Which is the Best Compound Bow on the market?

Which is the Best Compound Bow on the market?


Choosing the best compound bow for the money out of the hundreds of options available today may seem confusing. With so much misleading industry jargon, it can be overwhelming to find sensible, straightforward information that allows a shopper to find the top choice based on simple facts rather than puffed-up language.

We at Pickabow know that fact, so we decided to smoothen that burdensome process for you. Whether you are a professional archer, a beginner, a woman, or just a parent who wants his child to learn the ins and outs of archery, you will greatly benefit from our compound bow reviews, which will guide you in making the right choice.

Best Compound Bow Reviews for 2022 – Our top picks

Despite the usual practice these days, we decided against reviewing only the higher-priced bows. Not everyone can or want to spend 600+ dollars for his hobby. So we want to ensure that we provide a solution for those looking for value and those who simply want the best, no matter the cost. So we try to have an option for every budget, whether you have $200, $300, $400, or $500+ dollars to spend.

Our Low Budget Choices for Every wallet:

1. Sas Rage Compound Bow: Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality

Sas Rage Compound Bow


  • Designed to be easy to aim and draw, even for first-time archers.
  • Priced extremely affordably.
  • Capable of producing enough power to take down small and medium prey humanely
  • This 4.4 lb compound bow has an adjustable draw weight of 55 to 70 pounds.


  • It should be noted that the SAS Rage compound bow manufacturer is not as well known as other companies.
  • Some consumers have mentioned that the bow’s hefty 4.4-pound weight interferes with their ability to site their target accurately for long periods of time.

Choosing a compound bow can be difficult, even for experienced archers. There are several models to choose from, and each often claims to be the easiest to draw and aim. If you are searching for an accurate and powerful bow, the Rage from SAS might be exactly what you are looking for.


One of the first aspects to consider is the bow’s design, which will affect how accurately you can aim and shoot your arrows. This compound bow might be slightly heavier than similar models, but it does come with a durable construction that can withstand countless hours of misfires during practice sessions. The limbs are constructed from durable and inexpensive fiberglass and feature a parallel design. The aluminum riser is machined to provide a smooth base to rest and aim your arrow, and this compound bow also features a dual eccentric cam system. The aluminum cams are durable and make it extremely easy to adjust the draw length.


How a bow performs will ultimately determine how well you can aim and hit a target, and even though the SAS Rage is designed for novice archers, it can provide you with a smooth and consistent performance. The dual eccentric cams let you stop the draw at a comfortable weight, move the pin up or down a hole. The aluminum cam system also helps to ensure a smooth draw for more accurate shots. The draw weight can also be adjusted in 5-pound increments up to 70 pounds so you have plenty of power to make a clean kill shot.

With a maximum draw rate of 70 pounds this compound bow can generate enough power to be used for target practice and small-game hunting. While it also has a maximum speed of 270 feet per second, it should be noted that this compound bow should only be used for hunting if you are capable of repeated 70-pound draws. Otherwise, your shot won’t have the power it needs to penetrate skin and bone for a quick and humane kill.

Noise and Vibrations

Even if you use a bow for backyard target practice, you still want it to be quiet when fired. This is extremely important to consider if you plan on using a bow for hunting since the last thing you want to do is startle your prey with a loud noise. Noisy draws and releases can also throw off your aim, along with that of those around you.

The SAS Rage is not extremely loud, but there are quieter and more expensive bows. An inexpensive dampening kit can easily resolve the minor problem with vibrating strings. Designed to muffle noise and vibrations, you will find it easier to line up your next shot. Another advantage of adding a dampener is its ability to stabilize the string to ensure a smooth and accurate shot.


This compound bow features a sleek and stylish design that will make even novice bowmen look like professional archers. The aluminum riser provides a place for you to rest your bow and also features unique cutouts that give it a slightly “waffled” look. Hunters will appreciate the camouflage design on the limbs and riser that help the bow blend into the surrounding area. The bow also features an easy and comfortable design, which is especially important for beginners who are still learning how to handle the bow.


If you are looking for an inexpensive compound bow designed for beginners, this might be exactly what you need. It features a durable aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic construction that can withstand being used repeatedly by novice archers, including misfires that might break the stings on other bows. The parallel design limbs help to provide plenty of balance and support, and it is layered to give the bow added support on heavy 70-pound draws. You will also appreciate the dual eccentric cam system that lets you mark a comfortable draw weight for your next shot.

You will appreciate having plenty of power behind your shots, and with a maximum speed capability of 270 feet per second, you can easily line up a shot with fast moving prey. It also features a stylish design that will not make you look like an amateur, even if you really are one. The riser has plenty of cutouts to give it a sleek and modern look that is only highlighted by the camouflage detailing. Measuring 35 inches in length and with a 30 inch draw weight, this compound bow is the perfect choice for beginners of all ages. While SAS might not be a well know company yet, they are well on their way with the affordable Rage compound bow. It should also be mentioned that this 70 lb bow also seems to perform best with 30″ aluminum or carbon arrows.




2. Leader Accessories: Best beginner compound bow for youth and female

Leader Accessories Compound Bow


  • Smooth draw circle makes hunters’ lives easier.
  • Adjustable draw length and weight make it suitable for many categories of users.
  • Let-off design compensates well the required pressure


  • While the bow seems well-made, not the same thing can be said for the accessories.
  • The release aid is more than necessary.

Right-handed archers who are new to this fascinating hobby will discover a great ally in the Leader Accessories Compound Bow. As there’s no need for assembly once the model is delivered to your door, you will be able to head out to hunting adventures right away. Several accessories are provided to make your introduction to the world of archery a breeze. There is no need to spend on expensive gear when only a novice shooter uses this model. While many may argue that the overall quality of the accessories leaves plenty to be desired, the fact that they are there can make beginners more confident in their abilities as they try taking aim and shooting arrows for the first time in their lives.


