Whitetail Hunter Str Crossbow Review

Whitetail Hunter Str Crossbow Review

Barnett has always been known for providing hunters with the most reliable gear for shooting prey, with whitetail being a usual target for their crossbows. It should come as no surprise that the company thought about making an entire lineup dedicated to this purpose, as the Whitetail Hunter STR proves to be an excellent example of what Barnett can do.

Compact at less than 35 inches in length, and only a bit over 20 inches in width when uncocked (18.125 inches when fully cocked), it is reasonably lightweight, too, as it weighs only 6.6 pounds. Novice shooters will find it an excellent choice for this reason. The top velocity of 375 fps and the 118.6 foot-pounds of kinetic energy make it a redoubtable ally for shooting whitetail.

Multiple features and accessories make it a reasonable purchase, too. As you get a cocking device, a quiver, and arrows to start shooting, you will surely have to consider it if you are an avid whitetail hunter.



Package Includes:

Optics: 4x32mm multi-reticle scope

Cocking device: Rope cocking device

Quiver: Lightweight quiver

Arrows: Two 22” headhunter arrows

Other: Lubrication wax



Speed (Up To) 375 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 118.6 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 34.875”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 20.125”/18.125”
Power Stroke 15.437”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.6 lbs
Draw Weight 375 lbs


Key Features

  •         You will get the TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology that makes it so accurate in the field.
  •         The single bolt assembly feature is excellent for ease of use.
  •         Its step-through riser offers proper balance to the user when shooting.
  •         You will also get the patented Soft-Lok floating bristle arrow retainer.
  •         Safety is no issue due to the anti-dry fire system present.
  •         You can use it with a crank cocking device, as it is compatible with such extras.



  •         You can count on its tremendous accuracy when shooting whitetail.
  •         The relatively slim profile and low weight make it a fine choice for a beginner.
  •         It costs substantially less than other crossbows on the market and gets the job done.
  •         Ease of use is something worth noting, due to the various features catering to this aspect.
  •         Safety is guaranteed by several features present in its construction.


  •         The optics present are not the greatest, so you might want to use a replacement.
  •         It can get pretty loud, and there are no noise dampeners available with it.



Build Quality – Durability


You can count on the products made by Barnett to withstand the test of time, as they are built to last. This model is no exception to the rule, and it is pretty durable, something that makes it a good investment, seeing how it is also reasonably priced. The step-through riser, for instance, is made from composite fiberglass, something that helps it keep its weight to a minimum, at 6.6 pounds.



The Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage pattern employed by the manufacturer on this model makes it an excellent choice when you go after whitetail. Also, since it gets pretty slim when fully cocked, you will like its aggressive profile that gives you confidence that you have a great ally by your side when you go hunting in the woods. The camo helps you remain concealed when you want to approach your prey without being spotted.


Speed and Performance

It is important to remember that this model is made for whitetail in particular, which is why it doesn’t go overboard in terms of velocity. Also, whitetail is a type of game that you can approach at distances of 50-60 yards without being detected, so you don’t necessarily have to invest in a top of the line model that costs a pretty penny. This crossbow is ideal for hunting whitetail, at 375 fps, and satisfying performance at the distances mentioned.




You will be able to get reasonably close to your prey when armed with this crossbow, which means that from distances of around 50 yards, you will be able to land a clean kill without too much trouble. The scope provided with your crossbow helps some, but don’t expect it to work wonders. Also, if you plan to hunt bigger game, you might want to take a look at other models that are faster and provide better performance.



You can safely use this model as a novice as it comes with several features that ensure you won’t fire your crossbow by accident. The anti-dry fire mechanism is one of them and a guarantee that you won’t cause an accident by mistake. Also, when you place a bolt, and you cock the crossbow, it will slide in its designated place without a glitch.

The TriggerTech feature is another reason why you can rest assured that you can use this crossbow in perfect safety. With that, the safety reminders complete the pictures and help you manipulate the crossbow without fear of accidental firing.


Noise and Vibration

Since it’s a relatively inexpensive model, don’t expect to see any noise dampeners installed on its construction. That said, the crossbow can get pretty loud when you release a bolt, so you might want to practice a little and develop your shooting skills before taking your crossbow to the woods.


Ease of Use and Assembly

It will be delivered to you mostly assembled, which means that you will not have a lot of work to do to put it together. It should take you less than 15 minutes to have it ready to shoot. Another thing that must be mentioned here is that its smooth operation is ideal for novices, and its lightweight construction helps with the ease of use, too.



Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Review Summary


The Whitetail Hunter STR might not be the fastest crossbow you can find or the most loaded with accessories, but, for what it is designed to do, it delivers as promised. You will be able to land clean kills when hunting whitetail, and you will find its overall operation to be smooth and easy to handle.

Aspects such as the upgraded step-through riser, and the availability of technologies such as the Trigger Tech, make it an excellent deal for the money.

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