Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

For whitetail, but not only limited to that, you need a crossbow capable of offering you the necessary power and overall performance to ensure that you will be able to be fast, efficient, and deadly. The Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II was designed for hunting deer, but it offers many other advantages that cannot be overlooked. It is a lightweight crossbow, which means that hunters with a small body frame, such as female shooters and teenagers, can also use it successfully. Due to its ease of use, it is very popular among beginners, so, all in all, if you intend to get other members of the family to enjoy hunting with you, be it your spouse or your teenage kids, this crossbow is a good option. More good crossbows here




Barnett has made a reputable name among crossbow manufacturers, and that happens mainly because the company consistently delivers quality and performance. The crossbow this manufacturer makes is very durable and represents a good option if you want to invest in hunting gear. It must be mentioned that the components added to the main frame are made from stainless steel, so they are impervious to corrosion and rust. Since hunting often takes place in less than ideal weather conditions, this small aspect might offer you some peace of mind regarding the low maintenance of this type of gear.

The crossbow is delivered to customers almost fully assembled, so you will have no troubles putting it together and making it ready to hunt. The manufacturer offers instructions on how to assemble the crossbow, and it should take you around 5 minutes to have it in good operating order.



What many people like about this crossbow is that it’s not demanding at all. Seeing that its draw weight is only 150 pounds, almost anyone can cock it and shoot. Female shooters, as well as teenage hunters, will find it easy to manage, so the Barnett 78128 makes an excellent first bow. And not all more seasoned hunters will scoff at it, seeing that it does deliver enough power to bring down deer and it has functionalities that are more than useful out in the field.

The model has the Realtree Extra Camo pattern, allowing you to hide in the brush, a tree stand, or hunting blind, patiently waiting for your prey. The kinetic energy of 103 ft-lbs is enough for hunting medium game, but, of course, if you plan to go big game hunting, it may not be the ideal choice.

At top velocities of 350 fps, the model is decently fast. You will get an upside if you consider weight, as, at 6.4 pounds, it is lighter than many other crossbows on the market. For novices, in particular, this is an essential requirement. Axle to axle, the model measures a little over 16 inches, so it is about as narrow as many other models offered by Barnett.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow


Several things recommend this particular model for a beginner. For instance, the TriggerTech technology offered by Barnett on this crossbow will help with accuracy and shot consistency. This feature stands for frictionless release and works with a three-pound trigger with zero-creep, aspects that contribute to making the Barnett 78128 an option for anyone who desires a lean learning curve when picking up a crossbow for the first time.

Users will take full advantage of the nock sensor and the anti-dry fire trigger mechanism for eliminating early shots. Regarding safety, the Barnett 78128 offers excellent performance, and you will also appreciate that, given that the crossbow comes almost entirely assembled, you can’t go wrong with its setup.

As is the case for many crossbows nowadays, the selection of accessories offered by the manufacturer can tip the balance in its favor. You will receive, in the same package, a 4×32 scope, a rope cocker, a quiver, two arrows, and lube wax for keeping the string in good working order. The manufacturer offers clear instructions on how often you should wax the string and how to store your crossbow when not in use to avoid any unpleasant consequences such as a string that no longer draws well. The present Picatinny rails offer you the possibility to mount extra accessories, as you see fit.


Noise and vibrations

An anti-vibration foot stirrup is included in the design of this particular model, so you can rest assured that your crossbow will remain silent, allowing you to stay concealed in your place of choice, without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. For a crossbow mainly designed to offer performance and deadly accuracy against game such as deer and turkey, that is an important feature.




It may be true that the most seasoned hunters won’t be impressed with the Barnett 78128, but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook it even when you have some hunting experience under your belt. Its above average performance, as well as the overall quality of craftsmanship, and the array of extras and features offered should be enough to convince even the most pretentious hunter.

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