From the first moment you touch this bow, you will notice how well it is made. For beginners, and not only, this is a crucial aspect, as a poorly designed bow can make it harder to land shots, especially without hours of practice under your belt. The machined aluminum riser already has the necessary cutouts for attaching accessories, so, in case you are interested in upgrading your bow with extras, you will be able to do so without a glitch. Also, the aluminum components bring the total weight of the bow to 3.3 lbs, which is something that most people can carry and use.

The ABS limbs are sturdy and dependable, as well. The pivoting pockets that hold them look like they could support some wear and tear, which counts toward the overall lifespan of this model. It must be mentioned that the cams from the dual cam system are also made of aluminum, to keep the entire weight of the bow as low as possible. You must bear in mind that mounting accessories on your bow will make it heavier and less comfortable to use than without them, but, overall, the manufacturer’s care for keeping the total weight of the bow to a minimum is laudable.



The first thing that must be mentioned here is probably the fact that this model is only available in the version for right-handed shooters. Keep this in mind, to avoid having to send your order back. The 28” axle-to-axle length makes this compound bow a compact choice. Female shooters, as well as teenagers, will find it much more accommodating than others for this reason.

Both weight and length can be adjusted, and there’s no need to use a bow press when customizing the bow for the user’s needs. A nice variety of camo and color variations is available, and you can pick the one you prefer. The dual cam system helps to deliver a smooth action that even more advanced shooters will appreciate.


This bow with accessories is a good option if you look for an ideal opportunity for beginners. The draw weight varies between 30 and 50 lbs, while the length varies between 19” and 29”. With a let-off design of 70%, the bow compensates well the required weight for drawing the bow, and that is why even young shooters can use it.

With a maximum speed of 296 feet per second, it is a compound bow with decent velocity, which means that you can take it along when hunting. Another feature that we must talk about is the array of accessories that come with this model. You will get a fiber optic sight that will help you acquire your target more efficiently than the naked eye. A drop away rest for your arrow also comes with your purchase, and there’s also a release aid included to make your job of releasing your bolts easier than before. You will also receive a peep sight, a loop, wax for maintaining the string, and two arrows made of aluminum.

Noise and Vibrations

The bow we review here is quite noisy if you use it without a stabilizer. If you intend to use it for hunting, it is essential that you don’t forget this simple piece of advice. Releasing your arrow, and generally using your bow, will draw the attention of your prey, especially if you are after game with sensitive hearing, like deer.

Should you decide to bring down the noise and reduce vibrations, investing in some limb silencers is a good idea. Such accessories, however, are not included in your purchase, and you will have to purchase them separately.


For bow hunting, and even bow fishing, this model offers the required performance. It is, however, ideal mostly for beginners, and shooters who want to obtain more than just the usability of a novice hunting weapon, may not be that pleased with it. However, if you are starting out, and you want something suitable for your skill level, it is quite a desirable option. As it comes along with a few accessories, you will discover that it is easy to use, and adjusting it won’t be a problem either. The compact design will allow you to move through dense foliage without worrying that your bow might get caught up in some branches.


Our Low-Mid Price Range Picks:

3. Gen-X Bow: Best For target shooting and more

Genesis X Bow


  • The progressive let-off construction allows easy adjustments for draw weight, making this bow fast and reliable.
  • Its components are made in the US, and high-quality materials are used to guarantee its sturdiness for years.
  • Priced more conveniently than other models on the market, it is the right option for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their first compound bow.


  • No arrow rest and nock are included with your purchase.
  • Some users say that it is much more suitable for target practice, and hunting small game at best, thus its uses may be somewhat limited, at least as hunting is concerned.

Are you looking for a compound bow that is versatile and easy to use? Look no further than the Gen-X Bow – RH/LH. Ideal both for shooting at the range for fun and increasing accuracy, as well as for hunting small game, it is the kind of bow that can be offered as a gift to someone who takes up archery and needs a proper weapon to train. Because you can choose from the version for right-hand shooters and the one for left-hand shooters, you will notice from the start the attention of the company making this bow for its customers. Versatile and adjustable, this bow is also decently priced, and many customers comment on the advantage of purchasing such a sleek, comfortable-to-use, compound bow for a price lower than expected.


First things first, it must be said that this bow is made in the US, thus abiding by the highest manufacturing standards. The materials used, as well as the craftsmanship invested in this model, will tell you right away that this is a sturdy compound bow that will last for many years. Should you decide that archery is for you, this model is a sound investment, as it is sturdy and it will withstand a lot of usage over the years.

You might expect a bow made from lightweight materials such as aluminum, to be anything but robust, but that is where the innovative techniques used by the manufacturer come into play. The machined aluminum riser, as well as the aluminum cam and the idler wheel, keep the weight of the bow to a minimum, and they are well balanced by composite limbs. The bowstrings are designed for high strength so they can send your arrows at a distance with excellent accuracy. Weighing only 3.4 pounds, this lightweight compound bow is a must for beginners.



Versatility dictates the value of this bow, and from a simple look at its design, you will be able to tell that it fits a large variety of shooters. The standard draw weight for this bow is 40 lbs, which means that you will be able to send your arrows at high velocity toward the target of your choosing. However, the draw weight can be adjusted down to 25 lbs, allowing shooters of all levels and strengths to use it without a problem.

You will need a 3/16” hex wrench to work on adjusting the draw weight, but the tool needed is readily provided by the manufacturer, which is another great plus. Another aspect that shows how much this bow caters to a large category of shooters is the draw length that can be adjusted between 21” and 30”. A wide variety of colors and camo options are available, so you can pick one that reflects your personality and style.


The single cam design of the Gen-X Bow – RH/LH helps the shooter achieve the desired velocity, as its draw weight goes as high as 40 lbs. The smooth draw circle makes things easy for shooters, allowing them to increase their accuracy and the velocity of their shots without a glitch. The 35 ½” axle-to-axle construction ensures that this bow offers perfect stability, something that matters for beginners that do not always manage to adjust their aim with ease.

The molded grip ensures that you will find the bow comfortable to use, while the machined aluminum riser comes pre-drilled and tapped to make it easy for you to attach accessories.


