is built to last. Like other Bear X products, it is dependable, and its heavy frame is a guarantee that you will get more than your money’s worth if you decide to opt for it instead of others.

While the heavy weight of the crossbow can be uncomfortable, it evens out with the sturdiness it provides, and once you get used to it, the chances are that you won’t want to change it for another.



The sleek profile of this crossbow is one of its essential benefits. First of all, it is not a small bow, at 36 inches in length, but because of how the frame is designed, its width is reduced, making it more compact than you would think. The staggering 10 inches in width when cocked contribute to the lethal weapon this crossbow is.

Available in Veil Stoke pattern, it is an excellent looking crossbow that feels heavy in your hand and provides you with amazing results in the field.


Speed and Performance

Most crossbows you find on the market aren’t capable of delivering the velocity this model is known for. One of the newest additions to the lineup of Bear X crossbows available on the market, this model will launch arrows at 400 fps, and its performance in the field is everything to write home about.

You will notice that the craftsmanship is superior and that all the parts work smoothly. That’s important for landing perfect shots, and you will soon discover that not many other crossbows can beat this one.




There are no particular features available on this crossbow that cater to an increase in accuracy, but the whole construction contributes to this aspect. The powerful limbs will help you send arrows at 400 fps speed for a flat trajectory that always reaches the target.

While it’s heavy, it is powerful, and that also plays a role in how accurate the crossbow is. Keeping a steady aim is easier when all the parts of the crossbow are reliable and part of a whole designed to work without glitches.



You will discover that this model comes with an anti dry-fire mechanism, which is an essential aspect that all crossbows worth the money have. You will not be able to release an arrow by accident, and that makes operating this crossbow much safer than others may be.


Noise and Vibration

Unfortunately, it looks like the manufacturer didn’t think of employing noise dampening technologies and features on this model, which means that it might not be the most silent you can find. However, let’s not forget that this model sells for only a fraction of what other crossbows ask, and that means that extras won’t be many.


Ease of Use and Assembly

The Intense CD has a straightforward construction, and it is not different from other crossbows. So, if you have already assembled a crossbow of a similar structure, you will know how to handle this one, too. If not, there are plenty of instructional videos that will help you understand how it’s done.



Bear X Intense CD Review Summary


You should get the Intense CD as your weapon of choice if you want to increase speed and power. On the heavy side, at 7.8 pounds, it’s not exactly the type of crossbow that could work for anyone. However, its draw weight is not as high as you might expect it, and, with the help of the rope provided, you will be able to cock it and shoot. The superior speed is a guarantee that you will land accurate shots, too, and, as long as you can handle it, it’s a great option to bear in mind.

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