Daryl with his survival crossbow

One doesn’t have to be a professional archer and neither do they have to be pretty interested in developing primitive survival skills just to be able to genuinely enjoy shooting with the best survival bow on the market. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the most of your modern urban survival skills by using a bow and arrow.


1. Samick Sage

blankIf you are entirely new to archery and you are interested in purchasing a survival bow, you might want to consider this alternative as it offers plenty of value for every cent spent and it has been found to be easier to use compared to others. The riser is made from hard maple and laminated Olive Dymondwood, and these materials render the bow as durable as possible.

It’s available in draw weights ranging from 35 lbs to 55 lbs, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements and physical attributes, too. The 35 lbs one is recommended for young adults and small to average-sized female shooters, so keep your body and power in mind when you make the choice.

The forty lbs variety has been found to be excellent for deer hunting, for example, but you might need to get a somewhat heavier version of this particular weapon if you want to hunt elk.



What we liked:

  • Great materials
  • Available in a wide range of draw weights
  • Eye-catching design
  • Effective performance especially in its price range

What we didn’t like:

  • The original string can be too long, so you need to twist it to get the right brace height

2. Recon Folding Survival Bow

blankIf you are in the market for a truly durable survival bow and you’d prefer getting one that’s a tad bigger compared to many other options, perhaps you should check out the SAS Recon Folding alternative. It won’t fit into a standard hunting backpack, unlike its somewhat smaller cousin, the 21” SAS Tactical Survival bow.

However, the performance and excellent construction of this bow recommend it. It’s longer and can deploy faster, but you also won’t need to remove pivot pins screws or reverse its limbs. This modern longbow is available in draw weights ranging from 45 to 55 pounds, so it definitely speaks to the needs of stronger archers. The total bow length is 63 inches when strung and 24.3 inches when folded.

The speed of the arrows that you are going to be able to shoot using this weapon is 200 feet for the 50-pound version and 210 feet for the 55-pound alternative.



What we liked:

  • This folding survival bow is made from US and Aerospace materials
  • The camo carry case comes with adjustable straps
  • Both the riser and limb holding brackets are made of Aerospace Grade T6 aluminum
  • The bow deploys a lot faster compared to others

What we didn’t like:

  • Due to its size, this bow is incompatible with most standard backpacks

3. Sas Tactical Survival Bow

blankThe Tactical model is the shorter version of the Recon, and you can fold it down to measure just 21 inches in length, which means that it is easily transportable using any backpack you might own already. The limbs of the bow are designed using typical techniques, but what makes this unit stand out from the crowd is the fact that it boasts a retaining pin crafted from marine grade stainless steel.

The riser of this product is made from aerospace grade T6 aluminum, much like those boasted by other SAS bows. This factor makes the weapon light and strong, so definitely capable of withstanding quite a bit of abuse. Also, it’s a winner in terms of usability since you won’t find it difficult to work with it. It’s also worth noting that the riser has a non-reflective coating on it that allows you to maintain your stealth and keep out of your prey’s sight.



What we liked:

  • Aerospace grade T6 aluminum construction on the riser
  • Retaining pin made from marine grade stainless steel
  • Anti-reflective coating on the riser
  • This bow is easy to pack and transport since it fits most backpacks

What we didn’t like:

  • The grip isn’t exactly ergonomic, so you’ll have to get full hand grips to be able to hold it properly

4. Southwest Archery Samick Sage Bundle

blankIf you are a prepper or a survivalist and you want to make sure that you are going to be able to stand any challenging situations that you might have to encounter, perhaps the Samick Sage by Southwest Archery is a reasonable alternative for you.

This bundle includes a 62-inch Samick Sage bow, a stick-on arrow rest, a B-50 bow string, as well as a stringer tool. The recommended maximum draw length for this option is 29 inches, but you can get an extra called Southwest Spyder XL if you need a longer one. As for the recommended brace height, it’s between 7.5 inches and 8.25 inches.

Described by beginning archers as a very good tool, especially if you aren’t interested in performing further modifications, this alternative is probably worthy of your consideration. The riser is made from several layers of hard maple and it is also clear-coated to protect the material from liquids, the humidity that might be in the environment, and even perspiration.



What we liked:

  • The riser has a smooth and comfortable feel in your hand
  • There’s a clear coating on the riser that protects it from humidity
  • The bow is made from high-quality materials
  • With this one, a 35-lbs draw weight is enough to take down a deer

What we didn’t like:

  • We found recent complaints that the stringer tool no longer comes shipped with the bow. If that happens, you need to get in touch with customer support

5. Spectre Compact Takedown Bow

blankThis bow is available in draw weights ranging from 35 to 55. The draw length is 24 to 27 inches depending on the model and the weight of the bow inside the case is 2.3 pounds. Boasting a riser made out of metal, it’s pretty easy to see that this survival bow is a winner when it comes to durability.