Anyone who has tried this compound bow can tell you that it is a good option for hunting, but mostly if you are after small game. Actually, it is legal in most of the US for hunting whitetail deer, which says something about its capabilities and uses. Because it is lightweight, you can use it from a tree stand, without straining your hands.

Also, if you like target practice, this bow is an excellent companion and tool for honing your skills. In case you’re not at all interested in hunting, you will find the bow reviewed here to be just what you need.


A bow that can be used successfully for target practice and hunting small game, the Gen-X Bow – RH/LH is an excellent choice for a beginner. Because its draw weight and lengths can be adjusted, it is a sound investment, too, as it will grow with the shooter and his or her abilities. The smooth action of this bow recommends it for those who need a forgiving weapon that is also comfortable to use. Lightweight and convenient, it is also decently priced, so a good alternative for anyone who wants to take up archery.


4. Predator Archery RAPTOR :A complete kit for all your needs



  • The accessories provided include a whisker biscuit arrow rest, a pin sight that comes with light and level, and a stabilizer.
  • The peep sight and the loop are already installed.
  • With a 75% let off, it caters to people who cannot draw a heavy bow under normal circumstances.


  • It does not look to be tuned well by the factory.
  • Incidents with the cable guard becoming loose are reported.

Amateur archers do better with a complete kit than with purchasing all the needed accessories for their bows from different sources. The RAPTOR Compound Kit comes at the aid of those who don’t have the time to search extensively for the best accessories to fit with their bows. Due to the outstanding quality of the materials used for both the bow and the accessories, this kit is an excellent investment. Seeing how many extras are included, the pricing is competitive and one of the selling points of this kit. Performance is superior, as well, not to mention that the bow is adjustable, and, therefore, versatile.


You might expect the limbs of bows within the price range of this model to feel flimsy and cheap, but that is not at all what you will experience when you put your hands on this bow. These components are made in the US, from the highest quality materials possible, which may surprise you, given the price. The fact that the company doesn’t cut corners reflects in the machined aluminum cams, as well. Unlike other models on the market that use plastic for such components, nothing in the cams of this bow contains the said material.

The accessories included will offer the same satisfaction. They are also made from top-notch materials, and they add value to a model that is more than decently priced. The 5 pin sight comes with light and level, you also get a whisker biscuit arrow rest and a stabilizer. If you add all these accessories to any bow on the market, and compare prices, you will understand why so many people say that the Raptor offers terrific value for the price.



The beauty of having a compound bow is the fact that your weapon partially compensates the necessary weight you need to put into drawing the strings. In the case of this particular model, you will discover that 75% of the required weight is let off. What does this mean for you? For instance, if you need to pull 70 lbs, what you’re actually holding when you draw the string is just a total weight of 17.5 lbs. This aspect is one of the many things that make this compound bow such an excellent choice for beginners.

The bow is available in solid back and camo pattern, allowing you to choose the one that you feel it is most suitable for your needs. If you intend to use it for hunting, the camo pattern is an excellent choice. For target practice, the solid black color is, probably, often chosen over the camouflage coloring.


There are many great things to be said about this particular model, starting with the adjustable draw length and weight. You can modify the draw length of this bow between 24.5” and 31”, as well as the draw weight that can be adjusted between 30 lbs and 70 lbs, and that without having to use a bow press for it. As you can quickly glean from this information, the Raptor is an excellent choice for anyone who seeks versatility.

The 30” axle-to-axle design and the total weight of just 3.6 pounds contribute to the popularity of this bow among novice shooters and archers. When using 350-grain arrows, you will be able to send them flying at a velocity of 315 feet per second, which is an achievement for bows in this class. Besides the cool accessories that you will get right out the box, the peep sight comes already installed, which means that no extra assembly is required. The tuning system is a split yoke model, and it allows you to adjust your bow as you see fit.


Many people are interested in taking up archery, but they are unsure whether they will settle for target practice or they will want to take the bow with them when hunting or even fishing. The manufacturer advertises this kit as being ideal for any activities that require a bow, even bow fishing. Ideal for practicing and honing your aim and precision, it is an excellent choice for novices. However, even adults who never used a bow can take advantage of the versatile construction and outstanding performance of this model.

The fact that it only takes minutes to adjust the bow for archers of different skills and body frame is another great plus that counts toward the incredible versatility of the Raptor.


If you are a beginner archer and you don’t know what you should purchase as your first bow, this kit answers all your questions. It comes with everything that’s needed to increase your precision, and it also caters to your comfort. The only accessory not supplied is a quiver with arrows, so you will have to get those separately. Otherwise, it has an arrow rest, a pin sight, and a stabilizer, so everything you might need to start practicing. Easy to adjust for people with different skills and heights, it is a versatile option you should not overlook.

For those looking to spend a little more:

5. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro: For any shooter out there – novice or experienced

Infinete Edge Pro


  • The excellent customization options allow any shooter to adjust the bow to his or her liking without any trouble.
  • Its particular design, solid limbs, and lightweight construction make it ideal for any situation, in the field or otherwise.
  • It is a compound bow that can be used for various activities.


  • The peep sight is not pre-installed; some may find this a drawback to an otherwise excellent compound bow.

While looking for the most versatile compound bows out there, you will feel hard-pressed to find one that fares better than the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge. It is clear that the manufacturer thought about providing its clients with the most generous array of adjustability options out there, and the result is outstanding. For the target practice shooter out there, as well as for the seasoned hunter who wants a reliable weapon for hunting down prey, it is an excellent buy. The fact that it comes in the same package with an array of extra accessories that can make your life easier adds to its incredible value.



The company in charge of making this beautiful compound bow has a long-standing tradition in making hunting gear that is designed to last for years, without showing signs of wear and tear. It is clear as day that this compound bow is no exception to the rule, and this is not all. Improving a previous design that was the company’s best seller for years, the manufacturer managed to pull an even more coveted compound bow that took everything the model from before had and just made it better.

