Barnett TS380 Crossbow Review

Barnett TS380 Crossbow Review

If you’ve been looking for the perfect companion to come along with you when shooting deer, the Barnett TS380 should tick all the right boxes. Its potent limbs, coupled with the cams capable of developing high energy, are part of what makes this crossbow stand out from the crowd. When using 380-grain arrows, you will be able to send them at speeds up to 380 fps, which means that your chances to hit the target are impeccable.

The buttstock allows you to adjust the length of the pull, while the pass-through design of the fore-end makes it ideal for any hunter. Its 12.625-inch power stroke, 121.82 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, and 201-pound draw weight are among the stats that make it such a dependable bow.

You will receive an entire package with your purchase, among which you will find a 4×32 millimeters scope, two 20-inch HeadHunter arrows, a crank cocking device, and a quiver with a side-mount adaptor.



Package Includes:

Optics: Halo 4×32 millimeters illuminated scope

Cocking device: Crank cocking device

Quiver: Quiver with side-mount adaptor

Arrows: Two 20″ HeadHunter Arrows

Noise dampening: track-mounted string dampeners, anti-vibration foot stirrup

Other: Lube wax



Speed (Up To) 380 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 121.82 FP KE
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 36.5”
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 16.75”/13.25”
Power Stroke 12.625”
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.9 lbs
Draw Weight 201 lbs


Key Features

  •         The TriggerTech design provides you with a frictionless release.
  •         The flight track is made from CNC machine aluminum.
  •         Its Soft Lok arrow retainer is a must-have for avoiding dry-firing.
  •         You will find three Picatinny rails on the frame, for multiple mounting options.
  •         Its buttstock allows adjustable length of pull.
  •         The string dampeners are track-mounted, for maximum results.



  •         The frictionless technology is excellent and offers you smooth operation
  •         Because you can adjust the length of pull, the crossbow is a good fit for everyone.
  •         The safety mechanisms in place make it an excellent option for a novice.
  •         The package you receive is complete with an illuminated scope, and other great accessories.
  •         It is comfortable to cock due to the crank cocking device provided with your purchase.


  •         From the manual provided with your purchase, it’s not clear what category the crossbow belongs to, which can lead to confusion.



Build Quality – Durability


The TS380 is built with durability in mind, yet it is lightweight and offers plenty of extras that make it such an excellent option for hunting. Because of the single bolt assembly, the model provides superior sturdiness, and Barnett is a company well-known for running thorough quality control before releasing a new product on the market.

The CNC machined aluminum flight track keeps the crossbow lightweight. Also, this feature ensures that you will be able to securely hold the arrows without getting in the way of the flight. A metal injection mold was used for the trigger, and the magnesium riser offers a dependable core for a weapon you will get to use for many years.



This model is not exactly a compact crossbow since it measures 36.5 inches in length, and it has a width of 16.75 inches when uncocked. When you cock it, the width reduces to 13.25 inches, which is reasonable and will allow you to navigate thick brush.

The aggressive design makes it appealing, while the digital gray wrap gives it a subdued appearance so that you can remain concealed when stalking your prey.


Speed and Performance

You will be pleased with the top speed of this model that can shoot 380-grain arrows at up to 380 fps. This is enough for hunting deer, although it might not be ideal for bigger game. Several features contribute to the excellent performance provided.

The flight track, together with the TriggerTech trigger, minimizes friction, which means that your arrows’ speed won’t be affected.




In terms of accuracy, the Barnett TS380 manages to impress, as the innovative technology used for retaining the arrows, called Soft-Lok, plays a vital role in ensuring that your shots land with excellent accuracy.

Also, because of the noise dampening features, the reduction in vibration contributes to the superior accuracy of this crossbow.



When using a crossbow, you must have some safety features in place. The model reviewed here comes with a TriggerTech system that is designed to eliminate the risk of dry-firing. That means that you will never run the risk of shots fired by mistake.

On the stock, you will notice the finger reminders that will keep your hands protected. The nock sensors and the safety release are other features that make sure you will not be harmed while using this crossbow.


Noise and Vibration

You don’t have to worry that your crossbow will give your position away each time you release an arrow. There are a few features that ensure silent operation, with which other advantages come into play. The track-mounted string dampeners are there to ensure that the string won’t vibrate a lot when you shoot.

Also, the anti-vibration foot stirrup is another feature that caters to the same outcome. You will be more than happy with what this crossbow can do and how silent it can be.


Ease of Use and Assembly

Because the manufacturer includes an instruction manual with your purchase, you won’t have to worry about assembling it. The process is relatively easy, although novices might do themselves some good and watch some video tutorials to get it right. Make sure that you take all the steps to put together the crossbow so that you don’t damage it by mistake.



Barnett TS380 Crossbow Review Summary

The Barnett TS380 is a reliable choice if you are looking for a crossbow to help you shoot deer. Well-crafted and equipped with a plethora of features, it is among the few products on the market that can afford so many conveniences in the same package. It is accurate, powerful, and silent, three characteristics that qualify it as a real hunter’s helper.

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