The limbs are made from a mix of fiberglass and resin and are coated in a black finish. This feature makes it possible for hunters to remain impervious to being noticed by their prey. Probably the neatest thing about this product is that its assembly can be performed without the need of any tools.

The bow is accompanied by a somewhat basic carry case made of nylon that’s fitted with a shoulder strap. The case is sizeable enough for the bow to fit inside it broken down, as well as the arrows and string.



What we liked:

  • This is a short bow that’s more or less forgiving, so it might be a good choice for beginners
  • Thanks to its size, it’s easily portable
  • Limbs made of a mix of resin and fiberglass
  • The wings and center handle are made of metal

What we didn’t like:

  • You have to wrap the handle in rope or leather because it is cold to the touch

A survival bow: What is it?

The survival bow typically has a takedown or folding design, with a riser and bow limbs engineered to survive the end of days, to defend the user when a powerful and silent self-defense weapon is called for, or to put food on the table. It is essential for the prepper or individual who wants to prepare for any eventuality while maximizing space. It doesn’t have anything flimsy or cheap about it, with the limbs designed to collapse into the riser and be locked into place easily via twist knobs or similar mechanisms. The string can be seated with minimal effort.

Lightweight and utilitarian, it is a functional weapon that helps keep the user alive in an urban setting or in the bush while being compact and durable.

Material of the best Survival Bow

The survival bow can be constructed from nearly any hardwood material. Most survival bows are made from yew, maple, some pines, ash, Osage orange, Birch and aspen, with cheaper ones commonly made of brittle oak. Exotic wood can make up some models as well.


Daryl with his survival crossbow

Why Survival Bows are better than pistols or guns

Unlike a gun, a survival bow doesn’t require registration so you can just buy one and walk out without getting grilled or having to fill out anything. Laws and legal limitations are quite limited for this kind of weapon compared to purchasing guns and bullets. No red tape, permits or paperwork to worry about for hassle-free use.

Consumers can even order online and have the product sent straight to their doorstep. Almost as lethal as any gun, a survival bow will be the ultimate weapon for the person with the right shooting skills for it. The best survival bows are very powerful.

Benefits of Survival Bows

  • The survival bow and arrow have a simple design that makes them portable and light while being easy to fix in case of damage.
  • The bow-and-arrow configuration provides you with an extremely quiet weapon while promising the same level of deadliness as any gun-and-bullet combination.
  • The components of a collapsible bow kit can serve multiple purposes as well. The bow string itself can be used in making snares and traps, as cordage for shelter building, when doing bow drills for making fires, and for use in trotline fishing. This is thanks to the varying lengths the bow string comes in, ranging between 4 and 6 feet and boasting exceptional strength. The arrows can be utilized as gigs and spears for catching fish and small game. They can also be employed for lashing onto a longer shaft to be used as a long spear for hunting big game and for self-defense.
  • Silent and deadly, a survival bow is less likely to be stolen compared to a gun because not all people know what it is or they may not have any idea at all how to use it. The survival bow does not easily give away what it’s worth, either.
  • Once one develops the skills for the use of the survival bow, those skills get ingrained for life, much like riding a bicycle.
  • Despite the simple design and use of a survival bow, children will not easily be able to unfold the weapon, notch an arrow, pull the string back and release the arrow. This is unlike a loaded gun in which the trigger lock is absent, which curious kids could effortlessly pull the trigger on and cause injury to themselves and others.
  • The absence of any complicated mechanical parts means the survival bow will do its job during those critical times when a weapon is needed. No parts can have jams or fail to work.
  • Collateral damage will be kept to a minimum, also. Shotguns create a large hole in their path and the areas surrounding it. The intended target will be shot but there is no surrounding area to worry about.
  • For instinctive shooting, the user can be in any position. The bow may be held level with the ground when lying on one’s back, so you won’t have to get to a vertical position to shoot. When shooting while ducking under a branch, the user can lean forward to shoot with the bow without the need to get into a fully vertical position either. In fact, no matter what the situation may be, whether you are barely hanging by the skin of your teeth or hair, you can shoot with a survival bow without getting into a vertical position.

The survival bow provides the ultimate modern survival weapon for the truly progressive individual. It always pays to know how to wield one. Get yourself the best survival bow and be prepared!

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