The dedicated fans of the hunting gear maker are more than pleased with the improvements, and the overall build of the product remains as durable and reliable as for the best seller model. The aluminum components lend the model durability while keeping its weight at a comfortable 3.2 lbs. The handmade string, created by Octane, is of the same high-quality as the rest of the bow. The solid limbs are durable, too, and they might be preferable to the split limb construction other compound bows come with.

Infinete Edge Pro


You can get this bow for right-handed and left-handed archers, so there’s no limitation to worry about in this respect. With a draw length varying between 13” and 31” and a draw weight that can be adjusted anywhere between 5 and 70 pounds, it is no wonder that the uses for this bow are so extensive. Reaching a high velocity of 310 feet per second, the bow we review here offers superior performance, and helps you pick the right weapon for your next hunting trip with ease.

From axle to axle the bow measures 31.5”, so you might not have a problem when hunting in cramped places. The brace height, at 7”, is adequate, too, and the fact that the let-off for this model goes as high as 80% tells something more about its versatility and how well it adapts to any situation and any shooter who wants to use it. If you have preferences in regards to the appearance, you can pick between the BlackOps design, the camo Mossy Oak Infinity pattern and Pink Blaze.



We would not be able to talk about the features of this bow, without mentioning the plethora of accessories that are delivered with your purchase. The 3-pin tundra sight along with the peep sight that is provided will help you take aim and land accurate shots with ease. A stabilizer, as well as an arrow rest, are offered, too. The latter does not have a complicated design, and that’s good, because there are no mechanical parts involved, and the risk of it breaking is reduced. A quiver that can hold up to five arrows is a nice touch and will make young shooters happy when offering this package as a gift. Other accessories included are a string loop that lets you attach a release aid and a wrist sling that will keep the bow attached to your hand after releasing an arrow.

The particular design of the dual cam system with bearings that are encased into the cams contributes to the overall excellent performance of this particular bow. Twin cams may be known for being a bit noisy, but you don’t have to worry about such a thing.


Noise and Vibrations

Any hunter worth his or her salt can tell you that making noise in the woods is guaranteed to send your prey running away, leaving you empty-handed. What you need is a good quality bow that will be deadly and silent. With the help of the ultra-light stabilizer that this model comes equipped with, the vibrations in the strings are stopped efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about the noise. One thing that we should add here is that the stabilizer works pretty well, and you won’t have to invest in other accessories, such as silencers.



If you want a versatile bow, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is an excellent buy. Packed with features that extend its usefulness and durability, it is the type of compound bow that doesn’t leave you wanting for extras. Speaking of extras, the nice selection of accessories offered with this model will convince you that you should not opt for other models on the market. Ideal for target shooting, hunting, and archery, it is a great choice that you should at least consider on your shortlist.


6. Bear Archery Cruzer G2: Superior versatility at an afforable price

Bear Archery Cruzer G2


  • The durable design, with limbs made from EnduraFiber, and a riser made from machined aluminum, guarantees that this bow will last you a lifetime.
  • A wide range of accessories from the Trophy Ridge series sold by the same manufacturer, make your purchase even more worthwhile.
  • Quiet, efficient, and deadly, it is a weapon of choice for beginners and pros alike since anyone can adjust the bow to fit their skill.


  • Tuning the bow can be a hassle, especially if you are a novice.
  • Sometimes, when adjusting the draw weight, the limbs might pop out.

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is a compound bow that caters to a broad category of users, and that is one of its selling points. Easy to adjust to the requirements of the person who is going to use it, it offers tremendous adaptability, which means that this model is more than your average, one-size-fits-all compound bow. Versatility is, of course, one thing. What makes this particular bow stand out from the crowd is its ability to offer superior performance. Everything, from the sturdy construction to the accessories provided with your purchase, will convince you that this is the type of compound bow you need to make your future hunting adventures an exciting experience.


Seeing that the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty for this bow is the best testimony that the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is created to last for years. Ideal for the hunter looking to bring down big game, as well as for a young shooter who is just getting the hang of this fascinating hunting weapon, this model is a must-have for anyone looking to strike a good deal. The machined aluminum riser keeps weight to a minimum, and it is durable at the same time.

The EnduraFiber limbs are yet another reason why the durable build of this particular bow has already managed to impress a lot of hunters who have decided to try it in the field. While flexible, the limbs will provide the needed rigidity to send your arrows at high velocity. As you can see, this manufacturer thought of everything when putting together this competitive compound bow. For what it offers, and its outstanding durability, the pricing is more than justified.



The first thing that must be mentioned is that this bow is available for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. You need to remember to pick the version that fits your requirements when you place an order. Its superior versatility makes the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 a must-have for any aspiring bow hunter, and not only. While it is expected of good quality compound bows to offer a degree of customization, this one indeed goes over the top.

Its draw weight can be adjusted from 5 to 70 lbs, while its draw length can be customized to any value between 12” and 30”. No matter your body frame and height, you will find that this compound bow can be adjusted without a problem. Another thing that must be said here is that you only need an Allen wrench to change the weight and length. Lightweight, at only 3 lbs, this model sends your arrows flying at a velocity of 315 feet per second. Due to the particular design of the limbs, balance is easily achieved, and load distribution is perfect.


The model we review here comes equipped with some exciting accessories. You will get a four-pin sight, a whisker biscuit arrow rest, a stabilizer, a peep sight, a loop, and a quiver that can be used to hold five arrows. These Trophy Ridge extras come in handy, and they are nice to have as a beginner because they work well, and, also, because you don’t have to purchase them separately.

Another thing that should be mentioned is the advanced grip designed to reduce hand torque. You don’t have to worry about accuracy when you’re using this bow. Its convenient grip makes it all easy. The compound bow is ready to take along hunting, and the shape of the limbs provides you with the necessary control for well-aimed shots. The smooth draw circle contributes to the high performance of this bow, as well as its ease of use.

