HyperGhost 405 crossbow reviewFrom its inception more than half a century ago, Barnett has been credited for having served the needs of over one million customers for great quality crossbows, The popularity of the brand has led to thousands of Barnett crossbow reviews glorifying the exceptional quality of the firm’s various product offerings on the market. This serves as testament to Barnett’s commitment to deliver the best products in this specific category while ensuring complete customer satisfaction beyond all boundaries.

Best Barnett Crossbow Reviews


The company began with one man’s dream. Ignited by a genuine passion to hunt and to pursue a vision of what is truly needed to fulfill that passion, Barnett has already sold more than a million crossbows to date. Every best Barnett crossbow is constructed to be a better version of an earlier one, thanks to numerous innovations one after another. Year after year, the brand has succeeded in obtaining patent after patent for revolutionary crossbow technology. The brand has grown from its inception over half a century ago to a recognized leader in the industry.

Barnett crossbows are built to be stronger, faster, better and more powerful every time, each being made for optimal efficiency, speed and performance for the hunt. The engineers at Barnett ensure that the features they incorporate into every piece is the best and the most desired in a weapon of that specific type. This began with noteworthy inventions such as the Commando crossbow with its self-cocking capability, along with the first compound crossbow called the ‘Demon’, as well as the exclusive and proprietary Quick Detach Front End. In the present, there is now the fully integrated crank cocking device attachment that simplifies crossbow use.

The expert Barnett crossbow engineers have succeeded in creating the latest range in crossbows from the brand that impressively addresses the evolving needs of today’s generation of hunters. Every modern Barnett crossbow is lightweight and powerful while giving you freedom of control with its adjustability. Built for those who want nothing less than superior quality performance weapons and products for use on the field, Barnett Outdoors crossbows boast the highest quality on the market. The brand continues to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of slingshot and youth archery products.

Crossbow Technologies

Anti Dry Fire Trigger

The Anti Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger is a cutting edge mechanism by which the user is protected from shooting the crossbow without a projectile in place. The ADF is found in the brand’s top rated models including the: Ghost 360; Jackal; Lady Raptor FX; Penetrator; Predator; Quad 400; Raptor FX; Recruit; Vengeance; Wildcat C5; Wildcat C6 – Red Dot Sight. The mechanism is equipped with a spring-loaded redundant safety bar that stays in place till the projectile is seated properly, and then enables the user to switch off the safety and shoot the crossbow.

Carbonlite Technology

The Carbonlite technology is present in the following models: Buck Commander CRT and Xtreme; Ghost 360, 385, 400 CRT, 410; Predator Ultralite; Vengeance. This CRT Carbon Riser system is the most technologically advanced riser ever to be created for crossbows. It eliminates almost 43 percent of front end weight to shift the balance point radically to the shoulder, providing the most accurate and steadiest shot every time.

Shoot Thru Riser

A genuine Barnett exclusive, this technology is a unique design that provides a longer power stroke while ensuring that the cocking string remains beyond arm’s length. The special design delivers higher velocity and stored energy levels that are rare in this kind of weapon. The design team’s efforts to maximize power and minimize weight have been evaluated through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing, a space age NASA process now utilized for Barnett crossbows.

Metal-Injected Mold Technology (MIM)

The MIM trigger has undergone metal-injected molding to ensure superior quality tolerances beyond compare. You get an exceptionally smooth trigger pull at 3.5 pounds from these top selling Barnett models: Ghost 360; Jackal; Lady Raptor FX; Penetrator; Predator ; Raptor FX; Recruit Quad 400; Vengeance; Wildcat C5 and C6- Red Dot Sight. There is ultimately tighter tolerances plus less jerking from those crossbows.

Anti Vibration Isolation Technology

The Anti Vibration Isolation (AVI) technology is used in the following models: BCR Recurve; Jackal; Lady Raptor FX; Penetrator; Predator; Quad 400 and Quad Edge; Raptor FX; Recruit; Vengeance; Wildcat. The impressive technology uses proprietary high compression overmolded limbs and / or components to ensure effective reduction of noise and vibration by as much as 30 percent. The Anti Vibration Isolation technology is also instrumental in preventing scratches and nicks by providing a special protective barrier.

Speed Dial Technology

Featured on the Ghost 400 CRT model, the Speed Dial technology indicates the velocity or speed for that specific weapon in feet per second. Expect nothing less than impressive patented trigger assemblies to get the longest power stroke possible so you can hunt using the fastest and most reliable weapon available for the money.

Integrated Crank Available Technology

The Integrated Crank Available technology lets you detach the cheek piece of the crossbow and replace it with your new crank cocking device for a more dependable performance. The stock is given integrated bushings to ensure reliable velocity and effective set up of the crank device on the following models: Buck Commander Xtreme; Ghost 360; Lady Raptor FX; Predator; Quad 400; Raptor FX; Recruit; Vengeance; Wildcat C5; Wildcat C6 – Red Dot Sight.

Why you should get Barnett Crossbows

Barnett Crossbows are faster while being lightweight. The draw weight of a crossbow alone does not determine its speed, as it is a combination of the draw weight, the distance of the power stroke and the type of cam or wheel system. Barnett crossbows are expertly engineered with a longer power stroke that ensures storage of a higher level of energy compared to heavier weapons that feature a shorter power stroke. Faster arrow speeds are achieved through the draw weight, power stroke and synthetic cam or wheel harness system coming together to provide higher efficiency.

Barnett has a wide range of crossbows to make every hunting experience truly awesome. All top selling models come with the most advanced crossbow technologies ever to be engineered for this kind of weapon. Dollar for dollar, the consumer gets the best technology there is in this particular product category. The products in various Barnett ranges propel the projectile at awesome speeds and ensure a fantastic level of performance every time. Some of the exceptional things you can get when buying a Barnett crossbow include a vented quad limb assembly, an all-new composite stock, a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) high-energy cam system, a built-in crank cocking device attachment and a thumbhole grip. Truly, Barnett ensures that every hunter of any skill level is able to make the most of every outing.

A Plano Synergy Holdings, Inc brand, Barnett Crossbows offers superb warranty terms on its products manufactured in 2010, including a five-year limited warranty, except with the following models that come with a one-year limited warranty: the RC150 and the Panzer V. The warranty includes defects in workmanship and materials of the manufacturer and does not cover normal wear and tear on the strings and cables, misuse, and dry firing. Crossbow servicing is easy to obtain by simply calling the company’s toll-free customer service hotline to get a Return Authorization Number (RA#) before the weapon in question is to be sent back.


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