Noise and Vibrations

This model comes equipped with the RockStops suppressor which is responsible for reducing vibrations and overall noise. Many hunters can tell you that this feature is extremely important because, when you are out in the woods, you need to make sure that your prey will not be able to hear you. The string suppressor used by this compound bow does an excellent job, and there is no significant risk for you to give away your presence and location when you are out in the woods, hunting.


If you are interested in making an investment that will last for years to come, and even a lifetime, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is exactly what you need. Its superior durability recommends it for any shooter and hunter, and the fact that it comes with extreme customization possibilities allows it to grow with the skill and age of the shooter. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this bow will let you achieve your goals with fantastic accuracy. Other performance traits, like high velocity, noise reduction features, and particular limb and grip design, contribute to the overall excellent value of this bow.


7. Escalade Sports Bear Archery Species RTH: Best for hunting enthusiasts

Escalade Sports Bear Archery Species RTH


  • It comes along with everything you need to go hunting right away.
  • Its high velocity makes it an excellent choice for hunters of game big or small.
  • The simple setup adds to the overall convenience.


  • Some users report that the cable slide feels cheap, and it is one of the components of the bow that don’t seem up to par with the rest.

When a compound bow is advertised as being mainly for hunters, you might expect it to be more difficult to use and to set up. None of these is true when it comes to the Bear Archery Species RTH. As the manufacturer says, this one is ‘ready to hunt’, and that includes the fact that you don’t need to dedicate your time to complicated assembly and to work out other glitches. Sold in the same package with six Trophy Ridge accessories, it is the complete solution to any hunter, novice or seasoned, to make the best of the next adventure he or she intends to attend.



One thing you want from your compound bow is excellent construction. When you are out on the field, and you take aim at your prey, your line of sight must be clear, and your arrow must reach its destination without fail. A good quality bow helps achieve your goals, and this model is built to fit the bill. The limbs are made from a unique material called EnduraFiber. As you draw your bow, the limbs prove to be extra flexible, making things easier for you. At the same time, they are rigid enough to regain their original shape and also to send your arrows flying as fast and as far away as you need them to.

The overall construction is a testimony to the overall quality of this bow. Many hunters prefer it for costlier alternatives, and a novice hunter will do well with a compound bow that behaves so well out of the box. If you are looking to make a sound investment, you are looking at the right option.



A compound bow that is designed for right-handed shooters, the Bear Archery Species RTH offers a plethora of design elements that will convince you that it is worth the money. The customization options are not as generous as what you can see in other compound bows available, but this model does not aim for being an option for any shooter. This one is designed for hunters, and that is why its draw weight can be adjusted only between 55 and 70 lbs. From one axle to the other, the bow measures 31”, another sign that this model is intended for people who want to become bow hunters or are already seasoned in this field of activity.

As you might already expect, this model is heavier than others. At 4 lbs, it may not be easy to manipulate, but it will challenge you to become better and learn how to handle it. Balance is essential for a hunting bow, and the manufacturer proves that it knows this. The let-off is 80%, so there is enough compensation for pulling the string. The reward is also there; the maximum velocity for your arrow is 320 feet per second, so each one will reach its target, as you hone your aiming skills. Available in Kryptek CamoDraw pattern, it is a nice looking bow that also performs well.


Seeing that the moment is here to talk about features, let’s look at what else makes this bow such a good deal. The accessories included are a good reason to consider this model. There are six Trophy Ridge accessories provided with your purchase, and they will make your life easier. A 4-pin sight will allow your aim to become more accurate, while the whisker biscuit arrow rest is among the best that can be found right now. A quiver, as well as a peep sight and a nock loop,  are also provided. The great thing about the fact that you get these accessories is that you don’t have to purchase them separately.

The single cam system is smooth and helps you achieve the results you desire. Also, the RockStops feature ensures a solid back wall so that each shot you launch doesn’t make the rebound difficult. Other things that must be mentioned here are the low down pockets. Proper alignment of the limbs to the pockets and into the riser is possible because of this system.

Noise and Vibrations

Two important features make this bow such an excellent option for people who need to count on noise reduction in their hunting gear of choice. The limb dampener system installed on the bow makes sure that you will not have to worry about vibrations. The Shockwaves technology employed is, therefore, a plus. Also, the limb boot design holds the limbs in place so that no noise and vibration occur when drawing your bow and on release.



If you want a ‘ready to hunt’ compound bow, you will do well with the Bear Archery Species RTH. Created with the needs of hunters in mind, this model may be less versatile than others, but, at the same time, it offers fantastic reliability, as well as high efficiency. Capable of reducing noise and vibrations, while featuring high velocity, and sporting perfect alignment, it is a well-balanced compound bow that will make your hunting adventures something to look forward to. As the package includes, besides the bow, some useful items like a whisker biscuit arrow rest, and a peep sight, you won’t need anything else.

8. Diamond Carbon Knockout: Best for women

Diamond Carbon Knockout


  • It is a compound bow created with the specific needs of female shooters in mind, so nothing is left to chance from construction to features
  • Smooth operation recommends it for those who are looking for a lean learning curve in honing their hunting skills
  • It is available in different draw weight ranges, which makes it more versatile than other models on the market


  • You can only find this model in the right-handed configuration, so left-handed huntresses will have to look somewhere else

The company making the Diamond Carbon Knockout based the design and configuration of this particular bow on some extensive research that involved asking female shooters what they are looking for in such a hunting weapon. The result is quite impressive, as the Diamond Carbon Knockout is a good looking bow that offers superior ease of use, smooth operation, and excellent accuracy. As it is sold with a plethora of extras that you will find useful, the price can also be considered decent for a bow that delivers so much.




The name of the bow tells you everything you need to know about its capabilities and construction. Its carbon riser keeps its weight to a minimum, and also makes it comfortable for female users. Equipped with the binary cam technology famous for ease of tuning and extra precision, it is the kind of bow that you will have no regrets using it as your first bow or even a replacement for your old one.

As far as performance goes, the build and construction of this compound bow will help achieve all the results you’re after. You will be more than pleased with its sturdiness, which might not be apparent, seeing how lightweight it feels, due to the carbon riser, and you will know you made a sound investment, should you decide to go for this model.


There are many things to say about the design of this bow, starting with its synchronized cam system. Because it manages to eliminate the vertical nock travel, it leads to increased accuracy of your shots, even if you are just a novice. The ease of tuning is what makes it stand out, and many women comment on the fact that they love how comfortable it is to adjust the bow to their preferences.

The draw length is adjustable, as expected, and tuning it happens with the help of a rotating module. The length varies between 22.5 inches and 27 inches and provides the huntress in you with the possibility to customize the weapon you want to use.

The bow weighs only 3.2 pounds and measures 30 inches from one axle to another. Even among compound bows explicitly made for women, this one stands out as being lightweight and comfortable. The model is available in different draw weight configurations, 40, 50, and 60, and you also get an 80% let-off. Shooting arrows of speeds up to 302 fps, it is a redoubtable model. Its brace height reaches 6.75 inches, and that also contributes to its overall convenience.


The R.A.K. package (Ready Aim Kill) includes many various accessories that you will find useful in the long run. You will get a 4-pin custom sight that will allow you to easily take your aim at your target and calculate the necessary distances without a glitch. The next accessory that you will surely want to hear about is the Octane Hostage Max arrow rest which contributes to the convenience and ease of use of the bow.

Along with these extras, you will also receive an Octane DeadLock Lite quiver for holding your arrows, a wrist sling, a carbon peep sight, a 5-inch stabilizer (also from the Octane line), and a string loop. It must be said that the R.A.K. design also means that the necessary accessories are pre-installed from the factory, and they were tested for maximum performance.

One thing about this bow that you will like is the 80% effective let-off, which allows you to keep the bow at full draw when the situation requires it without risking releasing your arrow from the bow prematurely. While there is no trigger release included with your purchase, you will still find this compound bow a good deal for the price. Whether you want to hunt from a tree stand or hunt blind, the performance of the Diamond Carbon Knockout will offer the highest degree of satisfaction.

Noise and vibrations

No mention of noise dampening features are made in the manufacturer’s specifications, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bow will be noisy. As its overall construction is focused on providing smooth operability, you might be surprised with how silent the model is compared to other similar compound bows on the market.




The Diamond Carbon Knockout is an excellent pick for a huntress as it is designed with female shooters’ needs in mind. From the sleek, beautiful design, to the binary cam system and the superior adjustability, you will find a product that aims at offering high performance and satisfaction at a convenient price. The model comes as an R.A.K. package, which means that its accessories are pre-installed and tested from the factory, for maximum performance, and precision.

It is also a gorgeous bow, lightweight, and comfortable to use. Many women like it and the fact that the input used for the design came from discussions with female shooters only makes it a worthy buy.

9. Bear Archery BR33 Hybrid: Excellent ready to shoot package deal

Bear Archery BR33 Hybrid


  • The deadly speed acquired, of 330 fps, will take down any prey you want
  • The Trophy Ridge accessories included with your purchase are of good quality
  • Its draw cycle is smooth and fast, ensuring your success when out in the field


  • This model is only available for right-handed shooters, so, unfortunately, left-handed bow hunters will need to browse some more to find a compound bow on par with this one

The Bear Archery BR33 Hybrid has already conquered the hearts of many hunters, for the simple reason that it is a really fast compound bow, reaching speeds of 330 fps, with an 80% let-off that eliminates the risk of dry fire when you have to hold the bow at full draw. There are many benefits this bow offers, as you will see right away from our in-depth review. The pricing is also convenient, seeing how it is sold with a wide array of Trophy Ridge accessories that make it ready to shoot.




It is essential that the compound bow you pick from the many available comes with a durable, yet lightweight build. A few elements from the configuration of this particular model will convince you that the Bear Archery BR33 Hybrid is the one for you. The limb pocket system, for instance, is made from aluminum so that it will influence the total weight of the bow positively. The Max Preload quad limbs balance the bow, making it ideal for any scenario since the configuration doesn’t take from the possibility of shooting straight each time.

The aluminum construction, as a whole, is aimed at delivering durability without the usual cost of adding weight by using heavy materials. You will be pleased with how robust this compound bow feels. Seeing the reputation of the company making it, you can rest assured that you will receive a good quality product.


Regarding design, the engineers at Bear Archery were focused on combining and delivering the best of both worlds, by getting together the single cam systems’ smooth draw cycles, and the superior power of hybrid systems. And, due to the EAZ hybrid cam system they put in place, that goal was reached.

Capable of reaching 330 fps, the model comes with modified tracks, and with this hybrid system for the cams, it ensures that you will have both accuracy and power by your side. The draw length varies between 27 inches and 32 inches, which means that the compound bow caters to many shooters, and there are also configurations available in the 45-60 pounds, and 55-70 pounds, for draw weight. The Versa grip is another element of design that increases accuracy and comfort.

The bow weighs 4.2 pounds, which is quite ideal for most male hunters, while the 7-inch brace height ensures that you will experience the forgiveness offered in the best conditions possible. Overall, this is an excellent looking compound bow that comes with a stable configuration and innovative technologies in place.


It is important to mention that this model comes ready to shoot, which means that it has plenty of extra accessories that will convince you that this is the bow you want. All the accessories are from the Trophy Ridge line so that you can expect good quality. A sight is provided to help you identify your prey more efficiently, while the whisker biscuit arrow rest adds comfort to the entire configuration.

You will also get a stabilizer that will allow you to keep your shots consistent and increase your performance out in the field. A peep sight completes the picture, along with a nock loop. As you can see, all these extras are thought to provide you with the much needed extra edge for ensuring that each hunting trip is a success.

Noise and vibrations

There are a few features included that offer noise suppression of superior quality in this bow. First of all, it comes equipped with the Sonic Stop system which is a signature feature for the manufacturer. It stops the natural vibration that occurs when releasing your arrows and does not give away your location, especially when you are hunting down prey known for its sensitive sense of hearing.

Another design element that contributes to the silent and deadly performance of this compound bow is the way the limbs are thought in the overall construction. The Max-Preload quad limbs ensure that their parallel position will eliminate some of the noise and vibration when you shoot. It serves to have such a smooth shooter when you stalk game in the woods and want to remain hidden from view.




There are plenty of great things to say about this model from Bear Archery, starting with its whipcord fast speed that puts it above many other compound bows available on the market. As many hunters know, speed is paramount to have arrows penetrate the thick hide of most game, so making sure that your arrows don’t only reach the target, but can also take it down, is an essential feature for a high-quality bow.

The Bear Archery BR33 Hybrid delivers, and, with the help of the cam system, it ensures a smooth draw cycle that makes it an absolute pleasure to use. Many hunters are already pleased with the bow, as well as the many Trophy Ridge accessories, well known for their overall excellent quality and performance.

How to Choose The Right Compound Bow

blankWhen you take on a new sport, you also find in yourself a new fangled excitement. This excitement is what fuels your passion and more often than not takes you to the peak of your chosen field. However, there are times when passion tends to over-ride reason and that’s when one must be careful. Take for example the field of archery.

A relatively new archer will want to shoot all day long and use a bow that he sees the top archers using. While this is great in terms of achieving your dreams, it does not work out practically. If you are a novice in archery then chances are that you have been using a recurve bow. These are good and are also the only ones allowed in the Olympics right now. However, depending on your purpose, there are a lot of types you can choose from. If you are to choose a compound, then there are certain aspects you will have to keep in mind in order to choose the best bow possible.

There are a lot of different variations, many different models, different cam set ups, axel to axel, etcetera, etcetera. It can all get real confusing real quick. So this article and website is especially for the new archers who are currently in the market looking for a new bow. We want to give you a general idea of what all that information means.

What’s the hurry?

Buying your first  bow is no small affair. Take your time, survey the market, read some bow reviews and see what is on offer. Talk to experts from various archery clubs and get their opinions of the type that will best suit you. Join a club and take a few lessons. Try out a variety of bows under supervision and base your decision on what you feel comfortable with.

The left and right of things:

It is an assumption that if you are right handed you will need a right hand bow and vice versa. Well! The thought is false. Get assessed by your coach and let him determine the kind of bow you will require. Some right-handers will need a left-handed while some will need a righ-handed. Also remember that it is mandatory that you are in good form. Being able to shoot accurately largely depends on how fit you are.

What’s your purpose?

Before you set out to buy a bow, ascertain what you want to use it for. Is it for target practice at a range or will you want to go hunting with it? Once you decide on this, there are further considerations that you will have to make. Are you comfortable using an archery release or your finger to draw the bow? What is the draw length you can withstand? What is the best arrow rest for you? What is the best bow sight you can get?

Your choice will also depend on the type of cam that you require. A lot of the bows on the market now are duel cams, two cam systems, a hybrid cam, a cam and a half or a binary cam. These cams basically are two cam systems that are designed to stay in time.

A cam allows you to draw your bow steadily and release it multiple times without feeling too much of a strain. A soft cam however will have you sacrificing on power whereas an aggressive cam is excellent for hunting.

You might also want to look at compound bows with a single cam.

Its advantages are that it does not allow for uneven wearing out as is possible with dual cams. Tuning dual cams can be tedious and this process is eliminated in a single cam. They are also much quieter and can make your bow ideal for hunting.

As you can see, finding the right compound bow heavily depends on your personal preferences.

Performance specifications:

When choosing, there are some specifications you will have to keep in mind in terms of the length and draw weight. The longer your bow, the more accurate your shot will be and this is great for target practice. A shorter one will be great for hunters. If you are a beginner then choose one between 38 to 44 inches.

  • Draw Length – The draw length of a compound bow is the length that the bowstring can be pulled back. When considering draw length in a bow, it is important for a person to be aware of their own size and how it relates to draw length. Most people have an arm span equal to the height of their body. Before purchasing a compound long bow, one needs to know their arm span measurement. This number should then be divided by 2.5 so a person can choose the right compound bow draw length so they can accurately shoot. Too much draw length = poor shooting accuracy while too little may decrease speed and power.
  • Draw Weight – The draw weight is the amount of weight that is needed to draw the bow to its fully drawn position. When choosing draw weight for the best bow, it behooves a person to research carefully and choose the draw weight based on their own personal comfort and the reason they are using their compound bow. Though many people want to reach for the highest draw weight they can, this is not always the best choice. If a bow requires too much strength to pull back, you are going to grow fatigued more quickly which means you will end up practicing less and not enjoying shooting your bow as much as you could if you would simply choose a bow that is more comfortable and expends no more than 75% of your energy with each draw.

For more info about picking the best compound bow for you check our ultimate guide:

How to choose a compound bow

Compound Bow Parts and Terminology (to make the most out of our bow reviews)


Before you run out and buy a compound bow, it is important to understand the various parts and terminology used. Once you understand how these parts and terms apply to the bow, you will find it easier to choose the right one for you.

Archery shooting form

This refers to the way you stand and grip the bow, along with the position of your arm and how you execute your shot. Having the proper shooting form will make it easier for you to deliver consistently accurate shots.


Sometimes referred to as a bolt, arrows can be constructed from carbon, aluminum or a combination of the two materials. Most archers prefer carbon arrows due to its durability and ability to fly straight.

Arrow rest

This small piece is generally located on the riser, and it provides a place for the arrow to rest until it is released from the bow. Arrow rests can be stationary or automatically drop down once the arrow is shot, and the right one for you will usually depend on your budget and personal preference.

Arrow shelf

This convenient shelf is also found on the riser, and it is designed to hold the arrow steady through all stages of the draw and release. An arrow shelf can also protect your hand from painful injuries.

Axle to axle measurement

Also referred to as the “ATA” this is the measurement from the top cam on the bow to the one located at the bottom.

Back tension

This is a type of technique that is commonly used to make efficient shots, and involves tight the back muscles when the arrow is released.

Berger hole

You can find this small hole on the riser and it is used to screw the arrow rest tightly in place.

Bow string

A bow string is simply the string that is on the compound bow, and is drawn back and released when you are ready to take a shot. The type of cam system on the compound bow will determine how the bow is strung.

Brace height

If you want to find the brace height simply measure the compound bow from the bottom of the grip to the string. Shorter brace heights are capable of more speed and power, but can be difficult for beginners to maneuver and control. Longer brace heights are often recommended for target shooting, while shorter ones are ideal for use in tree stands or crowded hunting blinds.


The cutting head on an arrow is the “broadhead” and it is usually constructed from sharp stainless steel. Broadheads typically come in weights of 75, 85, 100 and 125 grain so you can choose the one that best suits your intended target. It should be noted that broadheads are not always recommended for use with all bag targets.


You can find the cables on a compound bow running from one cam to the other, and it helps ensure each shot is properly executed on the release.

Important Bow parts can be seen here

Cams are typically one of the most noticeable aspects of a compound bow. Cams are the two wheels that are found on either side of the weapon. Cams help to control the pulley action that occurs when the archer pulls back on the strings to shoot an arrow. There are three types of cams that can be found in today’s models.

  • Soft cams allow a shooter to pull back on the strings of the  bow with much less effort than other types of cams. A soft cam helps to prevent the fatigue that can often occur with other cam types so an archer is much more accurate, especially when firing multiple shots. Though a soft cam allows for drawing without much effort, power and speed are typically sacrificed. A soft cam is typically found in the beginner models.
  • Aggressive cams (also referred to as hard cams) provide extreme power over soft cams. Though they take more effort, they are recommended for their superiority in power and speed which make them perfect for hunting so they can properly pierce the target and take it down.
  • Single cam compound bows only have one came instead of the traditional two. These bows are typically able to keep their structural integrity for a longer period of time over double cam models. Single cam bows typically require less maintenance over their lifespan than double cam models. Though these models are quieter than double cam models, but they are generally less accurate

Draw weight

The draw weight is refers to the amount of force you need to draw the string fully back, and it is usually listed in pounds.

Field points

Commonly known as “practice tips”, field points are often used during target practice. The metal points easily attach to the arrow and can be found in varying grain weights.

Fletchings or Vanes

These are common terms used to describe the feathers or plastic vanes that are attached to the end of the arrow. It is used to help steer and correct the arrow’s trajectory during flight, and the size will affect the arrow’s speed. Larger fletchings are typically used for bird hunting, while smaller vanes will give you the speed you need to accurately hit large and small game animals.


FPS or feet per second is the term used to rate the speed and distance of the arrow when it is released from the bow.


The weight of the arrow is measured in grains.

Let Off

This can be especially helpful with heavier draw weights. The “let off” will reduce some of the weight necessary to fully draw the bow back.

Limbs are the two flexible arms that reach from the bow’s central mount to the cams. Compound bow limbs are meant to be rigid instead of flexible like in recurve bows. There are two varieties of limbs: standard and split. There is a great debate between archers on which one is better. Both offer their own pros and cons so it basically boils down to preference when it comes to choosing the type of limb on a compound bow.

  • Standard Limbs (also known as solid limbs) are made from a single piece of material and are considered to be stiffer than a split limb model.
  • Split Limbs are either made from two distinct pieces or one piece is divided. These limbs are considered lighter than standard limbs. Many archers believe split limbs produce less recoil and are quieter in operation.

There are also two other factors to consider when deciding on the limb. The materials and the angle are both crucial to how the bow performs.

  • The material the limb is made of is crucial for its operation since all of the energy is stored in the limb. The industry standard material for limbs is carbon/fiberglass composite which is used because of its ability to offer high tensile and compressive force. Carbon and fiberglass composite materials offer superior strength that is recommended in all types of compound bows.
  • You also need to consider the limb angle when purchasing a bow. The angle affects how straight the shot will be and how much recoil the archer will feel. Many compound bows are labeled as “parallel limb” because the limbs reach a ninety degree angle against the riser when drawn. While this type of limb offers a quiet fire, it can add to the overall weight of the compound bow.

Mechanical Release

The release is a device that is attached or held in the hand used to draw and fire the bow to help relieve some of the tension. Most use a trigger that will release the bowstring, but there are also other types available.

Nock and Nocking point

A small insert at the end of the arrow is the nock, and the nocking point is where it is attached on the bow string before it is fired.


If you need a convenient way to carry your arrows you might want to look for a quiver. Some are permanently attached while others can be removed for easy storage when not in use. The size of the quiver can vary, along with the materials used in construction.


This convenient device generally uses a laser to accurately measure distances which makes it easier to hit targets farther away. So, which rangefinder is best for hunting?

Risers are important for how the bow operates and how it feels when being shot. The riser determines the brace height and the axle to axle length. The riser also plays an important role in the bow’s speed and accuracy.  There are three basic types of risers to choose from when purchasing from among the best bow brands.

  • Deflex Risers – In a deflex riser model, the arrow rest is placed in front of the limb pockets for a more traditional bow appearance. This type is typically considered the easiest to shoot, but provides the least amount of speed and power over other types of risers.
  • Inline Risers – Inline riser bows feature an arrow rest that is in line with the limb pockets for a straighter appearance. Compound bows with inline risers are generally more difficult to shoot, but offer greater power and speed over deflex riser models.
  • Reflex Risers – With a reflex riser bow, the arrow rest is placed behind the limb pockets. Reflex risers provide the greatest level of speed and distance, but are often considered the most challenging to shoot of all three riser types.

Silencing aids

When the string is released it can vibrate and make a noise, which is why many archers recommend using a silencing aid when you are hunting with a compound bow.

Best Compound Bow Guide Summary

Before you make your purchase make sure you do your due diligence. Once you have all these considerations in place, you are almost ready to choose what’s best for you. Now you can check the compound bow reviews on our site knowing what to look for.  You may also want to look into additional accessories that will aid you.

Your thorough research will help you to make an educated and informed decision.

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